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Urban Challenge Vegas 2002 Finals Chat Transcript

What follows is the transcript of the chat session where our support crew solved the clues for the evening finals race in Vegas, where we guided Marcy and John to victory!

Our support crew for the evening race was:
anhyzer667 - Scott Appleton
AustnTiger - Shane Bordeau
spenconk - Spencer Conklin
Kipley Fiebig - Kipley Fiebig
MtBiker030 - Chris McCormick
adventureracej - Jason Mittman
Sheila Reiter
pitleets - Paul Sabol
Downstairs58 - Tam Thompson
and Jerry Thompson as our mobile Ground Support (Wheel Guy)!

(2:43:27 PM): You have just entered room "Chat 2836363881849151615."
pitleets (2:52:17 PM): Shane, can a Solaris UNIX box running Netscape hook up to WebEx?
AustnTiger (2:53:03 PM): yep
AustnTiger (2:53:10 PM): same process
AustnTiger (3:02:06 PM): once we go live with the race.... clue #1 will be essential... all hands on it... asap... to get them moving... then we get the others
pitleets (3:04:06 PM): 10-4
(3:04:57 PM): adventureracej has entered the room.
adventureracej (3:05:07 PM): howdy...just in to hang out until we start
adventureracej (3:05:10 PM): kip with us?
adventureracej (3:09:58 PM): who is MtBiker030?
MtBiker030 (3:10:17 PM): me
AustnTiger (3:10:22 PM): hi
adventureracej (3:10:32 PM): hey
AustnTiger (3:12:21 PM): $$$$$$$$50,000
MtBiker030 (3:13:52 PM): fifty thousand big ones
pitleets (3:13:54 PM): not yet...I'm going to the corner to pick them up now. Kip will be here momentarily.
AustnTiger (3:16:50 PM): k
(3:20:39 PM): adventureracej has left the room.
(3:20:44 PM): spenconk has entered the room.
spenconk (3:21:05 PM): OK! 50K our way, please!!!
MtBiker030 (3:21:15 PM): is kip helping in vegas
(3:21:40 PM): spenconk has left the room.
(3:22:31 PM): spenconk has entered the room.
(3:22:32 PM): spenconk has left the room.
(3:23:10 PM): spenconk has entered the room.
pitleets (3:23:16 PM): Can someone invite kip...He's Kipley Fiebig on AIM
(3:23:58 PM): Downstairs58 has entered the room.
MtBiker030 (3:24:02 PM): i will
MtBiker030 (3:24:05 PM): hold on
Downstairs58 (3:24:57 PM): Which one is Kip?
MtBiker030 (3:25:13 PM): Kipley Fiebig
MtBiker030 (3:25:16 PM): are u there
(3:25:49 PM): Kipley Fiebig has entered the room.
Downstairs58 (3:25:53 PM): This is Kip's answering service...please leave a note!
pitleets (3:25:54 PM): Hi Kip...where are you?
AustnTiger (3:25:58 PM): hi
AustnTiger (3:26:04 PM): shane here
MtBiker030 (3:26:14 PM): kip
MtBiker030 (3:26:18 PM): answer me
Kipley Fiebig (3:26:20 PM): I'm sitting next to Paul... we're trying to make our War Room as big as your War Room!
MtBiker030 (3:26:28 PM): good luck
Downstairs58 (3:26:56 PM): Is it raining there (this is Tam)?
(3:27:19 PM): anhyzer667 has entered the room.
AustnTiger (3:27:25 PM): is it raining there?
Kipley Fiebig (3:27:50 PM): Nope... still getting situated... will talk in a bit
pitleets (3:27:50 PM): Nope, we're in the desert.
AustnTiger (3:27:59 PM): dessert
AustnTiger (3:28:09 PM): hmmmm
pitleets (3:28:12 PM): In the desert, you can't remember your name cuz there ain't no one for to cause you no pain.
pitleets (3:28:28 PM): la la la la la la la la la la la
Downstairs58 (3:28:29 PM): I want to be in the dessert, like in the creme brulee!
AustnTiger (3:28:29 PM): with a horse with no name
anhyzer667 (3:28:42 PM): Thank you, Neil
spenconk (3:28:51 PM): it felt good to be out of the rain
Downstairs58 (3:28:54 PM): Kip, put $5 on red for me...
Kipley Fiebig (3:29:17 PM): Marcy gave me last minutes instructions to pass on: When they start reading clues, as soon as the first clue is solved, interrupt them and let them know so they can start running.
AustnTiger (3:29:36 PM): got it
Kipley Fiebig (3:30:13 PM): I just put the $5 on red... you lost, sorry. You owe me five.
anhyzer667 (3:30:26 PM): we'll take it out of your tab
pitleets (3:31:30 PM): May the force be with us....
AustnTiger (3:31:39 PM): i am not your father
pitleets (3:32:28 PM): Take a drink everytime someone has a bad feeling about something, or when stormtrooper armor proves useless, or everytime a circle is now complete.
Downstairs58 (3:32:55 PM): I'll need a receipt. ;-)
AustnTiger (3:33:23 PM): we used to bullseye swamp rats back home
anhyzer667 (3:33:48 PM): yeah, but were they firing back at you?
Downstairs58 (3:33:48 PM): We're playing loud music and Jason's in the hall quietly reading a book--what's wrong with this picture???
AustnTiger (3:33:56 PM): right
pitleets (3:35:15 PM): The dirtiest thing ever said in Star Wars....Luke, at that speed will you be able to pull out in time?
(3:37:50 PM): Downstairs58 has left the room.
MtBiker030 (3:40:14 PM): nice
anhyzer667 (3:40:31 PM): Paul, your list of "unusuals" did include one correct answer from the semis -- the golden lion at MGM
pitleets (3:40:41 PM): Whoo Hooooo!
pitleets (3:40:49 PM): I got lots more...let's hope they come in handy
anhyzer667 (3:41:03 PM): the key is being able to tie those to the actual clues
pitleets (3:41:14 PM): yipper
pitleets (3:43:53 PM): Any word on official start time?
Kipley Fiebig (3:45:04 PM): Now that I'm here, and all self-important-like, I'd just like to remind the Austin War Room guys to remember to post any pertinent information discussed into the chat session, so us non-Texans don't feel all left out!
AustnTiger (3:45:36 PM): got it
AustnTiger (3:45:50 PM): we are still working on 11 for last race
pitleets (3:46:45 PM): I thought it was Cosmpolitans at 5030 Paradise
(3:46:46 PM): Kipley Fiebig has left the room.
(3:47:00 PM): Kipley Fiebig has entered the room.
Kipley Fiebig (3:47:07 PM): Oh, and whenever Jason's done with his book, tell him he did an AWESOME job as a phone guy!8-)
MtBiker030 (3:47:25 PM): gotcha
pitleets (3:47:52 PM): Our wheel guy has an extra set of eyes this time riding shotgun.
MtBiker030 (3:48:21 PM): does shotgun have a shotgun to shoot other teams??
pitleets (3:48:42 PM): No, we hired Tonya harding for the other teams
MtBiker030 (3:48:56 PM): nice
MtBiker030 (3:49:01 PM): that should work
pitleets (3:49:44 PM): ya know, this is a mob town....maybe I should make some calls to Paulie Walnuts, Sil, or Furio.
Kipley Fiebig (3:49:59 PM): Once we know where they're starting the race, I'm gonna send our wheel guy out to that general area to see if he can spot where the other teams are snapping photos.
pitleets (3:50:08 PM): 10-4
MtBiker030 (3:50:17 PM): works for me
AustnTiger (3:50:18 PM): good
MtBiker030 (3:50:30 PM): maybe someone couuld tail someone
MtBiker030 (3:50:37 PM): like anothe team
AustnTiger (3:50:52 PM): we will be in front though right
MtBiker030 (3:51:03 PM): thats right
MtBiker030 (3:51:13 PM): get someone to follow teh skip team
AustnTiger (3:51:24 PM): exactly
MtBiker030 (3:51:50 PM): who will do that
MtBiker030 (3:51:52 PM): ??????
pitleets (3:52:51 PM): we only have one wheel crew.
pitleets (3:54:34 PM): When the clues start coming in, just get them typed in as quickly and as accurately as you can so Kip and I can start helping.
AustnTiger (3:54:47 PM): yep
AustnTiger (3:54:59 PM): we have scott dedicated to clue entry
pitleets (3:55:11 PM): 10-4
pitleets (3:57:57 PM): The suspense is killing me!
MtBiker030 (3:58:46 PM): first point coming
MtBiker030 (3:58:50 PM): stand by
AustnTiger (4:02:32 PM): work on #1
pitleets (4:02:51 PM): Birdsong : A Novel of Love and War Sebastian Faulks
MtBiker030 (4:06:07 PM): yep
Kipley Fiebig (4:06:10 PM): Do we know where Marcy and John are at? If so, I'll send Jerry that way
MtBiker030 (4:06:16 PM): check on shows in the area
MtBiker030 (4:07:19 PM): at flamingo and rainbow
MtBiker030 (4:07:24 PM): send him there
MtBiker030 (4:09:42 PM): r u there
MtBiker030 (4:13:02 PM): anyone
Kipley Fiebig (4:13:56 PM): Yes, Jerry's on his way... sorry, am not used to window-switching on this computer
MtBiker030 (4:14:05 PM): give us help
Kipley Fiebig (4:15:28 PM): bar where everyone knows your name is Cheers, naturally
spenconk (4:18:14 PM): we got 2
spenconk (4:18:17 PM): we need 3
spenconk (4:18:26 PM): and start working 4
spenconk (4:19:36 PM): are we looking for the skip man
AustnTiger (4:19:40 PM): skip man ? from the wheel crew
Kipley Fiebig (4:20:04 PM): We are looking for skip man... but Jerry does not know what the team looks like
spenconk (4:20:23 PM): we got 3
spenconk (4:20:34 PM): shangrala
spenconk (4:20:48 PM): and illustrious
spenconk (4:20:57 PM): street names
Kipley Fiebig (4:21:15 PM): For 4, we don't have the full clue yet, do we?
pitleets (4:23:03 PM): #5, part 2....Cheers
pitleets (4:24:41 PM): #5.... Cheers Bar & Grill ....1220 E HARMON AVE
pitleets (4:25:06 PM): Not sure what the code talkers are....
pitleets (4:25:23 PM): Morse maybe...or Navajo???
pitleets (4:25:59 PM): We need the rest of the clue on #4!!!
AustnTiger (4:27:33 PM): working on it now
AustnTiger (4:27:43 PM): we dont have it yet
pitleets (4:27:56 PM): #6 part 1....Brazil
Kipley Fiebig (4:28:03 PM): Jerry's at CP1, if they haven't found it yet... do we know where they are?
AustnTiger (4:28:55 PM): yes
AustnTiger (4:29:16 PM): they are almost to cp3
AustnTiger (4:29:38 PM): brazil got it
pitleets (4:29:40 PM): Suggestion on #5....Brazilian Steak House Yolies....3900 Paradise Rd.
AustnTiger (4:30:07 PM): 5 or 6
AustnTiger (4:30:15 PM): 6 right
AustnTiger (4:30:26 PM): the clues are above the answer
AustnTiger (4:32:38 PM): he
pitleets (4:32:41 PM): Ary Barroso wrote the song Brazil in 1948
pitleets (4:33:40 PM): Which ones have we completed?
MtBiker030 (4:33:56 PM): 1-4
pitleets (4:34:52 PM): They heading over to Cheers?
pitleets (4:36:00 PM): did they get a confirmation on Cheers for a sure answer?
Kipley Fiebig (4:36:15 PM): Can we delete all the clues from the WebEx document that have been visited, to make the screen smaller?
MtBiker030 (4:36:45 PM): sure
MtBiker030 (4:37:04 PM): bettert?
pitleets (4:37:18 PM): #6 the artist was Ary Barroso
Kipley Fiebig (4:37:20 PM): Yes, thanks much... small computer here
pitleets (4:38:47 PM): Is #6 a complete clue? Doesn't make sense.
pitleets (4:40:47 PM): thanx
MtBiker030 (4:40:48 PM): were checking
MtBiker030 (4:41:18 PM): check it now
spenconk (4:41:59 PM): 6 is now complete
pitleets (4:43:32 PM): Nice....I was stuck;
MtBiker030 (4:44:09 PM): any ideas?
pitleets (4:45:44 PM): ideas on which one?
pitleets (4:46:13 PM): Oh, we still need 6 don't we
pitleets (4:46:25 PM): we lost webex here!
AustnTiger (4:46:38 PM): shit
pitleets (4:46:42 PM): email clues to us...
AustnTiger (4:47:25 PM): done
AustnTiger (4:47:51 PM): focus on 6
MtBiker030 (4:47:53 PM): were working on it
pitleets (4:48:11 PM): got the email...printing now..
Kipley Fiebig (4:48:23 PM): Any ideas on how to get us reconnected to WebEx would be great, otherwise email will work
pitleets (4:50:23 PM): Desi Arnez performed was written by Ary Barroso
AustnTiger (4:50:41 PM): please log out of webex and close it
pitleets (4:51:02 PM): done
MtBiker030 (4:52:22 PM): has weel man found skip guy
MtBiker030 (4:52:24 PM): ?????
AustnTiger (4:52:33 PM): log back in
Kipley Fiebig (4:52:52 PM): We're back on WebEx, thanks.
AustnTiger (4:53:00 PM): can you see everything
MtBiker030 (4:53:00 PM): has the wheel man found the skip team
MtBiker030 (4:53:03 PM): tell me
Kipley Fiebig (4:53:07 PM): Wheel guy has NOT found skip guy. But then, we don't know what they look like
MtBiker030 (4:55:38 PM): we need to find them fast
MtBiker030 (4:55:45 PM): any ideas?
spenconk (4:57:08 PM): number 6 .....
spenconk (4:57:13 PM): we need it
spenconk (4:57:17 PM): any clues
Kipley Fiebig (4:57:42 PM): Not yet
pitleets (5:02:56 PM): We are totally stumped on #6
MtBiker030 (5:03:57 PM): send wheel man to seven
MtBiker030 (5:04:03 PM): u hear me???
MtBiker030 (5:04:15 PM): send him to cp 7
Kipley Fiebig (5:05:17 PM): Roger!
AustnTiger (5:06:15 PM): 6 we need 6
MtBiker030 (5:06:19 PM): we need help with 6
spenconk (5:06:31 PM): everyone on 6
MtBiker030 (5:06:38 PM): who wrote the song brazil in the movie brazil
spenconk (5:06:50 PM): rio dejanero?
pitleets (5:09:47 PM): where are Marcy & John?
pitleets (5:11:23 PM): #6.....possibly
pitleets (5:11:30 PM): Les Paul did Brazil in 1948 also!
pitleets (5:11:36 PM): Hard Rock Cafe
pitleets (5:11:39 PM): Big Guitar!
pitleets (5:11:56 PM): Corner of Harmon and Paradise!
pitleets (5:12:13 PM): Go Go Go!
MtBiker030 (5:12:16 PM): u sure
Kipley Fiebig (5:12:17 PM): "Les Paul" -> He ain't no lumberjack
Kipley Fiebig (5:12:23 PM): Yes
pitleets (5:12:24 PM): Roll em!
MtBiker030 (5:12:35 PM): i luv u
MtBiker030 (5:12:45 PM): u r a bad ass
AustnTiger (5:12:54 PM): harmon and paradise.... les mark guitar Hard rock
AustnTiger (5:13:08 PM): les paul
MtBiker030 (5:13:43 PM): u rule
MtBiker030 (5:14:45 PM): have we found the skip man
MtBiker030 (5:14:47 PM): ???
MtBiker030 (5:15:13 PM): we confirmed seven
MtBiker030 (5:15:29 PM): we need to find the skip team
MtBiker030 (5:15:34 PM): just in case
Kipley Fiebig (5:15:56 PM): We will tell you if we find the skip man... no need to keep asking
pitleets (5:16:55 PM): Did you confirm the answer to #7 or confirmed the wording of question #7?
spenconk (5:17:01 PM): Look at the answer for 7
spenconk (5:17:09 PM): Can we send the wheelman
MtBiker030 (5:17:20 PM): find the name of teh store at that intersection
spenconk (5:17:20 PM): to check it out
MtBiker030 (5:17:50 PM): if we could send the wheel man to cp 7 it would help
MtBiker030 (5:17:54 PM): can we
Kipley Fiebig (5:17:55 PM): Jerry is at 3790, looking for the store, he has not found it yet
Kipley Fiebig (5:19:39 PM): Are the capital I's in clue 8 intentional? Could be two words, both starting with I, if so.
MtBiker030 (5:19:52 PM): no
MtBiker030 (5:19:54 PM): sorry
pitleets (5:20:20 PM): Johnson makes outboard motors for boats...could be a competitor? Evenrude
pitleets (5:20:24 PM): ??
spenconk (5:22:16 PM): donuts for dont's
spenconk (5:22:35 PM): Dont's have to call me Johnson?
spenconk (5:22:43 PM): Donuts?
spenconk (5:22:56 PM): is there a Johnson's Donuts
MtBiker030 (5:23:03 PM): we checked
MtBiker030 (5:23:17 PM): give these instructions to the wheel man
MtBiker030 (5:23:56 PM): ask if he can find a mo town cafe and look for the thing stamped 3790
MtBiker030 (5:24:06 PM): can u send him to do that
MtBiker030 (5:24:25 PM): hey
MtBiker030 (5:24:29 PM): pitleets
MtBiker030 (5:24:35 PM): can u ask him to go
pitleets (5:25:09 PM): Kip is on radio with him...
MtBiker030 (5:25:24 PM): change the address
MtBiker030 (5:25:31 PM): it is 1090
Kipley Fiebig (5:25:43 PM): Address 1090, stamp 3790?
MtBiker030 (5:25:52 PM): just 1090
Kipley Fiebig (5:26:02 PM): 1090 Las Vegas Blvd, then?
MtBiker030 (5:26:17 PM): yes
Kipley Fiebig (5:26:33 PM): Soooo... what'
Kipley Fiebig (5:26:49 PM): what's the shop "marked", then, 3790, or is that out the door?
AustnTiger (5:26:58 PM): hi
AustnTiger (5:27:14 PM): Howard Johnson Hotels and Resorts - Webtourist Network Hotel ... ... Bypass, Phenix City Howard Johnson Conway, 1090 Skyline, Conway ... Tucamcari Blvd, Tucumcari132628 Howard Johnson Hotel Las Vegas, 1401 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las ...
AustnTiger (5:27:34 PM): anything there>
MtBiker030 (5:28:01 PM): no
Kipley Fiebig (5:28:02 PM): What is Jerry looking for at 1090 LV Blvd? That goes against the clue as we see it in WebEx?
MtBiker030 (5:28:29 PM): not 1090 lv blvd
MtBiker030 (5:29:07 PM): but something around there that has 1090 stamped on it or hsa something to do with that number
MtBiker030 (5:29:12 PM): got it?
Kipley Fiebig (5:29:31 PM): Yes, Jerry has been looking around 3790 LV Blvd for something stamped 1090.
Kipley Fiebig (5:31:24 PM): The elegant store is NOT in Fashion Show Mall... none fit the anagram....
(5:32:21 PM): Kipley Fiebig has left the room.
AustnTiger (5:32:26 PM): cool
pitleets (5:32:30 PM): testing
pitleets (5:34:14 PM): reinvite Kip back into the chat
pitleets (5:35:20 PM): Kipley Fiebig on AIM
spenconk (5:35:26 PM): 1090 Rue de monte carlo
spenconk (5:35:31 PM): for 7
spenconk (5:35:49 PM): we think
spenconk (5:35:57 PM): trying to confirm
spenconk (5:36:56 PM): can you guys help
MtBiker030 (5:38:51 PM): can wheel guy go there
MtBiker030 (5:38:56 PM): talkto me
MtBiker030 (5:39:40 PM): can wheel guy go to 1090 Rue de monte carlo near 3790 Las Vegas Blvd
pitleets (5:39:45 PM): standby...
MtBiker030 (5:39:48 PM): pitleets
pitleets (5:39:50 PM): working on contacting him
MtBiker030 (5:39:54 PM): thanx
pitleets (5:43:13 PM): Marcy and John have a new assignment at CP5 we need to work on:
pitleets (5:43:52 PM): Find the Native American poem among Barbados Pride, Mormon Tee, and Honey Locus that corresponds with the following code:
pitleets (5:44:15 PM): Jan 13, Mar 20, Jul 10, Jul 16, Aug 1, Sep 7, Nov 6, Dev 16
pitleets (5:44:22 PM): Dev -> Dec
pitleets (5:46:34 PM): Invite Kipley Fiebig back into the chat
pitleets (5:46:37 PM): he lost connection
AustnTiger (5:47:35 PM): hi
(5:47:56 PM): Kipley Fiebig has entered the room.
AustnTiger (5:49:10 PM): iamyibay
AustnTiger (5:49:16 PM): unscrable this
pitleets (5:49:17 PM): still stuck on that one.
MtBiker030 (5:51:57 PM): any luck on 7
MtBiker030 (5:52:18 PM): did wheel guy get there yet
spenconk (5:52:19 PM): wheels guy at 1090?
MtBiker030 (5:52:26 PM): yes
MtBiker030 (5:52:31 PM): is he ther
MtBiker030 (5:52:35 PM): pitleets
Kipley Fiebig (5:53:09 PM): Wheel Guy is leaving Ney York, heading to Monte Carlo to check out the Rue
MtBiker030 (5:53:22 PM): keep us posted
MtBiker030 (5:53:26 PM): please
MtBiker030 (5:54:44 PM): thanx
AustnTiger (5:54:50 PM): miyabayi
AustnTiger (5:55:03 PM): Amyibayi
AustnTiger (5:55:11 PM): Yima ibay
AustnTiger (5:55:17 PM): Biamayiy
MtBiker030 (5:56:13 PM): FYI #8 is all in lower case letters
MtBiker030 (5:56:15 PM): k
MtBiker030 (5:56:20 PM): pitleets?
pitleets (5:56:24 PM): sir
AustnTiger (5:56:28 PM): may bay ii
AustnTiger (5:56:33 PM): bay may ii
pitleets (5:56:36 PM): I'll check phone book...
MtBiker030 (5:57:05 PM): Where is wheel man
AustnTiger (5:57:37 PM): wheeling
pitleets (5:57:57 PM): nothing on may bay or bay may
AustnTiger (5:58:14 PM): ya ya mibi
Kipley Fiebig (5:58:51 PM): Wheel guy has checked out Monte Carlo, couldn't find anything marked 1090, is continuing search around 3970 LV
spenconk (5:59:27 PM): ok so we are still we dont have 7
spenconk (5:59:32 PM): right?
pitleets (5:59:38 PM): correct...nothing firm on #7
MtBiker030 (5:59:41 PM): its at the end of the road
Kipley Fiebig (5:59:41 PM): Correct
spenconk (5:59:46 PM): Everyone needs to focus on 7 now
MtBiker030 (5:59:50 PM): it is at the end of the road
MtBiker030 (5:59:55 PM): tell him to look
MtBiker030 (5:59:56 PM): again
MtBiker030 (6:00:03 PM): the adress exists
Kipley Fiebig (6:00:14 PM): Actually, From what I understand Marcy and John are stuck with the task at #5... perhaps focus there
MtBiker030 (6:00:24 PM): they found it
MtBiker030 (6:00:31 PM): pitleets
MtBiker030 (6:00:40 PM): hey pitleets
MtBiker030 (6:00:41 PM): u there
MtBiker030 (6:00:44 PM): ???
MtBiker030 (6:01:07 PM): they found #5
pitleets (6:01:26 PM): For sure...where is #5?
MtBiker030 (6:01:31 PM): we need the wheel man to check again an monte carlos
MtBiker030 (6:01:38 PM): check again
MtBiker030 (6:01:48 PM): listen to me
MtBiker030 (6:01:59 PM): the address exists
MtBiker030 (6:02:07 PM): hw needs to find it
pitleets (6:02:27 PM): paging him now..
MtBiker030 (6:02:39 PM): thanx
MtBiker030 (6:03:34 PM): tell him it exists on map quest
pitleets (6:04:27 PM): i see it too
MtBiker030 (6:04:37 PM): does he?
pitleets (6:04:49 PM): trying to raise him on radio again....lost signal
Kipley Fiebig (6:04:53 PM): John and Marcy tried to call me, my phone died, haven't been able to call them back. We are sure that 5 is all done (including the task the man gave them there)?
MtBiker030 (6:05:31 PM): CP 5 is done
MtBiker030 (6:07:10 PM): how goes it with the field man
Kipley Fiebig (6:07:17 PM): Hey Marcy and John just got through to me, to say the same thing! They're on to #6
Kipley Fiebig (6:07:31 PM): Wheel Guy has been out of radio range for past 5 minutes
MtBiker030 (6:07:41 PM): that sux
MtBiker030 (6:07:46 PM): keep trying
Kipley Fiebig (6:07:51 PM): But he knows he has to try and go to the end of the road and look around
MtBiker030 (6:08:11 PM): thanx
pitleets (6:08:26 PM): Radio guy is preparing to leave NYNY and back to Rue De Monte Carlo
MtBiker030 (6:08:58 PM): cool
MtBiker030 (6:12:21 PM): any luck???
Kipley Fiebig (6:13:00 PM): We'll let ya know...
AustnTiger (6:14:33 PM): Classified Ads for Antique Slot Machines... This machine actually played the games of craps!. ... was $1,600 + shipping) Owner: NormJohnson (Slot Dealer ... Bally 1090 Electromechanical price $950 + shipping/ins ...
AustnTiger (6:19:57 PM): skip guy?
MtBiker030 (6:20:00 PM): any luck with Rue
MtBiker030 (6:20:04 PM): or skip guys
MtBiker030 (6:21:10 PM): pitleets
Kipley Fiebig (6:21:13 PM): Jerry's been down to the end of the road and looked all around... can't see that number anywhere
MtBiker030 (6:21:13 PM): u there?
MtBiker030 (6:21:31 PM): its on map quest
Kipley Fiebig (6:21:57 PM): What exactly is on Map Quest, the address?
MtBiker030 (6:22:06 PM): and location
MtBiker030 (6:22:13 PM): 8-)
Kipley Fiebig (6:22:44 PM): But if it's not on a business establishment, it doesn't help us
Kipley Fiebig (6:23:44 PM): He's going the other way on the street instead (east instead of west, or vice-versa, not sure)
AustnTiger (6:24:34 PM): wheel guys?
MtBiker030 (6:25:22 PM): tell wheel guy to go to the new york and look around for the #1090
Kipley Fiebig (6:25:43 PM): Wheel Guy has spent 30 minutes looking all around in NY NY for 1090
MtBiker030 (6:25:52 PM): k
MtBiker030 (6:26:16 PM): did he look inside
MtBiker030 (6:26:20 PM): and out side
MtBiker030 (6:28:11 PM): hey
MtBiker030 (6:28:16 PM): pitleets
MtBiker030 (6:28:22 PM): did he look inside
MtBiker030 (6:28:25 PM): and out side
spenconk (6:29:25 PM): wheel guy may need to valet park and go on foot around hotel
AustnTiger (6:29:29 PM): tell wheel guy to hit the side streets.. too
AustnTiger (6:31:39 PM): work on 9
MtBiker030 (6:32:01 PM): found 7
AustnTiger (6:32:02 PM): 7 is found.... .
AustnTiger (6:32:06 PM): we need 8 and 9 now
MtBiker030 (6:32:08 PM): need help on 9
AustnTiger (6:32:09 PM): now
AustnTiger (6:32:09 PM): now
pitleets (6:32:22 PM): where is 7? Who confirmed it?
Kipley Fiebig (6:32:28 PM): 7 Found? Should I call off the wheel guy?
MtBiker030 (6:34:14 PM): yes
MtBiker030 (6:34:19 PM): work on 9
Kipley Fiebig (6:34:29 PM): Did Marcy and John find 7, then?
MtBiker030 (6:34:33 PM): yes
MtBiker030 (6:34:38 PM): and the skip guy
pitleets (6:35:27 PM): still trying to unscramble.
MtBiker030 (6:35:55 PM): they got 8
AustnTiger (6:35:57 PM): how
AustnTiger (6:36:00 PM): what is it
MtBiker030 (6:36:01 PM): work on 10
MtBiker030 (6:36:02 PM): 11
MtBiker030 (6:36:05 PM): &
MtBiker030 (6:36:07 PM): 12
MtBiker030 (6:36:27 PM): forget that
pitleets (6:36:30 PM): We need to know this..we are wasting time trying to solve clues that have already been solved. When a clue is confirmed, post it in AIM
MtBiker030 (6:36:34 PM): work on 9
MtBiker030 (6:36:37 PM): and 12
MtBiker030 (6:37:52 PM): better?
MtBiker030 (6:38:02 PM): just work on 9 & 12
pitleets (6:38:24 PM): Latin Las Vegas was Havana Cuba
pitleets (6:38:58 PM): Batista was leader of Cuba at that time.
pitleets (6:39:01 PM): Kip is checking
pitleets (6:39:48 PM): Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar is his full name
MtBiker030 (6:41:14 PM): hmmmm
AustnTiger (6:42:49 PM): you huys work on 12
AustnTiger (6:42:56 PM): we might skip 9
MtBiker030 (6:43:16 PM): think we can solve 12????
MtBiker030 (6:43:27 PM): we need to know now
spenconk (6:43:49 PM): bugsy seigal died in the 1940's
spenconk (6:44:00 PM): so it aint him
spenconk (6:44:06 PM): for 9
MtBiker030 (6:44:24 PM): pitleets
MtBiker030 (6:44:27 PM): talk to me
AustnTiger (6:45:03 PM): Battista's Hole In The Wall 4041 Audrie 732 1424 Located between the Flamingo Hilton and the Maxim on Flamingo Rd. I just cannot begin to say enough about this place! Hands down, this is
Kipley Fiebig (6:46:02 PM): Damn, Paul just solved that one, too! :-)
AustnTiger (6:47:20 PM): 4041 Audrie St
pitleets (6:47:28 PM): Phoebe Cates is Kevin Klines wife
AustnTiger (6:48:15 PM): do we agree on Battistas pizza
AustnTiger (6:48:24 PM): hole in the wall place
Kipley Fiebig (6:48:24 PM): Absolutely... send them there!
AustnTiger (6:48:47 PM): we are
AustnTiger (6:48:50 PM): thanks
AustnTiger (6:49:02 PM):
spenconk (6:51:44 PM): 12?
pitleets (6:53:39 PM): working on it...
pitleets (6:54:27 PM): h-60 is a Black Hawk helicopter. Don't know if that helps
AustnTiger (6:54:40 PM): how did we get venus de milo at ceasars
MtBiker030 (6:54:42 PM): thanx
MtBiker030 (6:55:59 PM): its a uh-60
MtBiker030 (6:56:04 PM): but nice try
MtBiker030 (6:56:23 PM): maybe not
pitleets (6:57:56 PM): H-60 is the base model for all the variants
Kipley Fiebig (6:59:29 PM): If Marcy and John haven't skipped any points, can't they just skip #12?
Kipley Fiebig (7:00:41 PM): BTW, nobody has finished yet, and we've confirmed that the finish line is up at Jillian's again.
MtBiker030 (7:00:54 PM): nice
Kipley Fiebig (7:01:41 PM): Can someone confirm... have they skipped any points yet, and which one are they currently on?
AustnTiger (7:03:48 PM): not yet
AustnTiger (7:03:54 PM): confirmed
AustnTiger (7:04:02 PM): looking to skip 12
AustnTiger (7:04:14 PM): confirmed
AustnTiger (7:04:26 PM): Looking for bus routes to the end
AustnTiger (7:04:30 PM): from 11
AustnTiger (7:05:14 PM): is the end of the race for sure the same as the last start place?
AustnTiger (7:05:20 PM): need to double confirm
AustnTiger (7:06:57 PM): any one
Kipley Fiebig (7:07:02 PM): We had a team finish, at Jillian's (confirmed!), but they had an INCORRECT picture! ;-)
AustnTiger (7:07:18 PM): nice
AustnTiger (7:07:21 PM): which picture
Kipley Fiebig (7:07:24 PM): They are trying to find out what the picture was, to see if we can undo the same mistake if necessary
MtBiker030 (7:07:24 PM): yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
AustnTiger (7:07:31 PM): let us know
AustnTiger (7:07:35 PM): asap
pitleets (7:07:38 PM): ASAFP
AustnTiger (7:07:51 PM): fp
AustnTiger (7:07:52 PM): nice
MtBiker030 (7:07:53 PM): nice
pitleets (7:08:12 PM): nice
pitleets (7:09:04 PM): I'm still hammering on 8.
MtBiker030 (7:09:11 PM): what???
MtBiker030 (7:09:15 PM): y???
pitleets (7:09:28 PM): sorry...12
MtBiker030 (7:09:31 PM): k
MtBiker030 (7:09:33 PM): cool
MtBiker030 (7:09:38 PM): we might skip it
MtBiker030 (7:10:02 PM): if you talk to john tell them to haull ass
pitleets (7:10:34 PM): RUN FOREST RUN!!!
MtBiker030 (7:11:04 PM): 2nd team finished
MtBiker030 (7:11:10 PM): did they miss one
AustnTiger (7:11:19 PM): what does kip know
MtBiker030 (7:11:41 PM): does he know anyone
Kipley Fiebig (7:11:49 PM): Don't know info on 2nd team... assume we're still in for now. Where are Marcy/John
anhyzer667 (7:12:01 PM):
AustnTiger (7:12:06 PM): waiting for the bus at riviera
Kipley Fiebig (7:12:21 PM): So, they're done 11 and heading for finish?
AustnTiger (7:12:31 PM): yes
AustnTiger (7:12:34 PM): confirmed
AustnTiger (7:12:39 PM): skipping 12
MtBiker030 (7:13:15 PM): whats the deal kip
Kipley Fiebig (7:13:35 PM): What's the deal with what?
MtBiker030 (7:13:52 PM): is 2 nd DQed
Kipley Fiebig (7:14:15 PM): See previous post... don't know any info on 2nd team... obviously, when I do I'll let y'all know
MtBiker030 (7:14:29 PM): sorry
Kipley Fiebig (7:14:38 PM): No problemo! ;-)
Kipley Fiebig (7:16:08 PM): They are scrutinizing the pictures from the second team... apparently, many are unclear... so damn suspenseful
AustnTiger (7:16:50 PM): make them loose
AustnTiger (7:17:35 PM): lose
spenconk (7:19:10 PM): call John and Marcy - have them bribe the bus driver to skip stops and go faster
AustnTiger (7:19:48 PM): they are on the bus
AustnTiger (7:19:52 PM): go go go go
AustnTiger (7:19:56 PM): go bus go
spenconk (7:20:04 PM): we are calling them
Kipley Fiebig (7:20:14 PM): Are there any other racers on the bus with them?! :-)
AustnTiger (7:20:18 PM): no
MtBiker030 (7:20:18 PM): thanx
pitleets (7:21:58 PM): Whats the emoticon for crossing fingers?
anhyzer667 (7:22:06 PM): :-X
AustnTiger (7:22:30 PM): :-[
AustnTiger (7:22:38 PM): red faced and nervous
AustnTiger (7:22:50 PM): team 2 is out
AustnTiger (7:22:52 PM): dq
MtBiker030 (7:22:54 PM): team 2 outr
AustnTiger (7:22:55 PM): confirmed
MtBiker030 (7:23:28 PM): yeah
MtBiker030 (7:23:33 PM): yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
AustnTiger (7:23:34 PM): hooooray
MtBiker030 (7:23:38 PM): wooooo hoooooooo
Kipley Fiebig (7:23:44 PM): 8-)
Kipley Fiebig (7:24:04 PM): Now, did WE get all the pictures right? :-\
pitleets (7:24:37 PM): what pic DQ'd team 2?
MtBiker030 (7:25:00 PM): dont know
MtBiker030 (7:25:06 PM): just pray
pitleets (7:25:21 PM): i hope is was 12 again.
MtBiker030 (7:25:33 PM): me too
AustnTiger (7:25:50 PM): we skipped 12 we skipped 12
AustnTiger (7:25:57 PM): ya ya ya
pitleets (7:26:16 PM): it ain't over yet....we still have to get our pics verified IF we get there next.
AustnTiger (7:26:31 PM): we are good
spenconk (7:26:33 PM): they are almost at fremont street
AustnTiger (7:26:35 PM): i hope
(7:26:52 PM): MtBiker030 has left the room.
AustnTiger (7:27:22 PM): was it 12 they got wrong
pitleets (7:27:33 PM): we don't know about team 2 wrong pic
AustnTiger (7:27:42 PM): call the cia
(7:27:45 PM): MtBiker030 has entered the room.
AustnTiger (7:27:46 PM): fbi...
AustnTiger (7:27:51 PM): police
pitleets (7:27:56 PM): A-Team
MtBiker030 (7:28:01 PM): thats us
anhyzer667 (7:28:02 PM): x-men
AustnTiger (7:28:10 PM): the 3 stooges
MtBiker030 (7:28:22 PM): the bad motha shut yo mouths
(7:28:28 PM): adventureracej has entered the room.
(7:28:29 PM): Downstairs58 has entered the room.
adventureracej (7:28:36 PM): spoke with john
pitleets (7:28:37 PM): Kip is trying to get a reading on the bad pic for team 2
spenconk (7:28:38 PM): send shaft
AustnTiger (7:28:40 PM): please please please
AustnTiger (7:28:46 PM): =-O
adventureracej (7:28:46 PM): they are about to get off the bus and finish
AustnTiger (7:28:49 PM): >:o
AustnTiger (7:28:53 PM): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Downstairs58 (7:28:54 PM): yay yay yay
adventureracej (7:29:05 PM): do we know what the bad pic is?
anhyzer667 (7:29:07 PM): there's way too much caffeine going on here
MtBiker030 (7:29:09 PM): :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
pitleets (7:29:10 PM): CP5 disqualified team 2
AustnTiger (7:29:12 PM): nice
adventureracej (7:29:13 PM): RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Downstairs58 (7:29:13 PM): 12?
pitleets (7:29:14 PM): what did we get for 2
pitleets (7:29:16 PM): er, 5
AustnTiger (7:29:22 PM): cp5?
Downstairs58 (7:29:27 PM): I thought it was 12 they got dq'd on
pitleets (7:29:36 PM): that was the extra assignment the man gave Marcy and John.
pitleets (7:29:38 PM): About the dates
pitleets (7:29:51 PM): Team 1 got DQ on #12, Team 2 got DQd on #5
Kipley Fiebig (7:29:56 PM): CP12 disqualified the first team, CP5 disqualified the 2nd
AustnTiger (7:30:09 PM): doh
Kipley Fiebig (7:30:17 PM): There's no communication going on in the mini War Room, here!
pitleets (7:30:19 PM): Run Forest.......Runnnnn.
pitleets (7:30:31 PM): Jenny is at the finish line...
Downstairs58 (7:30:36 PM): we're holding our breaths...
pitleets (7:30:38 PM): Bubba has a shrimp boat waiting for you...
adventureracej (7:30:42 PM): i think i am going to puch!!!
AustnTiger (7:30:48 PM): run jennny
anhyzer667 (7:30:49 PM): puch??
Downstairs58 (7:30:51 PM): p-u-k-e
Kipley Fiebig (7:31:02 PM): I may not be a smart man, but I know what a checkpoint is....
pitleets (7:31:25 PM): status....anyone....anyone
AustnTiger (7:31:46 PM): the bird has landed
AustnTiger (7:31:50 PM): we are in 3
Downstairs58 (7:31:59 PM): they finished!!!!
AustnTiger (7:32:01 PM): are we sure 1 and 2 was dq
anhyzer667 (7:32:04 PM): but john isn't certain that team 2 was dqd
pitleets (7:32:05 PM): How's the pics???
MtBiker030 (7:32:13 PM): dont know
AustnTiger (7:32:16 PM): kip
AustnTiger (7:32:25 PM): was the team 2 thing gone
AustnTiger (7:32:44 PM): john does not think team 2 is out
AustnTiger (7:32:45 PM): ?
Kipley Fiebig (7:33:14 PM): As far as we knew, they were... but not definitely. They might have successfully protested. Don't know.
MtBiker030 (7:33:29 PM): john just doesnt know
Downstairs58 (7:34:08 PM): crap.
adventureracej (7:34:37 PM): we have the whole hotel of New York New York apparently still working on a clue..they have left a voice mail for spencer with details of their progress!
adventureracej (7:34:45 PM): our camera has passed!!!!!
AustnTiger (7:35:44 PM): yeah
AustnTiger (7:35:53 PM): please please
AustnTiger (7:35:55 PM): please
AustnTiger (7:35:56 PM): please
pitleets (7:36:08 PM): Holding breath.....
Kipley Fiebig (7:36:13 PM): Turning blue....
AustnTiger (7:36:14 PM): drum roll please
AustnTiger (7:36:19 PM): ahhhh
AustnTiger (7:37:41 PM): we cant stand it
MtBiker030 (7:37:53 PM): marcy and john went to where the race directors intended on cp 5 to be, but the other team went to another spot that still fits teh description
MtBiker030 (7:37:59 PM): so we dont know
AustnTiger (7:39:07 PM): they didn't go to the right cp
AustnTiger (7:39:10 PM): we should win
AustnTiger (7:39:13 PM): right
AustnTiger (7:39:15 PM): please
pitleets (7:39:20 PM): dunnoo....if it fits the description
spenconk (7:39:39 PM): but if it was a mile and a half away - it wouldnt be on the UNLV campus, right?
AustnTiger (7:40:07 PM): doh
Kipley Fiebig (7:40:09 PM): The rules say, if you find another checkpoint that fits all the parameters of the clue, then it can pass as the checkpoint, if a protest is sucessfully filed. So, all on new ground here.
pitleets (7:40:21 PM): Depends on how it was worded...if it said go find a right shoe, and they didn't specify a red one, a blue shoe would still count
pitleets (7:40:38 PM): May the force be with us....
Downstairs58 (7:41:05 PM): Everyone please send J & M very good vibes!
AustnTiger (7:41:37 PM): any news
adventureracej (7:42:00 PM): nothing
adventureracej (7:42:11 PM): JB said he would call the moment he knew something
pitleets (7:42:12 PM): I think I'm having a Harmonic was a Malox moment.
anhyzer667 (7:42:23 PM): maalox
adventureracej (7:42:30 PM): ya' know i've been pretty gassy myself!!!!!!
(7:42:40 PM): Kipley Fiebig has left the room.
MtBiker030 (7:42:42 PM): i can vouch for that
Downstairs58 (7:43:05 PM): This is one time we gotta hope they stick to the rules!
AustnTiger (7:43:44 PM): talking to jim on cell now
adventureracej (7:45:46 PM): no new news
MtBiker030 (7:46:14 PM): its killing me
AustnTiger (7:46:35 PM): paul
pitleets (7:46:41 PM): yessir
spenconk (7:46:47 PM): what if they ....
adventureracej (7:46:51 PM): good vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pitleets (7:46:53 PM): go on....
spenconk (7:46:54 PM): nerver mind
AustnTiger (7:46:59 PM): gives us your professional opinion
adventureracej (7:46:59 PM): more good vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!
pitleets (7:47:04 PM): about what
AustnTiger (7:47:27 PM): surprise us
adventureracej (7:47:49 PM): ok....chris is now looking on an AIM Lesbian Chat channell..
adventureracej (7:47:54 PM): time for an ANSWER!!!!!!
pitleets (7:47:58 PM): Well, I think a coconut laden can't achieve air speed velocity
pitleets (7:48:07 PM): coconut laden swallow that is...
adventureracej (7:48:09 PM): hmmm... damn good point
AustnTiger (7:48:21 PM): and then
AustnTiger (7:48:49 PM): what about in the southern hemisphere
AustnTiger (7:48:57 PM): will it fall faster
adventureracej (7:49:00 PM): european!
AustnTiger (7:49:07 PM): im a pean
MtBiker030 (7:49:18 PM): it oculd grip it by the husks
AustnTiger (7:49:35 PM): we are the nights that say Ni
pitleets (7:49:38 PM): It's not a question of where it grabs it.
spenconk (7:49:52 PM): what about the knights that say ........ NEE!
AustnTiger (7:50:02 PM): Nee
AustnTiger (7:50:03 PM): Nee
spenconk (7:50:05 PM): nee nee nee
MtBiker030 (7:50:18 PM): no they say "Iky iky patang zoop bongggggggg"
AustnTiger (7:50:20 PM): it's mearly a flesh wound
MtBiker030 (7:50:32 PM): ive had worse
AustnTiger (7:50:35 PM): you silly bastard you have no arms
adventureracej (7:50:39 PM): look you guys.... this is serious business.... you keep talking crap like that and very dangerous bunny rabbits will come after you
MtBiker030 (7:50:42 PM): yes i have
AustnTiger (7:50:50 PM): this one's not dead yeyt
spenconk (7:50:51 PM): mearly a flesh woound
pitleets (7:50:54 PM): I soiled me armor you got me so worked up
MtBiker030 (7:51:01 PM): no the parile is too parilous
Downstairs58 (7:51:08 PM): get out the silver polish
AustnTiger (7:51:17 PM): here that, that is the sound of the shreeking eels
adventureracej (7:51:37 PM): inconcievable!
AustnTiger (7:51:48 PM): I have spent my whole life in search of the 6 fingured man
MtBiker030 (7:52:07 PM): my name is anigo montolla you killed my father prepare to dye
AustnTiger (7:52:09 PM): RUS's
AustnTiger (7:52:16 PM): I don't think they exist
MtBiker030 (7:52:23 PM): die
AustnTiger (7:52:23 PM): rodents of unusual size
MtBiker030 (7:52:27 PM): oops
Downstairs58 (7:52:28 PM): tie-dye!
pitleets (7:52:32 PM): This all goes to demonstrate that a support crew with nothing left to do is a very dangerous thing....
adventureracej (7:52:41 PM): AMEN!!!!
Downstairs58 (7:53:00 PM): We should promise to only use our powers for good...
pitleets (7:53:01 PM): OK, Kip and I are gonna bail and head down towards Neonopolis. We'll be in phone contact with the runners and/or Jim/Becky.

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