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Urban Challenge Vegas 2002 Finals Clues

Marcy and John started at Checkpoint 1, and had to proceed up through Checkpoint 12 in order.

The first four checkpoints are all intersecting streets/avenues/lanes/whatever located in the labyrinth defined by Topicana, Flamingo, Rainbow, and Buffalo.

Sing along with Charlie!
1) A novel of love and war by Sebastian Faulks.
2) Ask any mermaid you happen to see...
What's that fat mammal, the cow of the sea?

For Videophiles Only!
1) Shares its name with first name of actor who appeared in Chicago Hope and Alien Nation.
2) _________'s big, yeah yeah yeah!
It's not small, no no no!

Vocab Quiz!
1) Extremely distinguished and deservedly famous
2) Mythical place of peace and tranquility

Whatever Suits You!
The intersection of ® © and Ø Þ.
Þ ~ ¢
© = £ ¤ ¥
® = § or ¬ or ¼ for example
Ø, as in Ø ½ or Ø ¾

¤ = africana
¬ = boojum
¾ = flush
~ = lark
¢ = lemon
£ = loxodonta
¼ = oak
§ = pine
¥ = proboscis
½ = treament

(Note from Kip: These symbols are different than the ones used in the actual race, but the puzzle is functionally equivalent. This applies to Checkpoint 7 as well.)

Codetalkers? Go to the bar where everyone knows your name near the corner of Harmon and Mayland. See a man in a hat for instructions.

(Note from Kip: The man in the hat gave them the following instructions:)

Find the native American poem among the Barbados Pride, Mormon-Tea, and Honey Locust on the UNLV campus. Use the poem and the following code to find Checkpoint 5 nearby:
January 13
March 20
July 10
July 16
August 1
September 7
November 6
December 16

He ain't no numberjack! In 1948, this cat's hit tune shared its name with the country where one would find Pico Da Neblina. Get your photo with the sizable axe that bears this cat's name. It's Checkpoint 6.

You donts have to call me Johnson! Find the "shop" marked §¥¢¥ located at ßµ¢¥ Las Vegas Boulevard South. It is Checkpoint 7. Use the equations below to find the numbers symbolized by the wingdings above.
 ð  ð  £  £ 36                    ß = Square Root of ¢
 ð  ð  ð  ð 32                    µ = ð - §
 ¢  ¥  §  £ 
 ¢  §  £  ð 28

Elegant Store? Unscramble the letters below to find the name of the establishment that serves as Checkpoint 8.

Tell 'em Butch sent ya' ... Checkpoint 9 shares its name, but not its spelling, with the man who ruled "Latin Las Vegas" in the 50's. Any eastern facing signage will do for Checkpoint 9.

Bellhop Please... This mythical old-time Vegas hotel has eight floors and one room remains available on each floor. The elevator is out of order. The fifth floor has the only room with two bedrooms. Mrs. Barber is visiting Vegas with her invalid Grandmother and cannot use the stairs with Granny's wheelchair. Mr. and Mrs. Elder want to be close to Granny. Mr. Archer likes a room where no one is running around over his head. Mrs. Cook and her daughter want separate rooms because Mrs. Cook snores loudly. Mrs. Driver wants to be as far away as possible from Mrs. Cook because of the snoring. Mr. Gardner wants to be on an odd-numbered floor because of an old gambling superstition. Mrs. Hooper wants to be close to Mr. Archer because they are secretly having an affair. The Fishers are friends of the Elders and want to be as close to them as possible. You are the hotel manager and are tasked to assign rooms in a way that makes as many people happy as possible. If you assign Mr. Archer to the room on the eighth floor, who will definitely NOT be staying on the seventh floor?
If Hooper, Venus de Medici ...
If Driver, Michaelangelo's David ...
If Fisher, Venus de Milo ...
If Gardener, Venus de Canova ...
... at Caesar's Palace is Checkpoint 10.

Bon Apetit! Find the establishment on the Strip most closely related to this recipe.
2 heads cabbage
5-10 spring onions
100g sea salt
4 TB Korean chili powder
2-3 cloves garlic crushed
1 TB kimchi sauce
2 TB sugar
1 small (5g) piece of ginger
Half an onion (optional)
DIRECTIONS: Rinse, quarter, and cut cabbage into thin strips. Place cabbage in plastic bag and cover all with salt by mashing and rubbing with hands creating a brine solution with the cabbage juice. Squeeze out excess water, tie up bag, and set it aside for 5-6 hours. After 5-6 hours, remove cabbage and thoroughly squeeze the salt solution from leaves. Place cabbage in plastic container, add onions, garlic, ginger, and suger. Wearing gloves, mash the chili powder into the leaves as with salt.

A Rollin' H-60! Find the bedroom of a little lady who married a gentleman named Butler and whose first name is the same as the actress who is currently married to Kevin Kline. This bedroom is your final checkpoint. Be the first to return and take home a REALLY BIG CHECK!

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