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Urban Challenge Vegas 2002 Semi-Finals Chat Transcript

What follows is the transcript of the chat session where our support crew solved the clues for the morning semi-finals race in Vegas. This time, we stored the clues and solutions in a shared WebEx session, and all of our Austin folks were in the same room, so there was a lot of communicating going on that's not necessarily reflected here. Also, we lost most of our internet connectivity just as the race was starting (!), so it kind of starts in the middle of things!

Our support crew for the morning race was:
anhyzer667 - Scott Appleton
AustnTiger - Shane Bordeau
Darin Camp - Darin Camp
spenconk - Spencer Conklin
MtBiker030 - Chris McCormick
adventureracej - Jason Mittman
pitleets - Paul Sabol
and Jerry Thompson as our mobile Ground Support (Wheel Guy)!

(8:58:49 AM) You have just entered room "Chat 34643450180814202971."
(8:59:34 AM) AustnTiger has entered the room.
AustnTiger (8:59:42 AM): pioneer pond
Darin Camp (9:02:57 AM): i copied the txt from the original chat window in case needed
(9:04:08 AM) adventureracej has entered the room.
adventureracej (9:04:13 AM): hey
(9:05:14 AM) MtBiker030 has left the room.
pitleets (9:06:40 AM): Someone call Kip and tell him the Beach is at 365 Convention Center Drive. Just south of the Hilton on Paradise.
pitleets (9:06:49 AM): i can't reach him via phone.
pitleets (9:07:09 AM): Can we scroll down on the WeBex.
adventureracej (9:07:38 AM): im me the the bus info
adventureracej (9:07:41 AM): web site
adventureracej (9:07:43 AM): hurrry
adventureracej (9:07:51 AM): some one
(9:08:08 AM) spenconk has entered the room.
pitleets (9:08:16 AM):
Darin Camp (9:08:25 AM):
pitleets (9:08:28 AM): Or.
pitleets (9:11:50 AM): Can someone email me all the clues so far...thx.
Darin Camp (9:14:59 AM): 9 is: A - Betty you can call me Al, B = he invented the phillips screwdriver, C - Victor the Cleaner
(9:15:23 AM) spenconk has left the room.
(9:15:31 AM) adventureracej has left the room.
(9:15:36 AM) spenconk has entered the room.
(9:16:00 AM) adventureracej has entered the room.
pitleets (9:17:06 AM): #9 A is Al....Betty you can call me Al from Paul Simon.
AustnTiger (9:17:25 AM): good one
anhyzer667 (9:18:22 AM): really need help on #6
pitleets (9:19:32 AM): Most famous obelisk is Cleopatra's Needles, but doesn't ring a bell here North of Trop.
pitleets (9:19:41 AM): Luxor is south of Tropicana, it's Egypt theme
pitleets (9:20:30 AM): There are a ton of Al Phillips Cleaners in Vegas...we sure that is the right one?
Darin Camp (9:22:37 AM): a pyramid can be considered an obelisk by definition
pitleets (9:23:53 AM): American Heritage Dictionary - OBELISK - A tall, four sided shaft of stone, usually tapered and monolithic that rises to a point
pitleets (9:24:26 AM): Obelisk is also a dagger mark, sort of looks like a Christian cross.
anhyzer667 (9:24:50 AM): any obelisks outside of the Luxor?
pitleets (9:24:59 AM): Yes, but Luxor is South of Tropicana
Darin Camp (9:25:21 AM): there isnt much else south of the Trop is there?
anhyzer667 (9:25:24 AM): I think it's also just south of the Tropicana establishment
pitleets (9:25:36 AM): Excalibur, Luxor, Tropicana, and Mandaly Bay Hotels.
(9:25:41 AM) AustnTiger has left the room.
pitleets (9:26:03 AM): We sure on six....location doesn't match the clue.
Darin Camp (9:26:18 AM): unless the Four Seasons has put up an obelisk I think we are pretty safe
pitleets (9:26:46 AM): The Hail could allude to it at night....white pulses of light shoot down the four sides of the big pyramid.
pitleets (9:27:14 AM): But I still say it's south of Tropicana, aka Trop....unless there is something called Trop further south of Luxor.
pitleets (9:28:05 AM): Clue for 7 was: He knows all. Find Swami the Fortune Teller on the strip within 1 mile of the Paris.
pitleets (9:28:21 AM): Wheel guy had radioed that into me. Don't know where he got it.
pitleets (9:28:56 AM): Scott, can you ask John what color his backpack was. He left it at CP4, and the wheel guy is going to fetch it.
pitleets (9:29:15 AM): You guys still there?
Darin Camp (9:29:40 AM): here
(9:29:52 AM) AustnTiger has entered the room.
AustnTiger (9:29:56 AM): obelsik
Darin Camp (9:30:21 AM): Luxor
pitleets (9:30:47 AM): Where are we... I'm idle
AustnTiger (9:31:40 AM): cant be luxor
Darin Camp (9:31:47 AM): why
AustnTiger (9:31:47 AM): must be north of tropicana
AustnTiger (9:31:51 AM): south of saharh
pitleets (9:31:54 AM): echo echo echo echo
AustnTiger (9:32:02 AM): luxor is south of tropicana
Darin Camp (9:32:54 AM): hmmmm, hes right
Darin Camp (9:33:19 AM): how about ny, ny
pitleets (9:33:36 AM): Can Scott contact John about his lost backpack at CP4...I can't reach him. Need to know the color/description of it. Wheel guy did a drive by and didn't see it.
Darin Camp (9:33:49 AM): several bldgs fit the obelisk definition
pitleets (9:33:52 AM): Also location of exactly where it is between 3rd and 4th street
spenconk (9:34:09 AM): do you guys have 6?
AustnTiger (9:34:40 AM): where the hail..... obelisk?
pitleets (9:35:03 AM): As soon as wheel guy gets John's backpack he'll roll down on the strip.
pitleets (9:36:13 AM): Could there be something at Ceasars? Caesar was screwing Cleopatra, and Cleopatra's Needles are an obelisk.
pitleets (9:36:27 AM): YES>>>HAIL CAESAR!!!
pitleets (9:36:34 AM): Roll em!
pitleets (9:36:48 AM): Go go go!!!!
Darin Camp (9:37:30 AM): sounds good to me
pitleets (9:37:36 AM): hail thethar
pitleets (9:38:59 AM): Is swamee spelled swamee or swami?
pitleets (9:39:10 AM): Can we verify that from the runner.
pitleets (9:43:09 AM): Answer on 6!
pitleets (9:43:33 AM): Just north of Celine Dion Billboard
pitleets (9:43:40 AM): at entrance to Caesars Palace
pitleets (9:43:54 AM): Confirmed by voice from Marcy & John
pitleets (9:44:02 AM): John's backpack has been recovered
pitleets (9:44:12 AM): We hope it's the right one anyway!
pitleets (9:45:00 AM): Apparently it's a BIG billboard of Celine.
Darin Camp (9:45:17 AM): has to match her ego
pitleets (9:46:50 AM): Possible hit on #7 - 3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd (inside O'Sheas)
pitleets (9:47:08 AM): North of the Paris.
pitleets (9:47:23 AM): Pass it on
pitleets (9:48:10 AM): O Sheas is a one or 2 story casino...between Flamingo Hotel and Imperial Palace.
pitleets (9:49:38 AM): Wheel guy is at Stratosphere heading to OSheas for a visual.
pitleets (9:49:54 AM): Can someone post clue 8 and I'll help
Darin Camp (9:50:43 AM): wow, you have a lot of fonts
pitleets (9:50:52 AM): What's up with the font searches?
Darin Camp (9:51:03 AM): maybe that was one of the clues :-)
pitleets (9:52:30 AM): What is the clue for #8, and 10?
pitleets (9:53:11 AM): Is CLEVELAND all caps on the original clue sheet as well as ours?
Darin Camp (9:53:48 AM): could someone kill the font search window so we can see the clues
(9:54:57 AM) adventureracej has left the room.
pitleets (9:57:19 AM): Wheel guy is nearing OSheas
pitleets (9:57:47 AM): He said runners are coming out of there...
pitleets (9:57:57 AM): What is BOARDWAAINO===?
pitleets (10:00:15 AM): Nothing on Goolgle about "Snells Johnson" Please verify spelling.
pitleets (10:00:53 AM): Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was the scultpure of statue of liberty
pitleets (10:03:14 AM): Do we have a solid confirmation on #7? Boardwalk and not Osheas?
spenconk (10:04:41 AM): Do you have 10?
pitleets (10:05:01 AM): #10, Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr in Jerry McGuire...Show me the Money!
Darin Camp (10:06:02 AM): Jerry Maquire
spenconk (10:06:30 AM): What about the colonel?
pitleets (10:08:43 AM): colonel Sanders?
pitleets (10:08:48 AM): show me the chicken?
Darin Camp (10:09:24 AM): any signage? Maybe a chicken billboard?
spenconk (10:09:31 AM): colonel??
spenconk (10:09:42 AM): who the hell is the colonel?
pitleets (10:10:01 AM): wasn't colonel Elvis's manager or father in law or something
Darin Camp (10:10:04 AM): "The Colonel" is usually regarded as Colonel Sanders
spenconk (10:10:12 AM): wheel guys number?
pitleets (10:10:28 AM): He's on radio...not a cell
pitleets (10:10:43 AM): Where do you want me to send him?
spenconk (10:11:11 AM): have him follow the skip guy
pitleets (10:12:51 AM): He doesn't know where the skip guy is.
pitleets (10:14:03 AM): You complete me....hmmmm
anhyzer667 (10:14:59 AM): the skip guy is supposed to be between the mirage & treasure island
anhyzer667 (10:15:05 AM): we need to know if he's still there
pitleets (10:15:53 AM): he's going to look for the skip guy now.
spenconk (10:16:16 AM): between the mirage and treasure island hotel on the street was the last place he was seen
pitleets (10:16:42 AM): Is #10 exactly as it was read from the runner? Doesn't seem to make sense. I'm having organicity flashbacks here.
pitleets (10:17:18 AM): #10 I GOT IT
pitleets (10:17:21 AM): SHOW ME THE CHICKEN
pitleets (10:17:27 AM): 710 E Flamingo
pitleets (10:17:33 AM): Confirmed with the phone book
Darin Camp (10:17:37 AM): SWEET
pitleets (10:17:44 AM): 702-369-4578
pitleets (10:17:49 AM): GO GO GO
pitleets (10:18:41 AM): Skip man...there is a merlin wizard in front of caesars...some people getting their picture taken with him now.
pitleets (10:19:07 AM): Correction.
pitleets (10:19:13 AM): Skip man is at Mirage
spenconk (10:20:28 AM): can he find the skip man?
pitleets (10:20:54 AM): Skip man is at the entrance to mirage with a dog
pitleets (10:21:21 AM): Runners were taking pictures.
pitleets (10:22:31 AM): Also, he spotted runners at Caesars having pictures taken with a wizard (Merlin). Maybe thats an upcoming clue, or maybe the obelisk question.
pitleets (10:22:35 AM): Dunno...but food for thought.
pitleets (10:23:21 AM): Can we delete the phasing NEED HELP!!!!! on's messing with my eyes
Darin Camp (10:23:40 AM): what is the actual clue for #11?
spenconk (10:24:23 AM): did you guys get the last checkpoint
pitleets (10:24:35 AM): Skip man is at north end of mirage
spenconk (10:24:46 AM): darin do you have webex?
spenconk (10:25:18 AM): we have clue 11 on the screen
spenconk (10:25:29 AM): Cocktail Hour:
Darin Camp (10:25:33 AM): I do and am reading the clues but it looked like the clue had someone ideas in it as well
Darin Camp (10:25:40 AM): is that the actual clue?
spenconk (10:25:57 AM): clue 11 is verbatum
pitleets (10:26:01 AM): Glitter Gulch is a nickname for the Strip, but also Glitter Gulch is a strip join on Freemont Stree.
Darin Camp (10:26:01 AM): ok, thanks
pitleets (10:27:09 AM): Glitter Gulch Girls, 20 Fremont Street, Las Vegas
Darin Camp (10:27:27 AM): celebrity look-a-likes?
(10:27:27 AM) anhyzer667 has left the room.
pitleets (10:29:56 AM): Madame Tusauds wax musuem at the Venetian, but I checked their list and Ricci, Ariel, Darryl Hannah aren't listed.
pitleets (10:30:20 AM): La Cage, males dress up as female celebrities and do impersonations
spenconk (10:30:21 AM): John wants visual verification of the skip man
Darin Camp (10:30:30 AM): Hannah played a mermaid, Ariel was a mermaid....
spenconk (10:30:36 AM): maybe have Jerry watch him and make sure he doesn't move
pitleets (10:30:39 AM): Wheel guy saw him at the north entrance to the Mirage. Said he had a dog
pitleets (10:30:44 AM): Lots of runners around him
spenconk (10:30:46 AM): yeah, but he can move
pitleets (10:31:39 AM): Wheel guy is rolling again to confirm.
(10:31:40 AM) spenconk has left the room.
(10:33:47 AM) spenconk has entered the room.
spenconk (10:33:56 AM): Thanks
spenconk (10:34:03 AM): Any luck with 11
spenconk (10:34:20 AM): mermaid casino
spenconk (10:34:25 AM): ??
pitleets (10:35:58 AM): Tell John, wheel guy has confirmed skip man at north entrance to Mirage, close to the stop light. Lots of people around him still.
pitleets (10:36:51 AM): This is on the west side of the strip. The dog is tied down to something (fence??)
spenconk (10:37:05 AM): glitter gultch?
spenconk (10:38:45 AM): we think it's Mermaids Caino - 32 Fremont which in Glitter Gultch
spenconk (10:38:54 AM): #12 - the last one
spenconk (10:41:49 AM): do you guys have 11
pitleets (10:44:37 AM): The Rogue Mermaid, starred Cher, Winonay Ryder, Ricci, and Ariel is a mermaid, and Daryl Hannah in Splash was a mermaid. John and Marcy are heading to Mermaids on Fremont
spenconk (10:44:50 AM): right
spenconk (10:44:59 AM): we are sure that it now
pitleets (10:45:10 AM): Is #11 all that's left?
pitleets (10:46:09 AM): What's left gang?
spenconk (10:47:04 AM): do you guys have 11
pitleets (10:52:38 AM): Any thoughts on 11?
pitleets (10:54:27 AM): Does anyone need the skip man? I told the wheel guy to keep on him.
pitleets (10:55:26 AM): Cleveland Rocks (per Drew Carey); Martini on the rocks....
pitleets (10:55:44 AM): Damn this one is tough.
Darin Camp (10:56:15 AM): The Denver Rockies
Darin Camp (10:56:37 AM): Colorado Rockies
pitleets (10:56:38 AM): Talk to me about anyone needing the skip guy. If not, I'll let the wheel guy go
Darin Camp (10:57:04 AM): hmmmm
pitleets (10:57:12 AM): cleveland browns, denver nuggets, ny knicks
pitleets (10:57:36 AM): lakers
pitleets (10:58:13 AM): Well, doesn't all those drinks have rum in them?
pitleets (10:58:23 AM): or is a martini vodka
pitleets (10:58:43 AM): Anywho...please let me know about the Skip man....does any team need to know where he is?
pitleets (10:59:07 AM): Don't shimmy the NEED HELP again!!!
AustnTiger (11:01:02 AM): hi
(11:01:05 AM) AustnTiger has left the room.
pitleets (11:01:14 AM): Gin is in a martini not rum
pitleets (11:01:20 AM): Skip guy is MOVING!!!
pitleets (11:01:40 AM): Can you guys let me know what to tell the wheel guy. Stay on him or move. Please advise. Check with the runners.
pitleets (11:02:24 AM): Spencer, Darin, did we lose the war room again?
(11:02:56 AM) MtBiker030 has entered the room.
MtBiker030 (11:03:07 AM): thanx
Darin Camp (11:03:25 AM): i havent lost it yet
(11:03:37 AM) AustnTiger has entered the room.
AustnTiger (11:03:38 AM): here
AustnTiger (11:03:45 AM): darin you here
(11:03:47 AM) anhyzer667 has entered the room.
MtBiker030 (11:03:58 AM): hey
MtBiker030 (11:04:11 AM): darin is here right
Darin Camp (11:04:18 AM): yep
pitleets (11:04:53 AM): What's the status of the runners? John and Marcy were heading for 12.
AustnTiger (11:05:04 AM): Jim is on the bus
MtBiker030 (11:05:16 AM): pitleets
MtBiker030 (11:05:22 AM): u there???
pitleets (11:05:26 AM): Wheel guy is just picking his car up from the Valet at the Venetian.
pitleets (11:05:42 AM): If the runners aren't within a couple minutes of the skip guy they're gonna miss him.
MtBiker030 (11:06:00 AM): thats ok
pitleets (11:06:08 AM): How are we doing so far? Anyone know?
MtBiker030 (11:06:09 AM): all teams already have him
pitleets (11:06:47 AM): sweet.
pitleets (11:06:59 AM): Still stumped on 11 though. I guess everyone skipped that one?
MtBiker030 (11:07:20 AM): yep
pitleets (11:07:26 AM): Organicity.
pitleets (11:07:33 AM): Always seems to be question 11.
MtBiker030 (11:07:38 AM): i was just going to say that
pitleets (11:08:40 AM): OK, wheel guy is heading out.
pitleets (11:08:44 AM): For now
AustnTiger (11:09:03 AM): organicity
AustnTiger (11:09:06 AM): yeah
pitleets (11:10:17 AM): Just found out some Martinis have rum. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...something at Treasure Island maybe.
MtBiker030 (11:10:58 AM): nice
MtBiker030 (11:11:03 AM): good idea
pitleets (11:11:43 AM): There's a rum drink called a Nevada Cocktail.
pitleets (11:11:52 AM): 1 1/2 oz Light Rum 1 oz Grapefruit Juice Juice of 1 Lime 1 dash Bitters 4 tsp Powdered Sugar Ice
pitleets (11:12:11 AM): Damn...also called a Pink Flamingo.
pitleets (11:12:24 AM): The Flamingo Hotel is pink (or pink neon)
pitleets (11:12:54 AM): Another drink called Tropicana
pitleets (11:13:01 AM): Wonder what the heck the answer is.
pitleets (11:13:10 AM):
pitleets (11:13:23 AM): Latest status of runners???
MtBiker030 (11:13:30 AM): do you have the 4 choices
MtBiker030 (11:13:39 AM): for #11
MtBiker030 (11:13:45 AM): pitleets
pitleets (11:13:46 AM): Oh, that was part of the clue?
pitleets (11:13:50 AM): I thought that was our guesses.
MtBiker030 (11:14:00 AM): no
MtBiker030 (11:14:04 AM): part of clue
Darin Camp (11:14:19 AM): so did I
Darin Camp (11:14:32 AM): that makes even less sense
pitleets (11:14:34 AM): Sharks are at Mandalay Bay
spenconk (11:15:22 AM): i dont think we need the skip man, BTW
pitleets (11:16:02 AM): Yeah, he's been released. Are all runners heading to their final clues?
spenconk (11:18:36 AM): anyone know where skip man is now??
MtBiker030 (11:18:47 AM): where's the skip man
MtBiker030 (11:18:48 AM): hurry
spenconk (11:18:51 AM): not for our team...for another team that we are trying to help
MtBiker030 (11:18:52 AM): skip man
MtBiker030 (11:18:58 AM): skip man
Darin Camp (11:19:13 AM): i dont think he can hear you
AustnTiger (11:19:24 AM): where are you mr. skipp
MtBiker030 (11:19:39 AM): helloooooooo
MtBiker030 (11:19:43 AM): anyone
pitleets (11:19:54 AM): we lost the skip man.
pitleets (11:20:05 AM): Someone said we don't need to track him anymore
pitleets (11:20:12 AM): He got in his car at the Venetian and drove off.
pitleets (11:20:43 AM): the skip man was valetd there.
pitleets (11:21:14 AM): Last report was that the valet guy had his ticket and was getting the car. If you weren't within 2 minutes (10 minutes ago) you missed him.
pitleets (11:21:31 AM): Sorry :-(
pitleets (11:22:35 AM): I'm still stumped on 11, even after the UNLV clue
Darin Camp (11:23:29 AM): what are the "following 4" if the racers have located them?
spenconk (11:25:32 AM): it's official!! we have a 6th place finisher!!
Darin Camp (11:25:40 AM): cool, who?
AustnTiger (11:25:41 AM): oh yea
AustnTiger (11:25:44 AM): john
pitleets (11:25:47 AM): john & marcy
Darin Camp (11:25:53 AM): awesome
spenconk (11:26:04 AM): great job!
pitleets (11:26:13 AM): Rock ON!!!
pitleets (11:27:36 AM): Anyone else place?
spenconk (11:30:36 AM): doubtful
(11:31:31 AM) anhyzer667 has left the room.
pitleets (11:31:42 AM): There is a place called Cosmopolitan on 5030 Paradise...would have fell in line with the runners. Damn, I wished I wouldn't have assumed those were our guesses.
AustnTiger (11:31:43 AM): Jim and Becky finished unofficial 10th
AustnTiger (11:31:50 AM): just spoke to them...
Darin Camp (11:31:53 AM): sweet
Darin Camp (11:31:58 AM): why unofficial?
AustnTiger (11:32:04 AM): top 10.... ohhh aahhhh yah
pitleets (11:32:05 AM): They have to confirm the pictures
AustnTiger (11:32:11 AM): right
pitleets (11:32:12 AM): in the right order and stuff
Darin Camp (11:32:15 AM): oh yeah, woo hoo!!
pitleets (11:33:50 AM): What time are the finals tonight?
spenconk (11:34:33 AM): 6pm central time
pitleets (11:34:54 AM): 8PM Vegas it. Thanks
Darin Camp (11:35:42 AM): what is the criteris for making the finals?
AustnTiger (11:37:25 AM): webex meeting closed... we will use it later
MtBiker030 (11:37:32 AM): pitleets
AustnTiger (11:37:34 AM): top 7
Darin Camp (11:37:38 AM): thanks
pitleets (11:37:44 AM): 10-4...see you guys tonight
MtBiker030 (11:37:53 AM): u leaving
pitleets (11:38:00 AM): not just yet, but in a few.
pitleets (11:38:05 AM): gonna get some lunch
spenconk (11:38:05 AM): Gayla and Richard were 13th!!
AustnTiger (11:38:17 AM): nice
pitleets (11:38:24 AM): Kip/Rob?
spenconk (11:38:36 AM): Kip and Rob got passed on the bus by them
spenconk (11:38:47 AM): haven't made it yet
pitleets (11:38:52 AM): 10-4
Darin Camp (11:39:11 AM): wont be around tonight gang, have a halloween party to attend
MtBiker030 (11:39:41 AM): well be back around 530 to 600
spenconk (11:40:17 AM): Paul - will you be here?
pitleets (11:41:30 AM): yeah, I'll be here tonight

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