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Urban Challenge New Orleans 2003 Finals Clues

Marcy and John started at Checkpoint 1, and had to proceed up through Checkpoint 12 in order.

Checkpoints 1-4 are located within the showplace of tomb architecture also known as the Metairie Cemetery. Checkpoints 1-4 are all tombs inside the cemetery. To decide which tomb is your checkpoint, unravel the clue and then use the color noted and the number you obtain to locate the numbered location on the maps provided inside this clue baton. Good luck!

Encrypted Crypts! Identify the next TWO numbers in the following sequence, add them together, and substitute the sum for A in the equation below:
0 2 1 3 1 5 2 7 ? ?

Green A

An Homage...? Unscramble the anagram below to reveal a familiar two-word name.


Assign a numerical value for the 5th and 10th letter of the unscrambled word (A=1, B=2,... Z=26). Add those values together and then put the sum into the following equation:

Blue A - 9

They play a washboard? What's the name of that washboard thing that local musicians play as percussion 'round heah? Assign a numerical value (A=1, B=2, etc., ... Z=26) to the 2nd letter of the answer and put that value into the following equation:

Green A - 1

But what's on the banner? Imagine a column installed perpendicular to a level floor running from the floor to ceiling. Further imagine that an 18-foot metal cord is attached at the top of the column. When pulled taut, this cord forms a 65-degree angle with the ground. You want to hang a banner from the top of the column that will end just three feet off the ground. How long a banner should you buy? Round your answer to the nearest whole number and substitute it for A in the following equation:

Blue A - 8

Can Do No. 2! Checkpoint 5 shares its name with the trading symbol of the company who first marketed its product in cans in 1936.

I'll get you my pretty! Which of the following is the matriarch of author Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches?
  • If Angélique, then Profile Canto is Checkpoint 6.
  • If Deborah, then Monumental Holistic IV is Checkpoint 6.
  • If Jeanne Louise, then Wave is Checkpoint 6.
  • If Suzanne, then Lippanzer is Checkpoint 6.
Find them all at or near the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Show me the ... Find this person in the historic Blue Room at the Fairmont. This person is Checkpoint 7.

(One of the following)

Formerly at the Marriott! We bust out the final patented wacky equation® of the season! Find it in the French Quarter.

Unwise decision
Constant dull pain
A period of time made distinctive by a significant feature or event
Sixth note of a scale in C Major
Dr. Waters' stalker
Symbol for sulfur
Sounds Like
Checkpoint 8

Boogie Beggar? Checkpoint 9 shares its name with one of the numerous brotherhoods of a class of Sufi Muslim devotees, which brotherhood was known for its "dancing." Find it in the French Quarter.

Code Breaker! Crack this code before the rest of the Magnificent Seven and the two of you will be celebrating after the race is over.


Find this establishment in the French Quarter.

Feelin' Lucky? Checkpoint 11 is the joint in the French Quarter furthest from Preservation Hall that cooks its burgers beneath an American made hubcap. Get your photo with signage cuz it is Checkpoint 11.

You-Complete-UC? Remember Dorothy's famous line from Jerry Maguire: "You had me at hello." The question is this: Did Jerry say hello when he got to Dorothy's house?
  • If yes, Krystal is Checkpoint 12.
  • If no, Red Fish Grille is Checkpoint 12.
Find them both on Bourbon Street.

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