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Urban Challenge New Orleans 2003 Chat Transcript

You'd think, with our experience, that the chat sessions would become less chaotic and more focused. But I've given up on that dream, and my new theory is that the support crew MUST be a whirlwind of confusion to function well. At least, that's what all of our past evidence suggests....

Our support crew was:
anhyzer667 - Scott Appleton
sjma529 - John Arnold
sheila78666 - Sheila Torres-Blank
Darin Camp - Darin Camp
ronda1123812 - Ronda & Art Cook
DauerVato - Steve Daniel
Uschiruns - Uschi Hammes
mjhartig2000 - Mike Hartig
Lanita12 - Lanita Hanson
fullfrequency125 - Randall Huebner
Rodney8Z - Rodney Jacobson
DonRoseJn - DJ
geetytx - Jason Mittman
srmittman - Sheila Reiter
pitleets - Paul Sabol
Downstairs58 - Tam Thompson
bine4mundi - Sabine Wimmer
and Kipley Fiebig and Dave Poleto on foot as our Ground Support crew.

You have just entered room "Chat6748624194036484435."
Rodney8Z has entered the room.
fullfrequency125 has entered the room.
fullfrequency125: good morning
Downstairs58: Good morning! Going to go put on clothes--BRB.
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
anhyzer667: Tam is nekked
Rodney8Z: good morning
anhyzer667: good morning
Rodney8Z: kip says all are doing the CP's in order 1-12 except robert and spencer 2-12,1
anhyzer667: no Last One for Everyone, then
Rodney8Z: right
Rodney8Z: though he wasn't certain until they get the clue pages
anhyzer667: that's good. we only have to focus on 2 clues right off the bat
anhyzer667: Rodney, I love what you've done with your web page
Rodney8Z: thanks
anhyzer667: The frame & links means we can research and get right back to the web page without having to open a bunch of windows
fullfrequency125: dito on the web page...VERY nice
bine4mundi has entered the room.
anhyzer667: Good afternoon, Sabine
Rodney8Z: yes, I can add extra links as they come up during the day, just pass them on to me
bine4mundi: Hello
anhyzer667: Has Tam sent out her list of who's being paired up for clue research?
Downstairs58: Not yet. Fixin' to announce it
ronda1123812 has entered the room.
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ronda1123812 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Ronda, did you get dropped off?
Downstairs58: Everyone please check e-mail! Marcy sent out scouting notes from last night. Read, if possible.
anhyzer667: It's HUGE!
Downstairs58: I was trying not to put people off, Scott!
anhyzer667: You need to designate a "scouting page resource" to absorb some of that stuff
Downstairs58: Randall and Ronda, I'm going to have y'all work on clues teamed up with Sheila Torres-Blank, who is Sheila(numbers)
Rodney8Z: all the notes are linked at http://xxxxx, boomark that page as the main base for today.
ronda1123812: sorry, i'm here. i was talking to john. i did have a few problems this a.m. though. my internet was not working. i had to restart mu computer. i'm glad i got here early.
Downstairs58: Did AIM drop you off?
ronda1123812: no. it just did not work from the start.
ronda1123812: now it seems to be working fine. i just rebooted my computer. if i have any more probs, i will call you or john or someone.
fullfrequency125: so sheila#'s and I will work clues and rhonda will phone contact w/ M/J?
Downstairs58: Yes.
ronda1123812: what do you mean when you want me to work clues? do you need me to look up stuff on the internet? will i know what you want me to find?
Downstairs58: I think she's Sheila78666
fullfrequency125: cool8-)
Downstairs58: Yes, Ronda. Did you read Marcy's e-mails?
Downstairs58: You won't know for sure. Randall will double-check it and verify the clue.
ronda1123812: no. john told me not to woryy about them.
Downstairs58: You'll just be a clue back-up, not the main one. Randall and Sheila are the main ones. You're for if Randall is on the phone.
ronda1123812: gotcha
Lanita12 has entered the room.
anhyzer667: Hi Lanita. Go wake Sheila up.
fullfrequency125: I'll be away for a few...eating breakfast
Lanita12: oh sheila.....
anhyzer667: wasn't that a song?
Lanita12: don't think she can hear me from wimberley
sjma529 has entered the room.
Lanita12: i think so.
mjhartig2000 has entered the room.
Darin Camp has entered the room.
bine4mundi has left the room.
Darin Camp: cheers
mjhartig2000: Howdy
Downstairs58: Morning, all!
anhyzer667: hi everyone who just entered
DonRoseJn has entered the room.
DonRoseJn: yes
Downstairs58: Y'all might glance at the scouting notes Marcy sent--they're very good!
Downstairs58: Latest word is everyone starting at CP1 except Rob & Spenc (CP2)
Darin Camp: where is CP1?
Downstairs58: That's what we'll try to figure out, I think
anhyzer667: Lanita, if one of us gets kicked out of this big chatroom, we might still be able to talk in a one-on-one chat instead of having to put notes in the web page
bine4mundi has entered the room.
anhyzer667: Last night I got kicked out twice, but I still was able to chat with Tam and Sheila separately
bine4mundi: Hello back again
Downstairs58: IMPORTANT: if you get up to go to do something, don't get off the chat! Just stay on -- easier t han me having to re-invite you
srmittman has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Sheeeela!
Darin Camp: reinvite me in a sec please.....
Darin Camp has left the room.
Downstairs58: Sheila--don't leave the chat to go do something--just stay logged on.
Lanita12: scott, that sounds like a good idea. glad you were able to do that
Downstairs58: If anyone keeps getting dropped off by AIM (it happens), I may have to leave you off for awhile---please be patient.
Downstairs58: If it's in the heat of the race, I mean
Downstairs58: Is Uschi here?
anhyzer667: They've started the trivia, I guess
fullfrequency125: how do you chat "separately" like Scott did last night?
Lanita12: click on that person's name in the buddy list and a separate window opens up
Lanita12: only you and the person you are sending the message to see is
Lanita12: it
fullfrequency125: ok
DauerVato has entered the room.
DauerVato: howdy
Darin Camp has entered the room.
Darin Camp: thanks
Downstairs58: Hi Steve. Darin, I had to try several times to invite.
Downstairs58: Trivia challenge should be starting now...
DauerVato: I just want everyone to know again - I will be entering info as provided by Kip and Dave Poleto. It will NOT NECESSARILY have been verified. I will note on the web page how sure I am of the answer and if it needs to be verified.
Downstairs58: Cool.
fullfrequency125: I didn't get Marcy's email last outlook is not working all the time right now...any way to get it posted to the web page?
DauerVato: Please, please, please help me to verify the information I get from Kip and Dave.
Downstairs58: We will. I'll put someone on it.
anhyzer667: Randall, set your bookmark to http://xxxxx
Downstairs58: Has anyone heard from Paul Sabol?
DauerVato: Also, if I get an address but don't know which clue it is, I will put it in this chat for all to see.
anhyzer667: The stuff Marcy sent is largely in the links on the left
Rodney8Z: Marcy's is from "UCNotes" to the bottom
anhyzer667: Lanita, any idea where "Dutch Alley" is? I can't find it on my maps
DauerVato: Where are the teams starting from?
fullfrequency125: =-Ogot the link, thanks
Lanita12: hold on...we're looking
Downstairs58: Steve--CP1, except for rob & spenc at cp2
Downstairs58: does ANYONE know about Paul Sabol?
Lanita12: it's in the french market.
Lanita12: usually a stage/music venue
srmittman: dutch alley is associated with the french quarter festival off of saint phillip st and burgundy st
Darin Camp has left the room.
pitleets has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Yay--Paul! :-)
pitleets: much better
anhyzer667: OK, thanks. It's not marked on my maps, but if I know the address that will do
anhyzer667: Our day is saved
Lanita12: it's right off of jackson square
Lanita12: behind cafe du monde
Downstairs58: When we say "starting at CP1, does that mean they need to solve cp1 clue first?
srmittman: google has a great search by location
Downstairs58: Paul, I'd like you to work with Uschi, if she shows up.
Downstairs58: On the very first clue
pitleets: 10-4...
Downstairs58: Whoa--sorry! Paul and Lanita!
Lanita12: oh ok we're on it
Darin Camp has entered the room.
Lanita12: when we get it
Rodney8Z: yes, need to solve CP1
Downstairs58: Mike, I'd like you to work with Uschi
pitleets: What's the URL to the page again?
Rodney8Z: http://xxxxx
ronda1123812: does anyone have a general idea about where they are starting from?
DonRoseJn has left the room.
anhyzer667: that's a good question, ronda
anhyzer667 has left the room.
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
mjhartig2000: Will do, Tam
sjma529: I think they're in southern Louisiana somewhere
ronda1123812: or the hotel where they john & maracy are staying?
Downstairs58: OK, Paul work with Lanita
DonRoseJn has entered the room.
DonRoseJn: thx
srmittman: they are starting at the fairmont between canal and common
Downstairs58: Uschi work with Sabine
Downstairs58: Randall work with Sheila TB, Art work with DJ, and John work with Mike
bine4mundi: Ok
mjhartig2000: I work with John. OK
pitleets: I thought Kip was racing.
Downstairs58: Kip is on ground support. Him and Jason not racing.
Downstairs58: Long story.
pitleets: I'll have to get the story after the race.
Downstairs58: Scott, call Sheila TB and wake her up
anhyzer667: She's up, she doesn't have a chat invite
sheila78666 has entered the room.
bine4mundi: Uschi is not available
Downstairs58: Yay, Sheila!
sheila78666: WooHoo!!!
Downstairs58: Uschi says she's logging on and eating.
Downstairs58: woohoo to you-you too-too
srmittman: will updates to the clue page show automatically or do we have to refresh?
Downstairs58: Sheila TB, like you to work on solving clues with Randall
Downstairs58: You have to refresh!
sheila78666: okey dokes
Downstairs58: Good point--everyone please refresh the web page often.
Downstairs58: We think everyone except Rob & spnc starting at cp1, R & S starting at cp2
Downstairs58: I suggest initials for team: mj (marcy/john), gr (gayla/richard), jb (jim/becky), rs (rob/spenc) to save time.
anhyzer667: maybe capitalize those abbreviations or they'll get lost in the chat
Downstairs58: OK ;-)
srmittman: ok, no more things to remember to do - quiet time
Downstairs58: Not necessary until clues come in, S
fullfrequency125: good idea on team initials (capitalized)
mjhartig2000: How often do clues come in?
Darin Camp: physical addy of starting point?
DauerVato: Now that everyone's loged on, I'd like to remind people that the answers I put on the web page from Kip and Dave WILL NEED TO BE VERIFIED.
anhyzer667: Fairmont hotel, between Canal/Commons & University/Dauphine
Downstairs58: Paul & Lanitia grab CP1, Sabine grab CP2 with Uschi or John and MIke if ushi isn't on yet
mjhartig2000: All those capitals, seems to be alot of extra players :-)
Downstairs58: Scott--call uschi and do whatever you did when sheila TB couldn't get on--ushi has same problem
Uschiruns has entered the room.
bine4mundi: Hey Uschi!
Downstairs58: Yay, Uschi!!!
Uschiruns: Hi - good morning - just had to finish a few pancakes for the kids!
Downstairs58: Uschi--very important--need you to jump on solving CP2 and work with Sabine when it comes in
anhyzer667: mmmmm, donuts....I mean pancakes
Downstairs58: Sabine is bine4mundi
fullfrequency125: while working clues it will be hard/impossib to watch the chat so I will post "working clues" when I start and "idle" when I come back
Uschiruns: roger
mjhartig2000: Ok, who is roger, and who is he working with?
Downstairs58: Randall and Sheila TB--jump on CP3, Art & dj on Cp4, John and mike on cp5
sheila78666: gotcha
Downstairs58: brb
anhyzer667: Is art online, or is he using ronda's logon?
DonRoseJn: CP4 will do
pitleets: So Lanita & I are on the first very first clue regardless of checkpoint, correct?
anhyzer667: You're on CP1, which will be the first clue
Lanita12: that's the plan, but it sounded like it will be cp1
ronda1123812: be ready for incoming clues john just called and will call w/ clues shortly. art is on rondas login
srmittman: how do we avoid multiple people trying to tyipe in the same clue?
anhyzer667: With teams doing separate clues, we shouldn't have multiple people doing the same clue
Rodney8Z: if it happens the page will tell the 2nd person who submits, and allow re-edit
Downstairs58: type in something real quick in the aim box, like "inputting clue 1"
Downstairs58: OR, what Rodney said is better!
Downstairs58: Quick note to AIM box
ronda1123812: art & ronda are sharing computer, do you want him to be able to look up stuff on the computer?
Rodney8Z: yeah, it shouldn't be any problem
Rodney8Z: but i think it's important to put a note here if you update anything important on the web, don't assume people will notice what's changed there
Downstairs58: Yes, because you're the phone contact, Ronda
Downstairs58: Agree with Rodney
ronda1123812: okay
Downstairs58: IMPORTANT: if you get up to go to the bathroom, or get a drink, please DO NOT get off the AIM chat--just leave it like it is and come back. If you get off, I have to re-invite you.
anhyzer667: Where's Chris McCormick?
Downstairs58: But AIM is notorious for dropping people, so I understand that may happen...
srmittman: right behind me
Downstairs58: Hi Chris!
srmittman: he says hi back
anhyzer667: So Chris won't have a separate logon here?
srmittman: chris will not have aim
Downstairs58: Chris will tell Sheila things, probably
Darin Camp: in life or just today? :-)
Downstairs58: in life
Darin Camp: ahhhh
anhyzer667: I'm sure he's careful
srmittman: spencer is on the phone with chris
pitleets: Hey, the sun just popped up over the horizon!
anhyzer667: You have sun? What's that?
srmittman: spencer will call back and read chris clue#2
Downstairs58: we need cp1 first!
Downstairs58: Ask spenc cp1 clue
anhyzer667: Spencer is starting on CP2, so I can understand why he'd start there
DauerVato: a bunch of teams just got released. get ready for clus
DauerVato: clues
anhyzer667: Spencer should read CP2, if he's ready to run
Downstairs58: We need him to give us cp1 for MJ
anhyzer667: But if spencer/rob are the first teams out of the box, they need their clue first
Downstairs58: Uschi and Sabine are on CP2 clue.
Darin Camp: the teams have to run to a location to get their batons.... JB just left to get their baton
Downstairs58: We need cp1 clue asap
Downstairs58: Trust me.
DauerVato: it's too quiet
Downstairs58: I hear typing...
Uschiruns: where are you going to post the clues?
Darin Camp: all waiting with baited breath
anhyzer667: It ain't me
Darin Camp: or morning breath, not sure
Downstairs58: ushci--web page!
mjhartig2000: Its always quiet, just before they attack!!!
Uschiruns: okay
pitleets: I'm waiting with morning breath
Downstairs58: wait till you see the whites of fluffy bunny tails...
Darin Camp: w/ nasty, sharp, pointy teeth?
mjhartig2000: fluffy bunnies, with HUGE FANGS!!
DauerVato: run away!
Downstairs58: Be confident. We're the defending national champs of this! :-)
pitleets: Run away!
sheila78666: Bravely ran away he did!
sheila78666: Brave, brave sir Robin!
DauerVato: bring out the holy hand grenade!
fullfrequency125: hope we get a clue guys are getting weird
Downstairs58: #$%@!
Downstairs58: "Getting?"
srmittman: spencer is reading a clue to chris!
pitleets: Paul concurs.
ronda1123812: clue 1 is up
Lanita12: i did not get the same stuff in my coffee you all did
mjhartig2000: I fart in your general direction (thought I had to send this, as I am in france..)
Downstairs58: Paul & lanita--ON clue 1!
pitleets: working
Lanita12: working
fullfrequency125: working clue 1...will work clue 3 when it comes in
Downstairs58: Uschi/sabine, ready for clue 2
Downstairs58: Good, randall
anhyzer667: Fine hall = einstein
ronda1123812: cp 4 is up
pitleets: yahoo serious played Young Einstein
pitleets: Y.S.
Darin Camp: CP3 - chilly today hot tamale CP3 is on Royal to find the address imagine you live in a little house in Montana near the canadian border because you are close to the border you get daily temp in celcius and farenheit you wonder at..
Downstairs58: art & dj--take clue 4
mjhartig2000: what clue do J and M work on, Tam
Downstairs58: clue 5, mike
ronda1123812: cp8 is on
Downstairs58: Darin--put it onthe web page, please
mjhartig2000: OK
bine4mundi: working on CP2
ronda1123812: cp5 is on
Darin Camp: what temp would be the same in celcius and farenheit substitute that temp for the letter "a" in the equation if no number exists use 0. equation - A+750.
srmittman: i put cp3 on the web page
Downstairs58: Good work, SheilaR
sjma529: cels & far cross at -40
anhyzer667: IS CP3 complete? It ends in ....
Downstairs58: When done solving clues and typing in page, say "I'm idle" and I'll put you on something else
mjhartig2000: Looks like racers working on clue 5, is this correct? If so, what do we work on?
sjma529: So address on CP3 is 710
Downstairs58: mike--verify clue 5 for them
Rodney8Z: is equation (A+750) or (-A+50)?
Downstairs58: becky talking to scott on phone now
pitleets: Lanita, any ideas on 1? Y.S. Didn't see anything in the notes.
Downstairs58: phone contact--one of you call a racer and verify what rodney just asked
Lanita12: we are looking
Lanita12: no real leads yet. any ideas on your end?
sheila78666: CP3: tamales.... could be mexican restaurant or something? checking yellow pgs
pitleets: Could be G.P. Yahoo's real name was Greg Pead
Rodney8Z: (A+750) or (-A+750) that is
Darin Camp: adding Clue 11 to webpage
Uschiruns: NEED HELP WITH CP 2
Downstairs58: john--please help on clue 1, mike, please help on cp2
ronda1123812: cp 1 & 2 are verified
Downstairs58: nevermind
srmittman: clue for cp3 has been updated
Downstairs58: Scott--get on directions cp1 to cp2, etc
pitleets: Nothing for G.P. in the scouting notes either.
Rodney8Z: ok, so it's (A+767) on the page now
DauerVato: Kip called in the following checkpoint for Fluffy Bunny - Royal Mask 710 Royal St. by Royal and Priate Alley
Downstairs58: wait, scott, nevemind
srmittman: RG said it cp 3 is not A+750 see web site
DauerVato: that must be #3
anhyzer667 has left the room.
DauerVato: can someone verify?
Lanita12: paul...what about the Saenger theater?
Lanita12: i have the web site up but cant find a 'y' connect
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Scott--help lanita on the y connect
ronda1123812: is Fine Hall Phantom of the Opera--please look per JM
pitleets: Maybe, but the clue says it shares it's name with the initials of the actor.... I would think it would be both Y.S. or G.P. something, but the Phantom of the Hall does imply a theater of some sort
Rodney8Z: is the formula for CP 3 different for different teams?
Downstairs58: gotta be phntom of the opera, now need an actors name
DauerVato: i've updated #3 per kip, but it needs to be verified
Downstairs58: chris call spenc and verify clue 3
pitleets: CP1 has to be an opera house or theater of some sort
Lanita12: the saenger is at 143 n rampart
Downstairs58: NO operal hall? Where is the opera held in no?
Lanita12: and the phantom of the operal is on the schedule there
pitleets: checking
Downstairs58: PRobably it.
sjma529: Robert Downey Jr played Einstein in "Tht's Adequate" in 1989...RDJ fit?
Lanita12: at the sanger
fullfrequency125: formula is -40+750=710...I think it is 710 Royal
pitleets: I think the key word in #1 is "young version"
Lanita12: i agree that it would be yahoo serious
Lanita12: if the young is the key word
Downstairs58: Yes!
Rodney8Z: may be -40+750 for one team, -40+767 for another team?
pitleets: "Young Einstein" Dec 1988
Darin Camp: where is CP1?
Downstairs58: We're figuring it out...
Lanita12: the cross street for the saenger is canal
Downstairs58: scott-directions
DauerVato: kip is momentarily idle if someone needs to call him about a clue. Fluffy Bunny is stumped
Downstairs58: Good!
Downstairs58: got kips cell?
DauerVato: kip (XXX) XXX-XXXX
srmittman: kip XXX-XXX-XXXX
srmittman: cp 12 is entered
anhyzer667: Directions to what? from what?
DauerVato: many teams are stumped on cp#4.
Downstairs58: from HQ at fairmont to cp1
anhyzer667: Where is CP1?
anhyzer667: No address has been posted on teh web page
DauerVato: Kip said if our teams catch up and still haven't figured out #4, might consider skipping.
Downstairs58: check web page
anhyzer667 has left the room.
srmittman: ushi look on scouts notes website for help with cp 2 per chris
Rodney8Z: cp4 atari games: pong, combat, asteroids
Lanita12: paul, think the saenger is it?
Downstairs58: Randall remember atari games?
pitleets: Could be....can't say for sure though.
pitleets: What was saenger's first name?
Downstairs58: asteroids was a biggie
DauerVato: cp4 - pac man?
Downstairs58: was that atari?
Rodney8Z: warlord, Missile Command, Battlezone, Adventure
pitleets: Abe & Julian founded Saenger theater....doesn't really match
pitleets: Y.S.
Rodney8Z: atari games:
DauerVato: cp4 -
Downstairs58: Art & dj, help out on clue 1
Lanita12: julian and abe are the saenger brothers names
Lanita12: if it says share, would we assume that means both initials?
pitleets: hard to say with the clues they give us
DauerVato: cp4 - boing, mr. do, jogger, glib
pitleets: digdug
Lanita12: digging digging
DauerVato: cp4 - Q*Bert's Qubes, Z-Tack, Cakewalk, Stronghold, Sword of Saros, Video Jogger, Berenstain Bears, Boing!, Out of Control, Up 'N Down and Mr. Do's Castle
Downstairs58: randall and sheila--help with clue 1!
Downstairs58: (sheila TB)
sheila78666: okay
Darin Camp: we have 3 teams standing waiting on CP 1
DauerVato: cp4 - Swordquest: Waterworld, Crazy Climber, Gravitar and Quadrun
Downstairs58: Darin--we're working on it--very tough
pitleets: Any scouting have a clue for G.P. or Y.S. that could be a theater, opera house, performing arts center, etc?
Lanita12: none on my list that have the right initials. digging deeper
pitleets: Could be Saenger, but can't be 100% sure
pitleets: Ground support see anyone running around?
pitleets: How about the folks who live in NO? Did we call them?
DauerVato: kip ois waiting at cp 4
Lanita12: i have a native here with me. we are both looking,but the theater list is slim for the initials
Downstairs58: have called all our phone no people
Downstairs58: none of our NO phone contacts are home
Downstairs58: Kip does not know
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
srmittman: confirm who we think the phantom of fine hall is?
Darin Camp: lon chaney played the phantom way back in the day
ronda1123812: i'm hearing einstein or yahoo serious etc
anhyzer667: have we found cp2 yet?
sheila78666: still working on phantom
anhyzer667: Fine hall is a research building at princeton where einstein played
Downstairs58: uschi we have to solve 1 first
anhyzer667: the "c=" in the clue is a giveaway
Downstairs58: Paul--verify what scott said
srmittman: dj thinks phantom was john nash who was subject of movie beautiful mind
Lanita12: c=mc2
ronda1123812: sorry the c= is a typo
Lanita12: oh ok
sheila78666: tried L C in yellow pgs, also M C (michael crawford-original broadway cast)
Downstairs58: e=mc2?
Downstairs58: Yes!
Lanita12: well that too, sorry. my math brain isn't awake
DonRoseJn: Russell Crow played John Nash in "A Btfl Mind"
DauerVato: Got a picture taken from Dave - 618 Frenchman St. a place called DBA
fullfrequency125: lon chaney was also known as lon chaney sr. what about lcs anyone?
DauerVato: kip found #4 - Kaboom Books 915 Barracks St.
Downstairs58: put it in the web page
mjhartig2000: Robert Englund played in 1989 movie; Charles Dancer played in 1990 movie (infor from Internet Movie Database website).
Lanita12: if we go with the "hall" part...Gallier Hall
Lanita12: that matches the G. Gallier designed a french operal house
pitleets: Named after architect James Gallier
pitleets: This is frickin nuts....
Lanita12: are these clues obvious when we figure them out, or still a stretch?
pitleets: usually obvious once they're figured out.
DauerVato: Does DBA match any of the clues? it's on Frenchman St.
fullfrequency125: usually obvious with 20/20 hindsight
Downstairs58: clue 5: heiroglyphics: 1212! and through and through
Downstairs58: Paul--get on what I just said--MJ need it now.
Downstairs58: John just called
pitleets: On clue 5?
Downstairs58: Yes. John needs that heirogyph solved now.
ronda1123812: cp5 "we left it dead and w/ its head"--what literary work does this come from--jabber wocky?
ronda1123812: someone look up jabber wocky(?) in yellow pages
ronda1123812: jabber wocky = cp5
pitleets: Found a great heiroglyphics page, but not helping much.
Downstairs58: someone verify ronda
pitleets: 1212! and through and through..
pitleets: hmmm
Darin Camp: who played a young version of Albert Einstein?
Downstairs58: SheilaTB--get on clue 6, john b thinks it's french "let the good times roll", please check
pitleets: Darin....Yahoo Serious in Dec 1988
Downstairs58: paul--if you think 5 is jaberwoky put it onthe page and please soemone verify
mjhartig2000: "Laissez bon temps roulez" is the common expression in NO for let the good times roll.
Rodney8Z: it's jabberworky.
DauerVato: Fluffy Bunny stuck on CP 5. It's something from the poem, not the poem itself, unless someone's found a shop named that
Rodney8Z: jabberwocky is from Through the Looking Glass
DauerVato: isn't it a poem?
Downstairs58: Paul, please check shops or places name Jabberwocky
Rodney8Z: yes it is, a peom that Alicee read.
Downstairs58: ronda, tell john to keep eye peeled for jabberwocky
pitleets: "Beware the Jabberwock, my son!The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!Beware the Jubjub bird, and shunThe frumious Bandersnatch!"LEWIS CAROL
Downstairs58: bandersnatch, lewis carol,
Downstairs58: jubjub
anhyzer667 has left the room.
DauerVato: Tumtum
Downstairs58: Bandersnatch Brew Pub. 125 East 5th Street
Downstairs58: Pleases check me!
pitleets: That's in Tempe AZ isnt it?
Darin Camp: we have a swap for one if we can give them two
Downstairs58: selection from your favorite cigar lounge prior to your visit. Arizona. Bandersnatch Brew Pub. 125 East 5th Street ... 613 Royal Street. New Orleans, LA. 504-522-7261
Downstairs58: Please check me, and see if 125 east 5th in FQ, then ronda call john B!
Downstairs58: ronda, give me john's number
pitleets: 613 Royal Street in NO is Court of Two Sisters restaraunt
Downstairs58: how do we think 1212! and through and through relates to jaberwocky?
Downstairs58: john and mike, please get on clue 6 now!
pitleets: Heiroglyphics is a phonetic language, so there is no first letter, second letter, etc
ronda1123812: XXX-XXX-XXXX
pitleets: Nor a first symbol, 2nd symbole
Rodney8Z: 1212!... is a direct line from the poem.
fullfrequency125: MJ just found cp1 it is d.b.a. please look up and post directions
Darin Camp: 616 Frenchman - DBA
fullfrequency125: yes, that's it
sheila78666: CP6 verified "Le Bon Temps Roule" = "let the good times roll"
Downstairs58: Priority is now #2--john thinks clues are shady, sunglasses, maybe a fake barn...
pitleets: 1212! could mean a 4 line poem, lines 1 and 3 rhyme, 2 and 4 rhyme
DauerVato: Tam, Kip says 125 E. 5th doesn't sound lik it's in the French Quarter
Downstairs58: scott do directions for #1
Downstairs58: OK, I may've been wrong (!!!)
pitleets: 125 e 5th is in Tempe AZ...
fullfrequency125: rhonda
pitleets: saw 3 web pages referencing it
Downstairs58: The address said "New Orleans", but OK
fullfrequency125: rhonda, MJ have found cp1 and are moving on. please update web page
Downstairs58: I cleared out 5 answer
Downstairs58: PLEASE solve #2, Paul and Ushci and Sabine!
pitleets: OK, I'm workig on 2 now.
Downstairs58: Everyone else, on 5, please
srmittman: cp1 what is dba?
fullfrequency125: it is some sort of new business, MJ found it and called in
Downstairs58: got an addy?
DauerVato: top two teams have skipped #5
Lanita12: number 5---through the looking glass at 616 royal
fullfrequency125: it's posted on the web page...616 Frenchman
Lanita12: message from scott
Darin Camp: just not sure where frenchman is
Lanita12: it's frenchmen with an 3
Downstairs58: Kip said someone took pic of dba
bine4mundi: Oh yes CP2 needs a lot of help
Lanita12: oops e
sheila78666: working on CP2 now
DonRoseJn: any progress on CP2? Clues?
Darin Camp: supposed to be a little north of Esplanade
Lanita12: who's woking on #5?
Downstairs58: DJ, you can help with #2
Downstairs58: everyone except those on 2 are working on 5
Downstairs58: uschi, please take caps lock off...
Lanita12: scott can't get on but said he thought it was "through the Looking Glass at 616 royal.
bine4mundi: no progress
Lanita12: that matches the jaborwaky reference
Downstairs58: Lanitia, please help out on clue 2
Lanita12: ok we're on it
Downstairs58: Chris--plese call spence and verify spelling on cp7--is it really rthde???
sheila78666: cp2... could be a bar... looking in yellow pgs...
bine4mundi: Could be a "Bay"
fullfrequency125: what it the unscrambled word for #2
bine4mundi: don't have it
Downstairs58: look for bars, lots of trees, maybe a shady or cool place...sunglasses...
ronda1123812: dont forget JM said it is one word for cp2
Downstairs58: someone go to the anagram page and unscramble foamybarn
Darin Camp: just did, doesnt make one word though
Downstairs58: was afraid of that...
Downstairs58: on foamybarn unscramble
srmittman: cp 7, word left of mph was rthdx. i have updated web
DauerVato: Kip just said that Fluffy Bunny rejected Through the Looking Glass for CP#5. They are pretty sure that it's not it. For what that's worth.
Downstairs58: thanks, chris! John, there you go...
DauerVato: Jeff and Jay and another top team skipped #5 as well
DauerVato: Kip is waiting with the top teams to go to cp#6. They are watiting at Magazine and Canal St for a bus.
pitleets: Good God this one seems rougher than all the other races to date.
DauerVato: Is the answer for #6 Le Bon Temps Roule 4801 Magazine St. It's not posted in the answer section, just the address
Downstairs58: John b says it's what you said.
Downstairs58: Paul--can you take a quick look ahead and tell us what mgiht be good to skip?
DauerVato: Tam, can you answer my question about #6?
Downstairs58: What I just said--john agrees--le bon...
DauerVato: Skip person is at Canal and magazine
Downstairs58: Steve--please input into web page
srmittman: refresh for cp7 data
DonRoseJn: refresh clue page, for CP7
Downstairs58: phone contacts--call racers re skp person location
DauerVato: already done
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
pitleets: I've only worked on 2 and 5...both are a pain in the arse.
DauerVato: I'm putting it here and there so that people know it's on the web page
Downstairs58: Paul--should they skip 2 or 5, or wait?
srmittman: answer that quick - RG probably skipping #2 if no further info
pitleets: Give me another minute or two....does ANYONE have any clues on 2 or 5?
pitleets: I do not at this time
Downstairs58: It's up to RG.
Rodney8Z: Why not Through the Looking Glass for #5?
bine4mundi: Foamybar could be "Bar of Amy"
fullfrequency125: #2 is D.B.A. @ 616 Frenchman
ronda1123812: ronda is goin to the potty--art is taking over
srmittman: RG traded tips with other team: were told that cp2 is on esplanade, purple sign
Downstairs58: Randall, that's number 1. Sabine--please run that down! Nice work!
fullfrequency125: sorry I'm working #2 and got messed up on #'s
DauerVato: Through the Looking Glass - That makes sense for #5, but the top 3 teams didn't think so and skipped it.
Downstairs58: RG know name of cp2?
anhyzer667: We've got 4 teams -- this is where the risk-taking comes in!!!
anhyzer667: Someone get a picture at Through the Looking Glass and move on
Rodney8Z: Is Looking Glass in the right neighborhood?
Rodney8Z: that's for CP5
anhyzer667: Yes
Rodney8Z: it's gotta be right
Darin Camp: no, not sure if RG's tip was correct yet
Downstairs58: art--call john b and tell him what srm said: RG traded tips with other team: were told that cp2 is on esplanade, purple sign--unverified....
Rodney8Z: "One, two! One, two! And through and through" direct quote from Jabberwocky poem as read by Alice in "Through the Looking-Glass"
anhyzer667: esplanade is in the right area for CP2
pitleets: I concur with Rodney
Darin Camp: yep, RG and JB are in the same area looking
Downstairs58: what's the esplanade got to do with foamybar anagram?
ronda1123812: JM is looking there too
Lanita12: esplanade is the street
srmittman: esplanade is a street in french quarter
fullfrequency125: did anyone get the phone number from the guy providing the house teams are staying at in NO?
Rodney8Z: someone skip 2... we have 3-7 ready?
sheila78666: anyone else on cp3? how did you get 710? wouldn't it be 727 (-40 + 767)?
Downstairs58: People you can call with questions:Debbie XXX-XXX-XXXX Dale XXX-XXX-XXXX Marybeth and Cecil XXX-XXX-XXXX One of these is probably the guy, I think it's Dale, with the house
Rodney8Z: has anyone checked with the teams on CP3's formula?
Rodney8Z: I'm suspecting that they each might have a different # in their formula?
Downstairs58: Someone needs to check--Kip is sure, but they could've been different for teams
DauerVato: the address for cp#3 is where kip's team took it - fluffy bunny
Downstairs58: PHone contacts--call your racers about numbers in cp3 formula
Rodney8Z: if those #'s are different, check #7 too
Downstairs58: Post numbers on web page with team initials in parentheses
Rodney8Z: they could change the 1255 for each team on cp7
ronda1123812: from MJ cp3 A+750
ronda1123812: from MJ cp7 2 times A +1255
fullfrequency125: yes, Dale has the house and is currently working #2 with RG over the phone
Downstairs58: "Amy Sharpe Trio at the Court of Two Sisters;" Amy's a band that plays at a FQ bar. CP2 possible?
Downstairs58: Bar of Amy?
Lanita12: not if it is a one word answer
ronda1123812: on our detail map, foamybarn could be short for a whole area of town FAUBOURG MARIGNY. it has all the letters. is there an abbreviation version of it?
Downstairs58: Think Lanita's right.
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Downstairs58: ronda--pursue that. Paul, help.
Rodney8Z: we're sure it's one word?
ronda1123812: JM skipping cp2
Lanita12: my friend here says it doesn't have a shortened version
Darin Camp: JB skipping #2
Downstairs58: OK, everyone off clue 2!
Lanita12: ok
fullfrequency125: ok, what;s next
Rodney8Z: did all teams get cp 1?
sheila78666: so cp3 will be different for everyone? yikes!
Rodney8Z: not sure.... seems like one team had A+767 originally.
Downstairs58: Let's verify numbers for cp#, phone people. john and mike, work on smoothing out 6 & 7
srmittman: i confirmed 767 with RG
Downstairs58: Randall, try to verify 5
DauerVato: CP6 - Kip says he hasn't seen a single bus run down Magazine yet. Teams may want to take an alternate route that parallels this.
Downstairs58: Chris--call spenc and see if they have 767 for cp3
pitleets: Celcius & Fahrenheit meet at -40. Wouldn't that number be 727?
Rodney8Z: ok, so CP3 is different for each. Make sure each team checks their answer
Rodney8Z: give them the -40 value
Downstairs58: Do what rodney says--ans. in web page w/team intials
pitleets: 727 Royal....what's there?
pitleets: A mexican joint?
srmittman: is cp5 on the web updated
Downstairs58: no--pls update
srmittman: i don't have the info
Downstairs58: whoever has it, pls update
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
srmittman: spencer and rob have 749 in their cp3
Rodney8Z: what do u need for 5?
srmittman: the correct answer on the web for cp5
Downstairs58: need answer verified
Lanita12: tam, i'm working on 8 if that's ok.
bine4mundi: tam, where do you want me to work
Downstairs58: Sabine, get us an address for cp6, please
Downstairs58: Lanita, good.
ronda1123812: got cp3 go to cp4
bine4mundi: ok
Downstairs58: scott & randall, be prepared to talk john to next locations...
anhyzer667: We have an address for cp6, on the web
sheila78666: tam, where d'ya need me?
Downstairs58: I think they threw us a curve on cp3, and 7 may be same.
bine4mundi: There is already an address for cp6
Downstairs58: sheilaTB, please verify 7 and see if the numbers are different for each team, like on 3
fullfrequency125: ok on directions talk
Downstairs58: Uschi, can you get started on 8?
bine4mundi: You want me to work on 8 too ?
ronda1123812: MJ are heading for 616 royal
Downstairs58: Yes, Sabine.
sheila78666: working on 7
ronda1123812: unless anyone has anything new for that cp5
Downstairs58: ronda, are we real sure 616 are mj's numbers?
Downstairs58: Do we have verificatioin on 5
ronda1123812: i am only going by what is on the web page. is that wrong
Downstairs58: no--not necessarily. we just like to doublecheck since the penalty for messing up is a DQ
Darin Camp: hopefully not since we have two teams heading that way fast
fullfrequency125: it's 710 Royal
Downstairs58: Who's idle right now?
Rodney8Z: MJ are on CP 5 now?
ronda1123812: i did tell them that fluffy bunny did not think it was right
Downstairs58: Who's solving 8 now?
fullfrequency125: 616 was the address on Frenchman
Downstairs58: Fluffy's are gun-shy based on last year, maybe
DonRoseJn: refresh!!
fullfrequency125: i'm idle...pant, pant
pitleets: i'm idle.
bine4mundi: I am working on 8
Lanita12: i'm working on 8.
srmittman: randall - make sure it is 710 royal based on the number they have for cp3
Uschiruns: SIGNING OFF...
fullfrequency125: i;m sure
DauerVato: Directions people: Kip says send your teams upstream on cp#6. The bus apparently isn't running very often. If they get on the bus, there is a stop right by the checkpoint at Magazine and Bordeaux.
Downstairs58: Paul--go ahead on 9
DonRoseJn: someone verify CP5
Downstairs58: Randall--double check 5
pitleets: Any idea on what th e13 identical buildings are for CP9?
Downstairs58: who besides Paul is on 9?
Rodney8Z: cp5: One, two! One, two! And through and through" direct quote from Jabberwocky poem as read by Alice in "Through the Looking-Glass
Downstairs58: OK, good--5 verified! :-)
Downstairs58: Rodney--pls update web page on 5
Downstairs58: Randall--move on to clue 8
ronda1123812: is 616 royal right--MJ there is not looking glass at that address
srmittman: CP2!!! 600 Block of Dumaine, small purple sign up high under an awning
anhyzer667: It's 616 #5 -- may be inside a building?
Rodney8Z: no good if it's not looking glass
Downstairs58: Thank God, Sheila!
anhyzer667: what's the sign say?
Downstairs58: Didn't soemone say 710 royal?
pitleets: Julia Row has 13 identical buildings in New Orleans
srmittman: is cp6 verified
anhyzer667: 710 is for CP 3
pitleets: 600 block of Julia Street....still haven't narrowed it down further
pitleets: for CP9
DauerVato: the web page for through the looking glass has the address listed as 616 Royal Street #5, New Orleans, LA 70130
Downstairs58: Yes, I think cp6 verified
pitleets: has art galleries & 19th century townhosues
Downstairs58: sounds good
srmittman: everyone please say what cp you are referring to - pitleets?
pitleets: completed in June of 1833
Downstairs58: I know what they're working on.
fullfrequency125: 710 Royal for cp#2 for MJ NOT 616
pitleets: CP9...somewhere on 600 block of Julia St. shares a connection between "Shop Girls" and King Tut. "how 'bout a blue spot?'
fullfrequency125: i mean cp#3 710 Roya;
fullfrequency125: working #8
Downstairs58: anyone idle?
pitleets: i could use help finding what shops are on Julia St.
Downstairs58: Scott, help Paul
pitleets: with street addy of 600-700
Downstairs58: Randall, too--help Paul on cp9
Rodney8Z: what do we do with cp5? website has Through the Looking Glass at 616 Royal, but no sign there?
fullfrequency125: ok on #9
Downstairs58: The racers are going to have to look. this is probably one of those 'had to be there' things.
mjhartig2000 has left the room.
mjhartig2000 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: cp5 is this year's miyabiya
Downstairs58: let me know when you're idle...
Darin Camp: who verified 5 and what is it?
ronda1123812: new clue for cp5 please find a place
anhyzer667: Paul, CP #9: Steve Martin studios? (King Tut)
anhyzer667: addy is 624 Julia
Downstairs58: Rodney verified #5
pitleets: CP9 ANS: Steve Martin Studios 624 Julia Street
Rodney8Z: cp5: but "Through the Looking Glass" wasn't at the address listed
pitleets: Steve Martin wrote book called "shopgirl"
pitleets: Steve Martin wrote song called King Tut
anhyzer667: gotta be it, Paul
pitleets: King Tut, Funky Tut, born in Arizona, moved to Babylona, King Tut
pitleets: I'm Idle
ronda1123812: MJ are going back to cp2 for now
Downstairs58: on 5, there is a that has a page for NO track club...don't know this is a good lead or not
srmittman: teams having trouble w/ CP5 RG says no building at that address
ronda1123812: MJ needs directions from cp4 to cp6 anyone
anhyzer667: CP5 -- the web page lissted says the "postal address" is 616 Royal street
anhyzer667: No physical presence?
Darin Camp: that does not look right according to the racers
Rodney8Z: maybe call up the shop and ask where they are?
Rodney8Z: 504-524-1272
Darin Camp: 616 Royal is a Steel framing company
Downstairs58: Lewis carrol also wrote "The walrus and the Carpenter"
srmittman: shop is an answering machine
pitleets: so, what is the complete clue for CP5?
ronda1123812: MJ asked me to copy the poem into the clue
Rodney8Z: in Through the Looking Glass the poem was written backwards and had to be held to a mirror to read.
Downstairs58: maybe a backwards sign?
Downstairs58: Jabberwocky is about made-up words
ronda1123812: MJ told me they were through cp4 so I updated them
Rodney8Z: anything with Alice in the area?
Downstairs58: or Wonderland???
ronda1123812: MJ said they are skipping cp5 for now and going to cp6
anhyzer667: Directions on web page
pitleets: Through the looking glass is 616 Royal Street #5...are there multiple levels to the building?
pitleets: Different doors? A central corridor?
pitleets: Apartment?
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Downstairs58: Louis prima and his band, album, "Wonderland by night"
pitleets: I've seen Through the Looking Glass, Iron Gate Frmaing, French Quarter Marketing Group...all at 616 Royal Street.
anhyzer667: If JM have 2-4 & are skipping 5, we need to get #8 & #10+
DauerVato: kip is headed to #8
pitleets: Key to CP5 might be the #5 after the addy
DauerVato: kip also saw the team he was following take a picture at the address for #7
sheila78666: working on cp8
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Downstairs58: ronda/art, are MJ skipping 5?
Downstairs58: Keep working on 8 & 9.
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: STeve--what kip saw, does it jibe with what we have?
DauerVato: Tam - if you are talking about #7 then yes, it was the 1347 address
Downstairs58: Good deal. Scott--please move ahead to cp10.
Downstairs58: Are we close on solving 8?
ronda1123812: yes. just spoke w/ MJ and they are skipping cp5 and not going back
Downstairs58: Everyone leave 5 alone--go to 8 or 9. Randall, help scott with 10
sheila78666: #8 working on a lead... big stone in front of geography bldg. if it helps...
Downstairs58: Paul--if not already, pls work on 8
Downstairs58: keep going, SheilaTB
fullfrequency125: working #10
ronda1123812: MJ found skip person--updated web
Downstairs58: I thought we found that awhile back?
Downstairs58: (skip person)
DauerVato: we did
anhyzer667: Actually, I think the posted solution (True Brew) is correct for CP 10
DauerVato: It's already on the web page
Downstairs58: Yes, I verified it, scott--you're right
Downstairs58: Scott, pls verify 9
ronda1123812: MJ heading for cp6 for bus no. 11 at magazine and canal
Downstairs58: Wait---sorry, not scott-someone else verify 9
ronda1123812: knew where skip person was but not contacted til now
DauerVato: Kip verified #8 and the location is now on the web.
Downstairs58: Someone else like mike...
anhyzer667 has left the room.
DauerVato: ronda - don't forget to tell mj that the bus doesn't run that often. Send them upstream if they can't see the bus. Look at website for notes.
pitleets: i'm idle
Downstairs58: Paul, verify 9
sheila78666: idle
Lanita12: idle
Downstairs58: Scott needs names and descriptions of bldgs for #8, can't work with numbers
DauerVato: Kip is headed to #9
Downstairs58: SheilaTB, please work on 10
Rodney8Z: have phone contacts verified the #'s in CP 7's equations with each team?
ronda1123812: MJ already on a bus
DauerVato: CP#8 - Kip says the buildings are on the map he handed out to everyone covering the Tulane campus
Lanita12: by civil engineering and earth/enviromnenta sciences builidng
pitleets: I can't verify 9....I originally found it.
Downstairs58: NO, Sheila--do 11. Lanita, 12, please
Lanita12: ok
ronda1123812: art is giving them directions to cp6
Downstairs58: John, pls verify 9
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
pitleets: Need a ground support to verify 9....see if there is a blue spot there somewhere
DauerVato: CP#8 - call kip on cell if you need further directions to #8
Downstairs58: calling kip...
DauerVato: CP#9 - Kip headed there now
sheila78666: cp11... working
pitleets: Is there more to the clue for #11?
fullfrequency125: cp#10 "True Blue Cafe Theater"...I like true for straighten out (like true a bike whell) and the cafe said they have a comedy night which might work for "Bustin out the whacky equation"...any thoughts anyone?
Downstairs58: Randall-I thought it was just the address for that cafe.
Downstairs58: Chris--call spenc and see if there's more to clue 11
pitleets: answer for 10 sounds good to me
Downstairs58: Paul, can you get an addy fo 11?
pitleets: checking on it now...
Downstairs58: Lanita, check scouting notes and get addy for sculptures
anhyzer667: Randally, it's True Brew, not True Blue
ronda1123812: art is on the phone w/ MJ and they are on a bus that is full of racers headed to cp6
pitleets: Plaza de Espana is Spanish...has coat of arms for Huelva...but Spain isn't largest maritime nation
sjma529: Do we need more for clue 11? Darin mentioned Plaze de Espana, Plaza de Espana has a Columbus monument with tiles for the coats of arms of Spanish provinces, Cordoba is a Spanish province..
sjma529: Are we all looking at the same web site? I published shhip counts half an hour ago
anhyzer667: Cordoba is associated with Panama in the Clue, not with Spain
fullfrequency125: yes, true brew
sjma529: Right...if Panama is the biggest maritiome nation by that definition, then you need a photo of Cordoba
DauerVato: If someone needs an address verified, Dave Poleto is fairly idle at the moment.
pitleets: Yip...Panama has largest ship count
Downstairs58: John--we're good for 11, and 10. Now we need the killer of Gloria in the book, Blood Work, to see if it's different fromt eh movie
sjma529: If it had been Japan, you would need a photo of Toledo, etc
anhyzer667: What IS Cordoba, in New Orleans?
Downstairs58: (That's clue 12)
sjma529: I have read about 15 movie reviews for Blood Work, and none has mentioned a deviation from the book. I think someone would have ratted out the screenwriter if the villian had changed. But it would be nice to confirm
ronda1123812: how about the info for the house on exposition? is it different for each team? how about for MJ?
pitleets: lots of hits for Cordoba + new orleans....usually clue points in direction to a more specific one...that's why I was wondering if there was more to the clue
anhyzer667 has left the room.
sheila78666: found website re: plaza de espana in NO... still hunting for location
sjma529: Hit this one
sheila78666: yup, thats the one i found
pitleets: Be careful...Plaza de espana is Spanish....Nothing on Cordoba explicity mentioned.
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: SheilaTB--please figure out the killer in the book on cp12
sjma529: Clue has 4 spanish provinces listed, each has a tile
pitleets: Is Cordoba one? I saw Heulva
pitleets: Oh...never mind...I get it.
sheila78666: switching to 12...
pitleets: what are the runners supposed to get their picture with at CP 11?
pitleets: The whole fountain?
Downstairs58: Maybe there's a coat of arms on the fountain?
sjma529: I think they get the coat of arms of Cordoba
Downstairs58: Or some words engraved on a plaque...
Downstairs58: Scott--pls work with sheilatb on the killer in the book for cp12
sjma529: The photo of the fountain on the web link I sent shows coats of arms all around the fontain, The site even shows a blowup of Huelvas
pitleets: Has ground support been to the fountain to scope it out?
Downstairs58: We need to get the right coat of arms. STeve, call kip
sjma529: Good point - if there's no Cordoba coat of arms tile, we;re hosed. But I'll bet you a euro that there is one..
DauerVato: calling kip...
ronda1123812: MJ is now heading for cp 7
Downstairs58: Jim--it's usually something like that...
anhyzer667: The cordoba coat of arms says "Omnia per Ipsum Facta Sunt" around the perimeter
DauerVato: no one is near 11, right? Kip will get to it and verify with these other teams. Right now they are headed to 9
Darin Camp: any more travel tips for CP6 since MJ just left there?
srmittman: exact location/streets for cp8
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Rodney8Z: have we verified CP7 equation with MJ?
Downstairs58: Rodney--no. They're busy
ronda1123812: i called MJ earlier and he gave me 2 times A plus 1255
Rodney8Z: ok, just want to make sure we have the right # before they take the picture
Downstairs58: Good thought. that's why we have a double check (verification)
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
srmittman: someone invite donrosejn back
anhyzer667: where is the plaza de la espana?
DonRoseJn has entered the room.
Lanita12: at the foot of the river walk., at the entrance from canal street
DauerVato: CP #12 - from an online review "Connelly even accepted the film's drastic change, in that the person revealed to be the killer in the film differs from that revealed in the book."
Lanita12: before you go into the mall....canal street dead ends there, big fountain, mosiac tiiles
sjma529: Ahh, excellent - I couldn't find eitehr book or movie review that would say
sjma529: What's link to that review?
Downstairs58: Great work, Steve!!!! give us the link, pls.
Downstairs58: Verified.
DauerVato: IT's the 4th paragraph in the review
Downstairs58: update the answer in web page and stick in an address
Downstairs58: Art, where are MJ at?
pitleets: I'm idle
ronda1123812: Mj is on the bus on exposition heading for cp7
Downstairs58: Paul--pls put in addy for correct sculpture (ocean song) on cp12
anhyzer667: I don't think there's an addy -- it's just a sculpture somewhere in the park, near the Woldenberg Statue. May need ground crew to locate it
Lanita12: i'm idle
Downstairs58: Steve--pls call kip, get him to find best way from 11 to sculpture in 12
DauerVato: kip will be headed there after a few cp's. Dave is with a team searching for #5 - do you want him to keep looking or go find #12?
fullfrequency125: are we ok with true brew cafe for #10?
Downstairs58: Clue researchers, we're essentially done. :-) Please stay on board if you can in case something comes up...
Downstairs58: Yes, randall.
DauerVato: Kip is still trying to find #9
pitleets: no exact addy on ocean song....but it is listed near another one...I posted it.
Lanita12: ok just holler if we can search for some other obscure thing we con't know! =-O
Downstairs58: Lanita--pls verify 9, and Paul, too, please
pitleets: Just in case you were wondering....CP5 web addy:
Lanita12: *don't
Lanita12: ok
srmittman: everyone update the cp their teams have gone through on the web site
pitleets: is Kip having trouble with the street address?
srmittman: pitleets - that may be the address on the web but there is no building there and the phone goes to a machine
DauerVato: kip just lost the team he was following on the bus, but I gave him directions to 9 so he can verify
pitleets: hmmmph
DauerVato: should I send Dave to #12 or should he keep looking for #5 with the team he's with?
Downstairs58: Send Dave to 12
sjma529: Marcy's scouting notes mentioned Ocean Song - does that mean she visited it yesterday?
DauerVato: will do
Downstairs58: Yes.
Downstairs58: Marcy scouted Ocean Song--she'll remember
pitleets: Is the number that you guys are using for Steve Martin Studios listed as 504-566-1390
ronda1123812: MJ is heading for cp9
mjhartig2000: FYI: from website: "Woldenberg Park is named for its benefactor, local businessman Malcolm Woldenberg, whose statue is in the park. Ocean Song, a large kinetic sculpture near the statue of Woldenberg..."
pitleets: I got mine off the web....what does a New Orleans phone book say about it?
ronda1123812: where is kip now?
DauerVato: Dave is headed to verify location of Ocean Song
mjhartig2000: Website is ans/fodors/WoldenbergRiverfrontPark.xml/
DauerVato: Kip is heading for #9 - very close now
pitleets: 504) 566-1390 is what I found on also...hmmm.
pitleets: Surely it's not closed on a Saturday
Downstairs58: kip will tell us...
pitleets: Kip have an ETA?
Downstairs58: Be just like UC for SMS to be closed today so we can't call...
DauerVato: Kip just confirmed #9 and is headed for #10 with other teams
Downstairs58: YAY!
pitleets: Funky Tut!
sjma529: Same studio phone number from QwestDex
Downstairs58: I beg your pardon... ;-)
pitleets: I'm idle
Downstairs58: We're waiting...may be needed...
pitleets: So, what was the unscrambled word for CP2?
fullfrequency125: my question too
sheila78666: inquiring minds want to know...
pitleets: I gotta run a spyware cleaner after this...been getting pop-ups from a few of the sites I visited.
DauerVato: pop-up stopper has a good one to use
mjhartig2000 has left the room.
Downstairs58: I don't know the word for cp2, except bad ones that come to mind... ;-)
Lanita12: way to go kip
Darin Camp: Lavasoft Ad-Aware 6 is nice as well
pitleets: I've been using spybot to kill the spyware.
DauerVato: Kip just confirmed #10. Headed to #11
pitleets: haven't updated it in a few weeks...good as time as any I guess.
Downstairs58: Kip da man!
Darin Camp: I think CP2 unscrambles to "thatcluesucksass" but needs to be verified
Downstairs58: Randall talking John and M through?
Downstairs58: I verify Darin.
ronda1123812: art/ronda on the phone w/ MJ
pitleets: Is Kip the only ground support we got? Did we have a wheel guy this time?
Downstairs58: Think we're looking at a whole lot of DQ's and dropouts from other teams.
Lanita12: i verify cp2 answer too
fullfrequency125: i tried to call but they were on the phone with someone else
Downstairs58: Paul--we have Dave Poleto.
pitleets: can he get to CP 11 quicker than Kip?
Downstairs58: steve--call Dave, get him to cp11
anhyzer667: it's a pretty short ride to cp11
DauerVato: Dave is headed to get exact location of #12, so you want me to re-route?
Downstairs58: NO--keep Dave on 2
pitleets: roger that
Downstairs58: Sorry--12
DauerVato: Ok - Dave to stay looking for 12
pitleets: Tam, has any of our teams finished yet?
Downstairs58: No.
ronda1123812: art/ronda on phone w/ MJ--does anyone need to ask them something while we got them?
Downstairs58: where they at?
sjma529: Do the otehr teams know where Ocean Song is?
fullfrequency125: not me
anhyzer667: Where are all the other teams? The web site is very out of date for them
ronda1123812: on trolly headed for steve martin studio on st charles
Downstairs58: Everyone, pls update web site as best you can!
pitleets: what ever happened to CP3? did everyone have a different number?
Rodney8Z: seems so. maybe on CP 7 too
srmittman: RG near cp6
Downstairs58: Still unclear on diff. numbers 3, 7--teams will have to look when they're close
srmittman: I confirmed RG have same clue as what is typed on cp7
Downstairs58: Good, Sheila!
fullfrequency125: tell richard to run faster...who cares if his knee falls apart
Downstairs58: He's a chiro--he can fix it. ;-)
pitleets: snap crackle pop
DauerVato: kip at the fountain - different teams are taking different coat of arms - some cordoba, some toledo
anhyzer667: Good, there's some DQs
Rodney8Z: we're sure we're right?
pitleets: I'm sure we might be right.
pitleets: :-)
Downstairs58: Is it verified?
Downstairs58: If two people concluded the same thing, we're good.
anhyzer667: IF the maritime #s posted are right, and that's all the possible ships flying flags...
pitleets: I did find a web page that referenced Liberia as the 2nd largest maritime nation
sjma529: Did anyone else look up ship counts?
fullfrequency125: kip is REALLY getting around fast, are his methods being communicated to other teams?
ronda1123812: what did bunnies do for cp11--anyone know
Downstairs58: Liberia was a big flag of convenience in the 70's and 80's, I can see it changing to Panama...
Downstairs58: after khaddafi...
pitleets: It said the civil war in Liberia lost them that title
Downstairs58: Phone contacts--pls update your teams per kip's info
ronda1123812: what is the update?
sjma529: That link I jsut sent says "The Panama Register is the largest and one of the oldest of the open ship registers"
Darin Camp: how? i tried to figure out how ti change JB's info but could not find a way
anhyzer667: Are Jim & Becky still looking for CP3???
Downstairs58: My family sailed a lot on Galveston Bay--we saw oil tanker flags.
Darin Camp: no they are at CP6
pitleets: Also says " This places Panama as a the leading open register ahead of Liberia, Cyprus and Bahamas. "
sjma529: "This places Panama as a the leading open register ahead of Liberia, Cyprus and Bahamas"
anhyzer667: Click the Forward button
DauerVato: cp #12 found by dave - conti street runs almost right into the statue.
srmittman: so we are still good on panama and cordoba?
pitleets: I say yes
Downstairs58: Quoting Jason from last year, John and Marcy need to just *$^#@ run now. :-)
sjma529: We have sources saying ahed of Liberia, and who ever heard of Japan and Spain as large registries?
Darin Camp: nevermind, got it
fullfrequency125: You quoted Jason!!!!????
Downstairs58: Got to be panama or liberia
Downstairs58: Randall...I am so ashamed...
Downstairs58: ;-)
DauerVato: kip verified #12. headed back to #11 to help guide teams into #12 and then home. Please call him if anyone needs directions.
pitleets: Did none of the other teams find the skip person yet?
Rodney8Z: people are taking pictures of panama or japan
Downstairs58: japaners are probalby wrong
pitleets: Any of *our* teams that is...
sjma529: That's a long lens to see Japan from NO...
pitleets: When Kip is done...have him go find CP5 or I won't sleep tonight.
pitleets: Too many hits for it not to be there somewhere
Downstairs58: you're not gonna sleep anyway after all this... ;0
pitleets: So, I guess all the teams have left to do is run forest run
sjma529: Any idea how many (if any) competitors have successfully finished already? Are we still in the running for final?
Rodney8Z: did the teams that kip is following start at CP1?
DauerVato: Dave is idle. Can he help anyone
Downstairs58: Jim--no word yet. We need to keep our chins up and keep confident.
pitleets: Dave can drive over to CP5 if he is done!
Downstairs58: Steve--have Dave go to cp5
pitleets: If he isn't done...disregard that.
fullfrequency125: maybe Dave can go check the finish line
pitleets: That is only for my piece of mind
DonRoseJn: oops I may have updated Jim and Becky by accident, have the made CP6?
Downstairs58: Have Dave put MJ on the hood of the car and drive them in! ;-)
DauerVato: Kip just said to have dave to to finish line and verify answer to #12. Some teams are now taking it at the other statue. But Google, a top team, took it at the Ocean Song.
DauerVato: Sending dave to finish line.
Downstairs58: Ocean song is correct
sjma529: On 12, all we have is one review that points clearly to Ocean Song and a bunch that don't say...Ocean Song seems sure
Downstairs58: As long as MJ know how to get to Ocean song from 11, we're good.
sjma529: If they're fast!
Downstairs58: They are fast.
Lanita12: it'sright along the riverwalk...there's a wide sidewalk and onbut only 2 blocks
Lanita12: they can RUN
sjma529: Does John have his rope tied to Marcy this time?
ronda1123812: MJ is now headed to cp10
Downstairs58: John is very fast, and he pulls Marcy along and talks on the phone.
Lanita12: or a red streetcar
DauerVato: Kip will guide them from 11 to 12
pitleets: I found another that states at least the movie Signs didn't pull it's villian out of thin air.
Downstairs58: Then it's a hossrace to the finish!
DauerVato: DAve cannot go to the finish line. He has to leave now. We are only down to kip
Lanita12: is the finish at the hotel?
Lanita12: that's no small potatoes...he's been pretty valuable
Downstairs58: They can find their way from12 to the finish. Marcy is a legendary navigator.
ronda1123812: whoever is talking to kip, MJ will be looking for him in about 10 minutes
Downstairs58: STeve, give kip the heads-up
anhyzer667: Anybody know who "DBA" is supposed to represent for CP1?
sjma529: What do you mean?
pitleets: Nope
Lanita12: john found it
sjma529: I know of several businesses named "dba" for "doing business as"...
anhyzer667: So we never actually solved that one, we just got it from the other racers
DauerVato: kip knows that mj are close and will guide them in
fullfrequency125: john called it in...I assumed he got it from other teams
pitleets: Just DBA on #1 scares me since we didn't figure it out. Not sure how it relates.
Rodney8Z: we have 2 addresses on #1 too
Lanita12: it's a brew pub
Downstairs58: Everyone pls remember this race is NOT over until it is OVER and pictures are verified! MJ were third in the finals last year and the first two teams were DQ'd for wrong pix. :-)
sjma529: Right - that's where I heard dba. But Internet Movie DB doesn't show any actor initialed "dba" playing Einsteiin
anhyzer667: Hmmm....maybe the other teams were wrong ???
Downstairs58: God, I hope so!
fullfrequency125: rhonda, if john has the time, ask him where DBA came from
Rodney8Z: David B Allen
Rodney8Z: played John Nash Jr
ronda1123812: will do
pitleets: Other names from Fine Hall - Alonzo Church, William Feller, Emil Artin, Solomon Lefschetz, but not have a movie named after them.
sjma529: Ahhh! The younger version was John Nash - who went to Princeton and wandered around - not Einstein at all!
Lanita12: duh
Lanita12: we just mowed right over that suggestion earlier.
sjma529: Sorry - I missed some of the chat from the early time
fullfrequency125: ok, that takes care of #1...what about the scrambled word in #2
anhyzer667: I don't find David B allen, I'm finding Russell Crowe
Lanita12: the actor who played his son
Downstairs58: STeve, keep us updated if you can on when MJ hit cp's
Rodney8Z: David B. Allen .... John Nash, Jr. (Teenager)
anhyzer667: Oh, he's not listed for some reason
Rodney8Z: he's on imdb
DauerVato: mj just just got 11 and 12 and are headed for home!
fullfrequency125 has left the room.
pitleets: update the web page so we can follow the progress
Rodney8Z: next year we need gps tracking on the web page
srmittman: very cool about mj
DauerVato: just updated
pitleets: JM got an ETA?
DauerVato: don't know an eta yet
Darin Camp: wow, cool
srmittman: RG on way to 9
pitleets: So, why isn't Kip racing?
DauerVato: jason couldn't make it
sjma529: Marcy works for a company that is working on chips that combine GPS and cell phonea GPS-enabled
fullfrequency125 has entered the room.
pitleets: Cool, maybe she could get some loaners next year.
Darin Camp: something about a fuzzy evening, the police, and an organ grinders monkey I think
sjma529: I said "working on"...with our track record, it'll be 2030 by the time the things are delivered...
Downstairs58: No, Marcy and John are FAST!
Downstairs58: Think positively! :-)
sjma529: I meant the company's performance, not theirs!
pitleets: How's Spencer & Rob doing?
ronda1123812: when will we know about the afternoon and if we are racing?
pitleets has left the room.
anhyzer667: Probably as soon as MJ get in
sjma529: We second ronda's question: we're about the head out to a party (it's almost 7PM here) and want to know if we should come back early and sober
DonRoseJn: Rob and Spence have the directions, not communicating...think they are good
Downstairs58: Ronda--after MJ finish, they'll call, then we wait for pix verifiying
pitleets has entered the room.
Darin Camp: any ideas on how many have already finished?
Downstairs58: No clue.
ronda1123812: Mj are in--came in 13th but is unclear how many are disqualified
Downstairs58: Don't get discouraged if MJ are, like, not first or even tenth--going to be a LOT of DQ's, I think
anhyzer667: The way we started, 13th isn't bad
Downstairs58: See, that's what I meant.
DauerVato: Have all the different teams verified that the clues on the web site are the same as they were given? Kip says lots of teams are taking pictures at different crests at 11 and at the other statue for 12
sjma529: As long as we're not among them!
pitleets: Wow...they only take top 7 to the finals, so at least 6 have to get DQ for us to get 1 team in.
DauerVato: Each team should verify with their team members that the questions are the same as posted on the web site
ronda1123812: as soon as they know something, they will call me and i will post it.
anhyzer667: With so many teams taking different pictures, I think they probably switched the associations on the clue
anhyzer667: Some clues probably said "If Panama, then Japan" instead of "then Cordoba"
sjma529: Good theory
DauerVato: exactly. everyone should check with their team members
anhyzer667: Sorry, meant Toledo, not Japan
pitleets: JB & RG still heading towards CP9?
Downstairs58: Paul, I give MJ 50/50 odds of making top 7 after all the DQ's
fullfrequency125: John just called and said something about another team DQed that finished ahead of them...5 to go
Darin Camp: aye
ronda1123812: by the way, MJ said "thank you, thank you, thank you"
Downstairs58: Weeelll, we movin' on up, to the east side..
Darin Camp: long public transportation ride to CP9
Downstairs58: We love MJ! :-)
Lanita12: i'm going to have nightmares about 'foamybarn"!!!
anhyzer667: what WAS that clue, anyway?
bine4mundi: yes, same here.
Downstairs58: Next time we go to our ranch, I'm drinkin foamy beer in the barn!
pitleets: That's where my great grandpappy made his home brew....out in the foamybarn
srmittman: they may not leave NO without solving for us!
Downstairs58: I made my beer in the garage.
Downstairs58: What SheilaR said!
Lanita12: that's what happens when horses use the barn
Downstairs58: Beer = recycled horse pee
Lanita12: bingo
srmittman: Lanita - LOL
Downstairs58: Everyone cross fingers--top 7, top 7, top 7!!!
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Darin Camp: you havent had the right beer!
Downstairs58: I've MADE the right beer--was talking about millerbudcoors lite
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Crap, in other words...
Downstairs58: More word on more teams dq'd???
Darin Camp: there is a beer from Abita Springs, LA that is hands down the best on this little globe of ours.... Called Turbo Dog
sjma529: I don't think Darin has had the right beer, either...TurboDog is interesting, but not anywhere close to the top'
ronda1123812: MJ is number 7--they are in this afternoon
Lanita12: YIPPEE
DauerVato: awesome!
pitleets: whooo hooo!
sjma529: Are you serious? There were actually that many DQ's?
sjma529: When do we reconvene?
pitleets: How about our other teams
Darin Camp: sjma529 - what would you recommend that I try then?
pitleets: Yeah, if we reconvene too late, I can't participate :o( Taking wife out for a special 30th birthday treat.
sjma529: Darin - too long a list!
ronda1123812: call MJ if you have any questions about the afternoon XXX-XXX-XXXX
Downstairs58: Directions to finish are on web page
pitleets: So if MJ are in and haven't been DQd, the our other runners have the right pictures as well. Have they fully reviewed and accepted all 1-7 finishers so far?
ronda1123812: ronda is out, see you later.
srmittman: Can the webpage be saved then cleared to use again this afternoon?
DauerVato: what time do we get back together this afternoon?
anhyzer667: Directions to finish are posted in the Skip section
Downstairs58: YAY! See, this is definitely a "fat lady" thing--it AIN'T OVER till it IS OVER!
sjma529: What time?
Rodney8Z: yes, I can save and clear the page
sheila78666: adventure racing is like a box of chocolates....
Downstairs58: 2:30 this afternoon is the posted time
Rodney8Z: i need to check out for a bit
Downstairs58: SheilaTB, you got it! ;-)
Downstairs58: Everyone can leave now if you need to...please check back around 2pm.
sjma529: OK. "See" y'all at 2:30 CST/9:30 Grenoble. Is that to rendezvous here or for the race to kick off?
pitleets: OK, I can help on that least for a while.
anhyzer667: mmm...chocolate
sjma529: 'Later!
sjma529 has left the room.
Downstairs58: Race kick off. Let's rendesvous at 2pm CST.
pitleets: I'll sign back on around noonish PST.
bine4mundi: I want be able to help later but good luck to all of you - you guys rock!
sheila78666: Gonna take off for awhile... see ya in a couple!
Downstairs58: See, now, Sheila TB, wasn't that fun? Emotional roller-coaster...
DauerVato: Ok - I'm going to log off now but I'll be back by 2:00. Good job everyone
pitleets: Going to take care of some hygiene issues, get some vittles and be back.
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DauerVato has left the room.
pitleets: has anyone saved the transcript of the chat session?
Darin Camp: you were getting a little ripe pitleets :-)
bine4mundi: I meant I will not be able to help later ... good luck! And congratulations to John & Marcy.
Rodney8Z: 1580 hits on the web page
sheila78666 has left the room.
Downstairs58: STeve--what's MJ's other phone number, the back up?
Lanita12: well, i'll see you all at 2:00...what a morning!
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bine4mundi has left the room.
ronda1123812 has left the room.
Rodney8Z: are all our teams done?
Lanita12 has left the room.
srmittman: No, RG not in yet
Rodney8Z: make sure to have a local copy of the answers, just in case my computer dies while i'm out
srmittman: Rob/Spencer on way to 9/10
fullfrequency125: talked to John...they might be 6th but either way, see ya between 2:00 and 2:30
Downstairs58: Randall--do we have confirmation that MJ's pix are good?
fullfrequency125: They were checking them as we were talking...don't know the answer yet
Downstairs58: PLease let us know as soon as their pictures are verified!
DonRoseJn has left the room.
srmittman: RG on way to 12
fullfrequency125: I've got to go, I'll call you if I hear from John
fullfrequency125 has left the room.
Downstairs58: MJ pictures verified--they ARE 6th (just like last year.) :-)
Downstairs58: Sheila, do RG need anything from me?
srmittman: thanks for the update. is 7th verified?
srmittman: RG do not know that anyone has finished.
srmittman: RG are in, Rob and Spencer on the way. First place Austin team from Austin race is 15th with verified pictures so MJ only one in this afternoon. Goin for lunch!
Downstairs58: First place Austin team got first because MJ were in France... ;-)
Darin Camp: be gone for a bit, will try to hop on this afternoon to help out with the finals....
srmittman: dj is gone but is coming back, chris and i leaving for lunch, will be back
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
srmittman: what was the answer to 5?
anhyzer667: don't think we ever got it
srmittman: chris spoke to RG and was told it was some poboy place
DauerVato has entered the room.
DauerVato: howdy
DonRoseJn has entered the room.
pitleets has entered the room.
mjhartig2000 has entered the room.
anhyzer667: What do poboys have to do with Jabberwocky?
pitleets: Gotta reboot...reinvite me upon my return.
pitleets has left the room.
Downstairs58: Howdy. I'm going to go take some more chill time to eat, but will be back...will check back on Paul's invite sooon.
fullfrequency125 has entered the room.
fullfrequency125: so what's the official MJ status?
anhyzer667: They finished 6th
anhyzer667: Same as last year
fullfrequency125: oooo...I'm getting chill bumps!!!
mjhartig2000: How many teams will be in the finals?
anhyzer667: 7
fullfrequency125: just a guess but my vote is the most missed clue was the last true/false staue question
Rodney8Z: any other links or anything that would be helpful to have on the web site?
DauerVato: so is everyone here on clue and/or directions duty, with the exception of the phone contact and me (Kip's contact)?
fullfrequency125: I guess that's up to Tam
Downstairs58: Rodney: anagrams at:
DauerVato: Are the other teams that didn't make the finals going to help in some way?
Downstairs58: Yes, and Scott is maps and Lanita bus routes. Probably not, steve. I Have to go to the drugstore right quick. PLEASE don't leave the chat...just walk away, don't click out.
fullfrequency125: if there a lot of us on clues, maybe we should divide up each clue ofr research???
pitleets has entered the room.
DauerVato: What movie was the line from that Tam just used: "... Just walk away." There's a special prize for the winner.
pitleets: Seven?
pitleets: What is the URL to the website again?
fullfrequency125: as good as it gets?
Rodney8Z: http://xxxxx
DauerVato: "I'm sorry, Ken, but that answer was incorrect." - another movie quote
DauerVato: As good as it gets doesn't get it, either.
pitleets: A fish Called Wanda?
DauerVato: My second quote was from A Fish Called Wanda, but how about the first?
pitleets: So, was Marcy & John the only team that made it in?
DauerVato: I think so.
anhyzer667: How did the others finish, I wonder?
Downstairs58: Scott is coming down to my computer to monitor the chat until I get back...
anhyzer667: so's youse better behave
pitleets: Denied. Resubmit in 90 days for further denial.
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Downstairs58: no sooner do I exit my seat than I get kicked out again
pitleets: Is Kip the only ground support we got for this one?
Downstairs58: I would think Rob/Spencer/Richard/GAyla/Jim/Becky would also be ground support
DauerVato: I don't think that Dave was returning.
Downstairs58: I bet Kip is organizing the troops right now
Lanita12 has entered the room.
pitleets: Hope so...anyone been in contact with Kip to find out for sure? That would give us a feel of how many ground support folks we could dispatch to different places
DauerVato: I'll call him now.
srmittman: i thought there were rules about ground support. i don't think we can add any.
pitleets: Damn the rules!
Downstairs58: That's what I say
DauerVato: Kip is it. Racers from this morning can't be ground support.
Downstairs58: But they can be phone support?
pitleets: sure...make them phone support....UC officials have no way of knowing.
pitleets: So, did anyone ever find CP5 Through the Looking Glass?
Lanita12: what is foamybarn? did they ever say>?
fullfrequency125: or the unscrambled word?
Rodney8Z: i think it was organicity.
Lanita12: no f
Downstairs58: LOL, Rodney
Rodney8Z: :-)
Rodney8Z: what's our start time?
Rodney8Z: kip on phone
Downstairs58: Tam is back. You have to declare ground support in advance, and I think Kip is it, but I'll call and check.
DauerVato: Kip is it. I just confirmed.
sjma529 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: We don't know exact start time. at 2:30, racers are taken out somewhere in a van. With strangers!
DauerVato: Here is what we need to do for Kip: He won't be able to shadow the lead teams from the start, because they will drive them to a secret location to let them off.
Downstairs58: So...
DauerVato: He will need to go to a midpoint, once we know one, and wait for a lead team to come through.
DauerVato: So we need to solve one of the mid clues as soon as we can to get him moving in that direction.
Downstairs58: We will probably have intermittent support from Jason, who will call concierges and the people on the e-mail Marcy sent on scouting
mjhartig2000 has left the room.
Downstairs58: Let me think about an intermittent clue...we probably have the resources. The priority is clues 1 &2.
DauerVato: Tam, could you help me pick a clue for one of the middle checkpoints and assign someone to help me figure it out.
DauerVato: Understood.
Lanita12: so the afternoon is the same kind of thing...trivia and then run?
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
DauerVato: Where are the rest of the people from this morning's chat?
Downstairs58: Yes, Lanita. Or something like that. Probably no trivia test.
Rodney8Z: no way we could have solved the jabberwocky
srmittman: sheilar, chris, dj here
anhyzer667: did someone post the jabberwocky answer?
Downstairs58: Yes, steve, I'll be looking at clues with support from the map guy.
Rodney8Z: the whole poem was given as a crytogram
Rodney8Z: but one of the lines of the crytogram said "the answer is ___"
Downstairs58: BRB...
anhyzer667: I'm waiting with bated breath
Lanita12: id will change to foamybarn at the end of this race
DonRoseJn has left the room.
Lanita12: if we don't know what it meant
anhyzer667: As long as there aren't any explosions
Rodney8Z: kip didn't tell me exactly what the answer was, but you had to slove the crytogram to get it
sheila78666 has entered the room.
anhyzer667: I was wondering about that, since there didn't seem to be any other cryptograms
DonRoseJn has entered the room.
fullfrequency125: we seemed to have a little confusion on clue hunches, answers, verification this morning...any guidence Tam?
Rodney8Z: everyone just assumed that it was the whole jabberwocky poem
anhyzer667: We were hoping that the other teams would verify the clues given, but I didn't see much of that
fullfrequency125: I mean in communicating what everyone is coming up with
sjma529: Yeah, should we try to put every hunch in the chat, or enter them in the web site with hedges?
Rodney8Z: no other teams to verify this time...
Downstairs58: Yes...listen to what I say. :-)
anhyzer667: No, so we have to be very careful. The clue for CP12 this morning didn't say anything about wher the coat of arms were
anhyzer667: CP11, I mean
Rodney8Z: kip can't follow any teams from the start, but if we solve a later clue he can go there and wait for a lead team to show up
Downstairs58: Seriously, I'm trying to keep my eye on the whole mess..multitasking is my forte. It's always organized chaos.
sjma529: But someone had listed Plaza de Espana ahead of time for CP11, so it was very easy to find where the coats of arms were
anhyzer667: It was put in the answer, instead of the clue -- but that's the sort of thing that has caused errors in the past
Downstairs58: My plan for Kip is to listen to suggestions, make a decision and tell steve, and steve sends kip
fullfrequency125: are we assuming all teams will start with low # CP's for Kip starting in the middle?
anhyzer667: We really need for the entire, complete answer to be typed into the clue column itself
Downstairs58: What Scott said!
anhyzer667: complete clue text, I mean
sjma529: In the clue column?
Downstairs58: That problem has dogged us before.
sjma529: Tam, please invite mjh2000 - he's back on line
Lanita12: some cemeteries were visited in the morning. might be one this afternoon
Downstairs58: Yes, in the clue columnn
Lanita12: loyola might be on this one too.
anhyzer667: Yes, the first column in the web page should have the entire content of the clue -- no shortcuts, no assumptions that part of the clue has been answered elsewhere
mjhartig2000 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Absolutely what Scott said.
Downstairs58: Scott = anhyzer
ronda1123812 has entered the room.
sheila78666: cemeteries... inscriptions... another "make it so?"
sjma529: Oh, wait... is the column where we put the answers called "Clue"? So what's the column where the question is?
DauerVato: = impossible to read his name
Downstairs58: Hope we're not the ones put in the graveyard!
Lanita12: nope..those places are spooky
Lanita12: but they are good clue places i think
anhyzer667: The column where we put the clue is called "Clue", the first column on the left. The answer column is on the far right
sjma529: What? So what is the question column?
Downstairs58: No, Jim--put the clue under "clue", and the answer under "notes/answer", except for addy, which goes under "address"
anhyzer667: clue = question
Downstairs58: Nice re-tool of web page, Rodney! ")
fullfrequency125: didn't hear anymore about putting answer hunches on the chat before posting to the answer column on the web page
sjma529: Who's Jim?
DauerVato: Look's good, Rodney
Downstairs58: There is no question column. I m eant SJMA529 (what's your name?)
sjma529: I think we're smarter putting whatever info we have in the web, because then it doesn't get lost in the chat. We all have edit privileges if we get better info later.
sjma529: sjma529 is John and Laurel
Downstairs58: Brainstorming belongs in the chat--it will junk up the web page fast. We've dealt with this before. Trust us.
DauerVato: Don't put any complete guesses on the web page, though.
Downstairs58: Ohhh, John! Right, sorry! :-)
pitleets: Almost showtime.
sjma529: Why not put guess on the web page, if we say "this is a guess"?
pitleets: Too clutered
Downstairs58: Only put things you know on the web page--partial answers are fine and encouraged.
srmittman: john arnold is sjma529 comming to us from france
Downstairs58: Yes, you can say a guess on web page
sjma529: Like the chat isn't cluttered!
pitleets: That's what the chat is for though...chaos and confusion.
Downstairs58: The chat WILL get cluttered. It's the web page we're concerned about.
sjma529: Right. Isn't that how we missed John Nash?
pitleets: You think the chat get's should see my office.
pitleets: Jr.
anhyzer667: We have a web page and a chat separate in order to split "known" stuff from brainstorming. If we brainstorm in the web page, what's the point of the chat?
srmittman: should they be starting trivia now?
Downstairs58: Yes. We created the web page because answers were getting lost in pages and pages of chat, and we needed one place for them. NO brainstorming on the web page, please!!
pitleets: potty break before we begin
Downstairs58: Sheila, I don't know that they're doing trivia for just 7 teams. Did they do trivia for finals last year?
anhyzer667: They did do trivia
anhyzer667: Survivor style
Downstairs58: Oh. So they're probalby in a van/bus right now.
Downstairs58: SheilaR, what is Jason's mom's AIM name?
anhyzer667: They're probably in Mississippi right now
srmittman: did not know she had one
Lanita12: i think that's hazing
srmittman: is jason playing too
Downstairs58: Nevermind. Yes, Jason said he'd try to help when he could.
Downstairs58: STeve are you MJ phone contact for finals?
ronda1123812: fyi: art/ronda are working as a team again this PM:-D
pitleets: Tam, whatever checkpoint they are assigned to first, call it out so I can position my browser window....I got it only about 1/3rd heigh to make room for other windows
DauerVato: no, same phone contact they had before. I am talking to kip.
pitleets: help me ronda, help help me ronda
ronda1123812: gotcha
Downstairs58: OK. I want Paul and Lanita on first cp assigned
sjma529: So where can we brainstorm on clues other than the very next on the list?
Downstairs58: In the AIM chat, John.
Downstairs58: Ronda/art, y'all still MJ phone support?
Lanita12: ok.....
ronda1123812: did anyone ever hear the answer for foamybarn?
anhyzer667: You have to precede your brainstorm with the CP #
sjma529: Can we open another chat? Call one "the foarmybarn crisis pileon window" and the other one "see about making some progress on other fronts"?
Downstairs58: SheilaBT, you around?
ronda1123812: yew, we are still phone support. MJ will call me w/ all the clues and I will put them on the web asap
srmittman: we had 2 chats last time - a real pain in ass
Downstairs58: John--we discussed this much earlier (with marcy and John). We don't want more than one chat. TRUST ME!!!
DauerVato: When you brainstorm about a clue - just put (CP#whatever) in front of it
pitleets: What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
sheila78666: I'm here.... just grabbed a snack but ready to go now!
DauerVato: What... is your favorite color?
Downstairs58: SheilaBT and Rodney, be ready to snare the 2nd clue we get from mj
pitleets: Green!.
pitleets: Aaaaaahahhhhhhhh
sjma529: I think steeltip had too much to drink at lunch...
DauerVato: :-D
mjhartig2000: For those of us who came in the discussion a little late......could someone provide an example of what ended up on the web page that should have stayed in the chat area?
DauerVato: Any guesses should be kept in the chat.
sjma529: What guess ended up on the web site this morning and impeded progress?
pitleets: CP1...We were running with Einstein at Fine was John Nash.
sjma529: I think the entire chat was focused on Einstein as well. John Nash appeared, by name, in the chat..
srmittman: i never did understand where the einstein thing came from when dj was so sure about john nash
sjma529: I think someone was dead set on Yahoo Serious
DonRoseJn has left the room.
DonRoseJn has entered the room.
Rodney8Z: because of the movie name "young einstein"
Downstairs58: Whatever. Let's look forward and be prepared. For what, I ain't sure. ;-)
sjma529: Sure, but I'm not sure that putting that on the chat or the web would have made any difference.
Lanita12: all of that happened in the chat...nothing went to the web site until john found the righ tplace, independent of us, i htink
Downstairs58: Doesn't matter now--we're in the finals.
fullfrequency125: what clue do you want me researching or should I just take a nap until it gets exciting...
anhyzer667: If you think an idea is a serious lead, rather than just spitballing, you can put it into the web page
pitleets: Take a nap for me full....been up since 5:30
Downstairs58: Randall, why don't you get with Paul and Lanita on the first clue?
pitleets: Who is JM going to be calling as soon as they get off the van?
fullfrequency125: O:-)ok
Downstairs58: Ronda/art
DauerVato: Ronda
Downstairs58: Paul, how late can you stay on?
sjma529: Do we get a party just for making the finals?
Downstairs58: Of course we do! cheers! :-)
mjhartig2000: Who starts on which clues.....or are we just waiting for Tam to assign when they come out?
pitleets: You got me for about 2.5 hours
Downstairs58: I already did. Mike, please join Sheila and them on clue 2. SheliaR, I need you to start scoping out clue 3 when it comes in.
Downstairs58: Is Uschi here?
Rodney8Z: they'll probably take all the teams' phones during the van ride
Downstairs58: Hope they give the right ones back...
Rodney8Z: if they give them back before the race is over...
anhyzer667: Now THAT would be a challenge
Downstairs58: Ohhhh, new wrinkle: changing phones! Must use other team's support.... ;-)
Rodney8Z: lol
fullfrequency125: hey, this isn't survivor
srmittman: so sheilar on clue 3, would dj and chris help with that as well since we are all in the same room?
Downstairs58: Kip said the LA guys, the fast runners (Google team?) got dq'd
sjma529: That would be an interesting twist...seeing if we could feed another team information that was incorrect but just convincing enough for them to take it...
Downstairs58: Yes, Sheilar, get those guys to help you.
DauerVato: I think the LA team was Fuzzy Bunny
Lanita12: does MJ have a name?
Downstairs58: I don't think it was Fluffy Bunnies..kip said someone else
Downstairs58: MJ = Marcy and John
anhyzer667: I think they go by Team Vignette
srmittman: MJ is probably still racing as team vignette
Lanita12: ok
DauerVato: That's loyalty - it's been years since they got any sponsorship from them
anhyzer667: It's also name recognition
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Rodney8Z: who is going to put the first batch of clues onto the web page?
pitleets: Not I
DauerVato: ronda and art
pitleets: I still like the team name I proposed from last year... Team "We beat Google using their own search engine"
Downstairs58: talking to john right now...
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: john beard...
pitleets: standing by....blowing off fingertips.....
anhyzer667: Did anyone save the chat from this morning?
Rodney8Z: i'm still in the same chat
srmittman: we are still in the same chat
pitleets: Hopefully a team will accidently snap a picture of them while they get out of the van and get DQd!
anhyzer667: I'd go ahead and save, just in case your electricity goes off
anhyzer667: We want a record of the chaos
Downstairs58: From John Beard: they are still at the hotel, haven't left yet, still being rounded up. On cp5 from this am: almost NO racers got it. It was all hierglyphics, and you had to read down to like the 6th line, which was NOT
Downstairs58: a line from jaberwocky and was the clue! Moral of story: get the complete clue read in, like Scott said
Downstairs58: Other thing from John and Marcy: they send us ALLL a HUGE thank-you!!!! :-)
pitleets: Paul concurs
srmittman: hard to get whole clue if it contains symbols
DauerVato: do they have an eta on when they start reading clues?
Downstairs58: I think MJ's race name is Team Vignette #1. There's a reason for that #1. :-)
Rodney8Z: at least tell us that the clue was glyphs
anhyzer667: If it's hieroglyphics or symbols, just note that in the clue
Downstairs58: No eta yet.
pitleets: The kick in the head about those types of clues is you can't type in heiroglyphics (or any picture/symbol) clues
Downstairs58: That's where MJ being real smart comes in.
Rodney8Z: it's bad when we think the whole clue is "1212..."
pitleets: Computer support can't help much on those
Downstairs58: You got it.
anhyzer667: We sure wasted a lot of time on that, though
Downstairs58: I'm sure UC does that on purpose...
anhyzer667 has left the room.
pitleets: As of 1:00 PST (3:00 CST), you'll have me for about 1.75 hours
fullfrequency125: are you practicing making up clues for the next UC?
Downstairs58: And good hours they'll be!!!!!!!!!
Lanita12: random questin from a newbee...who DOES make these clues up?
Downstairs58: Lanita--very sick, twisted, warped perverts.
sjma529: No, it wasn't me
Downstairs58: Oh, God, they're gonna read that when this chat is posted on Kip's page after the race!
mjhartig2000: For clues that have extra information that can't be conveyed in the chat, it would be nice to have something in parentheses that says there is some information missing.
Lanita12: no joke. and just think...theyr mothers still love them!
sjma529: Like (expletive deleted)? Oh no, that's for the answers
Downstairs58: Good point, Mike! A note like 'hieroglyphics"
Downstairs58: I think they deliberately throw us stuff that you could easily go astray on web searches on...
sjma529: "The castle ("Auuurrrrghhh!")"
Downstairs58: Like one of my kayaks, a Wavesport XXX. Do a web search to get specs and you'll get some interesting content.
fullfrequency125: might have known you'd have a boat with XXX in it
DauerVato: How many times a week do you search for content on your kayak?
sjma529: Every time the keys get locked inside
Downstairs58: I don't wear shorts under my skirt. ;-)
mjhartig2000: Sounds like you do some of that REALLY fun watersports..
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Lanita12: your kayak has keys?
Downstairs58: Yah, I do tricks in my kayak. In whitewater.
fullfrequency125: or going up stream
sjma529: This is going to be on that web site, too...
Downstairs58: Go in the eddy and use the upstream current
Uschiruns has left the room.
sjma529: Now we've gone and disgusted Uschi
DauerVato: All this nasty talk has scared someone off
Downstairs58: wait till we get the CLUES
fullfrequency125: you mean to scare people off?
sjma529: :-D
Downstairs58: Yeah, randall, I can do enders and spins below the dam at rio vista--just wish it were my idea!
Downstairs58: If you can't take the heat...
Downstairs58: I think she may've gotten dropped off...we'll see...
Downstairs58: AIM has a nasty way of doing that, right, Scott?
anhyzer667: I'm sorry, I can't hear you
DauerVato: Kip said it probably won't be until about 30 minutes from now that we start getting any clues
Downstairs58: If y'all get dropped by AIM, I'll see it happen and try to get you a new chat invite as soon as feasible
sjma529: OK...30 more minutes of raunchy talk!
anhyzer667: What did I miss????????????
DauerVato: ;-)
Downstairs58: mmmm..raunchy Chris listening?
Downstairs58: OH, right, he's in college now. Nevermind.
anhyzer667: This is why I need someone to save the chat :-!
DonRoseJn: Shris says "that's right!"
sjma529: College...proof that a mind is a terrible thing to waste
Downstairs58: Actually, you can save it when we're done. It's been one continuous chat since this am.
fullfrequency125: OK, I'd like this all to start now...I just downed a whole bowl of queso and 3 dR Peppers in the last 5 minutes
Downstairs58: But waste is fun to mind.
Downstairs58: Gawd, Randall!
srmittman: dj is feeding us expresso malt balls!!!!!!!!
anhyzer667: I can't save it myself, because I've missed a lot of it
sjma529: I want to see the web cam shots of fullfrequency skittering around his ceiling!
Downstairs58: I'll save it.
Downstairs58: No you don't, John. You really don't. ;-)
fullfrequency125: It's NON-caffinated Dr Pepper
Downstairs58: Actually, Randall looked really good at Martindale (Triathlon) this year.
Downstairs58: Women were saying things.
sjma529: Caffeine free? Now that's just sick!
Downstairs58: What good is THAT?
anhyzer667: What good is root beer?
ronda1123812: i REALLY MISS caffeine!
sjma529: Root beer is good for the kids to have while you're at the brewpub
mjhartig2000: Good point anhy
Downstairs58: Soon, ronda, very sooon...
Downstairs58: I like your thinking, John!
ronda1123812: 14 days, but whos counting
fullfrequency125: haven't done ANY caffeine for 33 years
Downstairs58: How do you get out of bed???
sjma529: Gravity!
Rodney8Z: http://xxxxx
sjma529: You didn't ask how he got out of the bedroom!
Downstairs58: He doesn't. I"ve heard stories.
sjma529: More web cam stuff?
Downstairs58: Hot Randall on randall action.
sjma529: Oh, that's a good shot!:-D:-D
fullfrequency125: please let this race start sooooon
Downstairs58: Roflmao...
sjma529: Is this the Randall from the video store in Leonardo?
sjma529: Nest to the Quick Stop?
Downstairs58: See, now, RAndall, this is why you like Jason to be you're catching it all!
Downstairs58: Quick Stop or Qwickie-Mart?
fullfrequency125: I guess that's why Jason and I are business partners!!!
sjma529: No, Quick Stop, in Leonardo, New Jersey!
sjma529: Don't tell me that reference is too obscure for this group...
Downstairs58: The only person who gets more heat than you. Leonardo, NJ? We's a bunch of Texans! You got a place down t'Houston or somewheres lahk that?
mjhartig2000: John, now ask them about "snowballs".
sjma529: Go do an Internet movie database search on "Kevin Smith"...
Downstairs58: Those things you buy from the ice cream truck in November because it's hot outside?
sjma529: Not quite....
Downstairs58: Genitalia on a white dog?
sjma529: We'll, you're getting warmer with the "g" word, but you'll probably have to see the movie to fully comprehend
fullfrequency125: :-Pyou are TOTALLY wacko...and I mean that in a good way!!!
Downstairs58: How 'bout electrolytes? You up on your electrolytes?
Downstairs58: It's a hot climate thang...
Downstairs58: Ahh, a SMOF! ;-)
sjma529: We lived in Texas, too. Laurel and I for 8 years, Mike for 10 (or 11?). And let us take this opportunity to remind you how lucky you are to be in Austin!
mjhartig2000: ABSOLUTELY
Downstairs58: Thanky kindly! We loves it, we does. Going kayaking tomorrow and will only need one thin layer of neoprene...
fullfrequency125: been in Austin since 1967...still love it and no alergies
pitleets: I'm falling asleep here....let's get this party going!
pitleets: Kinda feels like I OD'd on Triptophan
sjma529: And when you're done you can go get a fine handcrafted beer in any of a dozen or more establishments...and the only way we can get a beer with any flavor is to craft it with our own hands.
Downstairs58: Aw, Paul, I wish they'd get going! We're wasting precious resources...
mjhartig2000: Yep, the people in france talk with even a bigger drawl than a west texan.
Downstairs58: Don't y'all get any good beers from Belgium or Germany in France? I know that Alsace stuff is crap...
sjma529: Some of these resources are getting's 10:15 PM here and the homebrew is flowing
Downstairs58: Fisher alsace, it was
sjma529: We prefer obscenely-hopped ales. And you're right, Fischer sucks
Downstairs58: I know. Only bought it for the good home-brewing bottle.
sjma529: You know something, though? "Alsace" is the French code word for "Germany" They can't bring themselves to give Germany credit for anything, so the German food the eat is called "d'Alsace",
Downstairs58: Ohhhh...explains a lot.
sjma529: and that black and tan dog with the pointy ears (like Greta) is an "Alsacion hound", etc.
Downstairs58: Greta is a cutie-pie.
sjma529: Sorry about the spelling just then
sjma529: I hear she likes to eat houses, though
Downstairs58: and I held off on a beer with my tacos to be clear-headed...
Downstairs58: Houses?
sjma529: At least Jason's house. Ask Marcy sometime...
sjma529: Not the same Jason y'all know
Downstairs58: Was just going to say that's funny...
pitleets: So, where did we end up putting Kip?
fullfrequency125: not to change the subject (do we even have a subject?) is anyone doing Sunmart?
Downstairs58: We're going to see what the clues look like, Paul. John B agreed--Kip in middle somewhere.
srmittman: yep
Downstairs58: Maybe Scott.
srmittman: anyone want to run bastrop tomorrow for sunmart training?
Downstairs58: My knee is too screwed up to run a race on it
fullfrequency125: just you Sheila? what about Chris or DJ?
Downstairs58: Paddling whitewater with Poindexter tomorrow
sjma529: I would love to visit Bastrop tomorrow...
srmittman: nope
anhyzer667: Kip probably ought to be on clue #5 to start
Downstairs58: Don't we have a teleportation person that can help John with that request?
sjma529: I only need a one-way portation!
Downstairs58: Let's look at 5, and if it's superhard, we'll put him on 6.
Downstairs58: #5 this am was a nut-buster
anhyzer667: I'm thinking the first 4 will be in the start area, then #5 will be the long trek downtown or elsewhere
DauerVato: Or it would be good to have him do a clue like #8 or #12 from last time, where he had to find something in a park or on a campus - if there's one like that in the middle
Downstairs58: then we need to look at 5 or 6 for kip
Downstairs58: Let's look at clues first and see how they are
srmittman: don't think there are 12 clues, seem to remember there being a smaller number for the final round
Downstairs58: I think Shelia's right
srmittman: chris thinks there were about 7
Downstairs58: If there's a superhard clue, I'll put kip at the one before it
Downstairs58: we could run over to and check...
fullfrequency125: Tam, could you list who's working on which clues to start (again)
Downstairs58: cp1: Paul, Lanita, John, Mike
Downstairs58: cp2: SheilaBT, Rodney, Randall
mjhartig2000: I also suggest doing some sort of "triage' on the clues after they come out, and perhaps reassign more people to the harder ones.
Downstairs58: That's exactly what I do--rapid deployment
Downstairs58: SheilaR and her people: cp3
pitleets: Any updated ETA?
Downstairs58: Actually, John and Mike should probably do cp4 to get kip there. Scott, you help on cp1
srmittman: looks like there were 12 last year, take a look
anhyzer667: No there were 12 clues last year in teh finals
sjma529: I don't think I want to be "redeployed"...around Moto, that usually involved a severance package
Downstairs58: OK, then moved to cp4!
sjma529: If we're not going to start soon...I need to go down to the garage for a few more beers
Downstairs58: If you need to sign off, that's OK.
sjma529: Mike: pick me a number between 2 and 6B!
Downstairs58: We'll understand.
ronda1123812: ronda and baby are going comatose. i hope they call soon
mjhartig2000: I think getting into the finals calls for a 2 or 3.
sjma529: I'll be back! Did you know that hops are a stimulant, sometimes? Especially when paired with chocolate?
Downstairs58: Darin, help on Cp4
Downstairs58: Uh..yeah..we can tell. ;-)
anhyzer667: Turkey is a stimulant, too (when paired with speed)
Downstairs58: Medical study I read said the opposite: hops lowers blood pressure.
fullfrequency125: where did Turkey come from?
Downstairs58: Scott being weird.
anhyzer667: Well, the Turks settled this region of the Middle east some time ago...
Lanita12: do they let this race go in the dark?
Downstairs58: Lanita, yes!
Lanita12: yikes o friday
srmittman: they have headlamps
Downstairs58: MJ are experience expedition adventure racers--dark is no biggie.
Lanita12: that's new orleans we're talking about. they shoot tourists
Downstairs58: Shoot back.
anhyzer667: Last year they had to find "Make it so" in the dark
Downstairs58: I knew I should've gone.
Downstairs58: Whachoo mean by "this region of the middle east?" we live in north Austin...
anhyzer667: To Paul, this is the Middle East
Downstairs58: Ohhhhh....
Downstairs58: You mean the young turks? ;-)
sjma529: I'm back! Did I miss any more naughty stories about sporting equiment?
pitleets: It's all brown out here.
pitleets: Same as middle east
Downstairs58: It's sporting to wear your equipment.
fullfrequency125: :-\Please Oh please let this race start soon!!!!!
Downstairs58: That's because you're in the desert, Paul.
pitleets: Isn't middle east an oxymoron?
sjma529: That was "lasting peace in the middle east"
Downstairs58: Lots of oxymorons in the middle east.
pitleets: Thanks Tam, for a while there I couldn't remember my name cuz there ain't no one to cause me no pain
sjma529: But what did you call your horse?
Downstairs58: Dah-dah, dah-dah-dah-dah...
Downstairs58: (no name)
pitleets: You hear about Jerry Garcia?
sjma529: Does that mean that we aren't sure about that part of the clue?
Downstairs58: Still Dead?
pitleets: Yip
Downstairs58: 1995, as I recall
pitleets: must......have......clue.......
Downstairs58: Get...a...clue...
Downstairs58: sorry--it was just laying there and I took it
sjma529: For people who enjoy that sort of humor, and I defintely do, I recommend "Dispatches from the tenth circle," published by the makers of The Onion
pitleets: So, if I'm at a bar and had a few too many drinks, but turn on my hazard blinkers and drive home, can I be prosecuted?
Downstairs58: REad it most every week
sjma529: So you perhaps recall "Death rate holding steady at 100%" and other classic headliines?
pitleets: Marriage is the number 1 leading cause of divorce in the world.
Downstairs58: Pretty much. We were talking about it at Bruce Sterling's last party.
Downstairs58: Don't get married.
pitleets: There'd be a lot less divorces
sheila78666: Clues? Anyone, anyone.... Beuler?
Downstairs58: But no comely divorceees...
pitleets: You guys have me for about an hour more.
Downstairs58: Damn, it's like being in a taxi...and a nice one! :-)
anhyzer667: That's about when the clues will start pouring in
Downstairs58: Aw, sheila, we're still waiting for it to start...
Downstairs58: For the new people, this is how it was last year: MJ got 6th in the morning, and went on to win the finals. :-)
Lanita12: but they had clues in that race
anhyzer667: And a lot of frayed nerves in between
Downstairs58: A LOT
sjma529: That's nice and all, but what I want to konw is this: How many kegs at the party?
DauerVato: Kip said they left the hotel 35 minutes ago, so hopefully we'll get some clues here shortly
fullfrequency125: let it be so...
DauerVato: Can someone tell me where they start at (when they call in)? I'd like to have Kip moving in that general direction when we know.
pitleets: If they drop them off in Tennessee I quit.
anhyzer667: Nope, they drag them out to an undisclosed location
Downstairs58: First priority is getting them into AIM (so people can start on them), then paste them onto that web page thoroughly and accurately.
Downstairs58: They're probably in a ditch...
anhyzer667: I'm not sure we want kip going to where they start -- by the time he gets there, they may be needing to go back downtown
pitleets: Either that or in the Louisiana State Correctional Facility
Lanita12: that's in
Downstairs58: Scott, we'll need you to look up on a map where they're at and tell us so Steve will know
Lanita12: Angola
Lanita12: long ways away
Downstairs58: True--we want Kip at a mid-point cp
anhyzer667: Anglola??? Zimbabwe???
Downstairs58: A to Z
pitleets: I vote for GPS next long as it comes with software you can install to track them.
Lanita12: no angola prison
Downstairs58: I think that's specifically disallowed--the gps
DauerVato: If we have Kip at least going in that general direction, though, he can stop somewhere midway, and then be closer to that middle clue when we give it to him.
Downstairs58: Let's not move Kip until we decide where he goes. We don't want to tire him out. OH, wait we're talking about KIP...
DauerVato: It's better than having him wait where he is until we figure out the clue to give him
Downstairs58: But if he runs in the wrong direction that's bad. We know that from orienteering. Then he's further away.
Downstairs58: Does Kip have a car?
pitleets: So, any idea on who the top 7 teams were, besides us?
anhyzer667: Let's wait and see. If this were the same situation as last year's race, it would be absolutely pointless to send him to the starting area
DauerVato: They'll start them far off and have them head back towards the hotel, which is the ending point. Having him go between the ending point and the starting point won't be in the wrong direction.
Downstairs58: Oozing monkeys are in top 7
pitleets: That just sounds nasty
Downstairs58: It does.
Downstairs58: What kind of person would call themselves that?
anhyzer667: Lance Carbuncle?
sheila78666: well at least they won't have to worry about other teams with the same name
Downstairs58: An evil parody of the cycling hero?
Downstairs58: No, I don't want their stinky-*** name.
anhyzer667: I'm going to start calling you Ooze-monkey
Downstairs58: I'm going to quit answering.
pitleets: 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. If one of those bottles should happen to fall, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.
Downstairs58: Paul! get a grip, man!
pitleets: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.
anhyzer667: Somebody slap Paul
Downstairs58: Are Jim and Becky drunk yet?
sjma529: Don't you let a bottle of beer "happen to fall"! You catch it! And don't waste a drop! Unless it's Fischer d' which case you should push it off the shelf
mjhartig2000: Great, now everyone is so tired, they're dropping beer!!!
pitleets: Less than an hour.....c'mon van driver....I want to work on at least ONE clue
Downstairs58: Better than dropping clues.... but hints, now, hints would be good.
Downstairs58: Bribe the bus driver. :-)
anhyzer667: We won't be doing that this year
sjma529: Give him a beer, so he hits a phone poll and gets our team on the ground where we can talk to them!
Downstairs58: I think they're deliberately trying to wear out people's support crews.
sjma529: Excuse me, Phone "pole"
anhyzer667: I wish you'd hit a Phone Poll person
Downstairs58: PLease@!
pitleets: I answered a phone poll once
Downstairs58: Gallup called me 3x last week
sjma529: Did that phone poll begin with "What are you wearing?"
anhyzer667: I'm out of root beer already
Downstairs58: You lush.
Downstairs58: Your wife is not going to bring you one.
sjma529: Well, I don't know if we're going to win, or lose, or not even get to play, but this chat has been fun!
anhyzer667: OK, will you bring me a kaliber?
Downstairs58: Now THAT'S entertainment! ;-)
pitleets: My dog wants to say something to the group.....
pitleets: ckmfofvkfmkfm908
Downstairs58: Our ears are rising up...
sjma529: What??
anhyzer667: That's probably the first clue
Lanita12: that's it! foamybarn is solved
pitleets: All thanks to my dog.
Downstairs58: Oh, crap...a frequency I can't hear...
pitleets: You'll have to excuse my dog...she isn't that good on the keyboard yet
anhyzer667: Bet no one else has a dog on their support crew
Downstairs58: Randall, if Paul has to go before we finish clue 1, please go on clue 1
Downstairs58: I'll bet they think they do after this am.
Lanita12: is your dog's name qwerty?
sjma529: We have two - our dog is right here helping us.
Downstairs58: yup. QWertyup.
srmittman: ya, that puppy just said something. while i was admiring your mindless chatter, she peed on the floor. arg....
Lanita12: you decided to keep her?
sjma529: 3 dogs in our crew? Is this a three dog night?
fullfrequency125: ok about clue 1
Downstairs58: Gonna be a long night, dogs or no
Downstairs58: We have two dogs we can chip in, and two cats you can try to herd. ;-)
pitleets: Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1 Clue 1
srmittman: nope, kirby came up with a detatched retna so puppy has to go. jim and beck are going to adopt her. we just have her until they get back
Lanita12: oh wow...poor kirby!
Downstairs58: Kirby can't see at all? Poor doggie...
anhyzer667: An appetizer would be nice
pitleets: OK, who farted?
Downstairs58: It was our dogs.
Downstairs58: I swear.
anhyzer667: 86 the appetizer
pitleets: heheheh
fullfrequency125: the queso was good
Downstairs58: where was it from?
fullfrequency125: homemade velveeta and rotel
anhyzer667: now that's good eatin'
Downstairs58: John B told me the only salsa y'all get in France is Old El Paso, and I really feel for y'all...
ronda1123812: HERE WE GO: stating cp1
pitleets: FINALLY!
srmittman: kirby is on some meds that have restored a good portion of the vision but we are supposed to keep her quiet - with a puppy and jason in the house
sjma529: We had "chili con queso" at one of teh Tex-Mex places in was mild green chiles sliced into strips with some cheese sauce on it..
pitleets: Clue me baby!
Lanita12: woo hoo.....we're ready
Downstairs58: It's on the web page--get it!
Downstairs58: Paul, Lanita and Scott
Lanita12: told ya cemetery!
Downstairs58: I think the next number may be 3
pitleets: I'm thinking 9 or 11, but can't find the pattern just yets
ronda1123812: cp 2 clue is up
srmittman: i think the next two numbers are 2 then 9
fullfrequency125: number is 42
srmittman: what is the equation to put them in
Downstairs58: look at how much you add or subtract, and think of them separately
fullfrequency125: cp#1 nubmer is 42
srmittman: randall - why
sheila78666: who has url for anagram site?
Downstairs58: why, randall?
pitleets: Is that all for Clue #1? Where is the equation you are substituting in for A?
Rodney8Z: anagram site on the links page
Downstairs58:, sheila
sheila78666: thanks
Rodney8Z: how did you get the next 2 numbers?
anhyzer667: I don't understand the instructions in clue 1
sjma529: anagram site work for proper name?
anhyzer667: Where are JM? I need to get them set on teh map
DauerVato: CP#4 - I also found Frottoir on the web
pitleets: 13+15 = 28, not 27
Downstairs58: so you subtract one
srmittman: i am reading the numbers in cp#1 as single numbers not 13, 15...
fullfrequency125: your'e right 13+15=28, 42 is wrong and I just told Marcy on the phone
Downstairs58: John and mike--help on 1
DauerVato: do you know where they started
mjhartig2000: Ok
pitleets: update marcy #1 is not correct yet
srmittman: i come up with 23 for the answer on cp1, using 2 and 9 as the last 2 numbers, suming them all, flipping the sum
DonRoseJn: weh have the name for the washboard instrument, any more detail on CP3
Downstairs58: what's your logic on 2 & 9?
pitleets: CP1: could it be 31.....2, 3, 5, 7, are prime is 11; 0, 1, 1, number is 2; 11+2 = 13; flipped is 31
pitleets: Just a guess
Downstairs58: That's what I"'m thinkin , paul
srmittman: 1 appears twice followed by the 3, 5, 7 series
Lanita12: i agree with paul. it's the kind of number not the value
Downstairs58: then it would be 2 11
pitleets: I'm guessing on the 2
srmittman: so i was thinking that 2 would next appear twice followed by the 9 in the series
Downstairs58: I concur.
pitleets: Who's the mathemetician here?
Rodney8Z: doesn't feel very secure
Downstairs58: I was a mech eng. Good iwth math
srmittman: run it by kip
Downstairs58: Kip needs to know where to go, we solve clues.
Rodney8Z: i'd rather find a sequence that we don't break into two parts
Downstairs58: Go with 2 and 11
Lanita12: st. patrick cemetary on canal is the #2 cemetary
Lanita12: we think
ronda1123812: this may be a good place for kip (museum of art)
pitleets: OK, so if it is 31, what do we do with it? address? sign?
Downstairs58: Put in 2 and 11 and see if it works
Rodney8Z: put them into what?
pitleets: Is Clue #1 listed in it's entirety?
Downstairs58: is the sum 31?
pitleets: not sure Tam
Downstairs58: Ronda--was there more to this clue???
Rodney8Z: we need an equation with A in it for CP1
Rodney8Z: try to think of other sequences though
Downstairs58: I get the sum is 34---soemone double check me
srmittman: refresh your web pages
Rodney8Z: it might not be math...# of days in months, etc
Downstairs58: I get 34 for the number. Scott, please work on it!
Downstairs58: Darin, please take a look at #1
pitleets: Google ain't no help on CP1
srmittman: sum it then flip it, 34 becomes 43
pitleets: how did you get 34?
Rodney8Z: shouldn't the sum just be the next two numbers added?
DauerVato: Scott, what do we do with cp#4 answer? I'd like to send Kip there.
Downstairs58: I think the last two numbers are 2 and 11. They're primes, and 11 comes after 7, and the spacers in between are 0,1,1,2 and the next spacer is a 2
pitleets: That is what I was *guessing*, but can't confirm it.
Downstairs58: need a part of town for kip...what part of town are they in?
ronda1123812: cp1 if you add 3 and 11 together you get 14 and flip it to make "hi"--3 is if you add the seq of the number (0+1is 1 1+1 is 2, 1+2 is 3)
Rodney8Z: are we sure there is no "equation" part of this clue??
Downstairs58: Ronda, do we have the whole clue on 1? I think we're missing something!!!!
anhyzer667 has left the room.
ronda1123812: yes, the series is the equation
Lanita12: i think the key is in the title
Lanita12: crypts
Lanita12: one's buried underground in new orleans.
Rodney8Z: but it says that our answer will be the "A in the equation"
Rodney8Z: there is no equation with an A for us to use
Lanita12: there are 3 cemetaries, known by numbers
Lanita12: 1, 2, 3
pitleets: was A short for Answer?
Downstairs58: maybe--so what is 34???
Lanita12: 5242 canal blvd.
Downstairs58: what are the others?
Lanita12: is st. patrick #2 cemetary
Rodney8Z: in the last round they had A, then said: 5200+2*A or whatever.
ronda1123812: MJ said the equation is easy and all they need are the numbers
Rodney8Z: ok, so there -is- an equation!
Downstairs58: ronda, tell them 43
Rodney8Z: you really think 43??
Rodney8Z: sure?
ronda1123812: verify kevin mccarthy--theylike it so far
Rodney8Z: i don't agree
DauerVato: Can someone tell me approximately where they are starting?
pitleets: 41?
Downstairs58: I really think 43, but would like verification
Rodney8Z: both sound much too high
Rodney8Z: are you adding up every number in the sequence?
Rodney8Z: I think it wants us to add just the next two numbers
pitleets: 0+1=1; 1+2=3;
srmittman: add them and flip the sum!!!
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
pitleets: The question is what are the next 2 numbers....we can't seem to agree
Rodney8Z: yes
srmittman: I think you just add the last 2 numbers
Downstairs58: Marcy called--it is just sum last 2--she concurs it's 2 and 11
Lanita12: are we sure that either of the last 2 numbers will be a double digit?
pitleets: If we could figure out the last two numbers, I agree, we just add them, and flip-flop the digits
fullfrequency125: the last two numbers have to add up to 10 or more in order to flip it...41, 43 wont work
Downstairs58: Marcy says no flip--she has an equation
anhyzer667: everything is a prime #, so @2 & 11 make sense
Rodney8Z: get the equation
pitleets: 3+11=14; flipped = 41
Lanita12: so what do we do with it
Downstairs58: THey add to 13. Let's move to clues 2, 3 and get kip going
Downstairs58: Marcy is handling it, Lanita--we move on
pitleets: why not 3 and 11?
DauerVato: Where are they starting from????
Lanita12: ok give me somthin
Rodney8Z: don't we get DQ'd if we give them the wrong #?
Downstairs58: Yes, they do, rodney
Downstairs58: Lanita, go onto clue 3
Rodney8Z: so make sure it's right before sending them somewhhere
Downstairs58: Marcy agreed.
anhyzer667: kevin mccarthy looks like an anagram -- but what does it mean?
Downstairs58: What's KM have to do with an homage?
anhyzer667: and where are they?
DauerVato: Ronda - where are they now?
sheila78666: stuck on 2... homage? could be statue? or place named after someone?
sheila78666: no luck with anagram site
anhyzer667: kevin mccarthy is the Urban challenge race creator
ronda1123812: corner of Metarie Rd and I 10 is where they are
ronda1123812: look up buses for getting them home
srmittman: kevin mccarthy is the race creater for the urban challenge
Downstairs58: STeve--send kip to that area
Lanita12: rubboards or washboard like thing. it's right
DauerVato: sending him now
Downstairs58: So what sort of homages we have to the Uc creator?
srmittman: CP2chris got that from
Downstairs58: Paul and Scott--go to cp4
anhyzer667: We've got cp 4 solved -- it's 13
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Downstairs58: Good work! Get onto cp2
sjma529: But what does 13 mean? That's where I'm lost.
Lanita12: #3 it's for zydeco we need a zydeco venue?
srmittman: Kevin McCarthy is also associated with the st gregory hotel
sheila78666: yahoo yellow pgs business listing: "McCarthy Kevin" at 1542 Tulane Av?
DauerVato: What do we do with the answer for cp#4? Is there anything else with the clue?
Downstairs58: I think they're looking for a big banner for cp4?
Downstairs58: yes, look for zydeco venue, lanita
sjma529: "What's on the banner?" So who would have a banner with a 13?
pitleets: Did you subtract 3 from 13?
pitleets: It's gotta be 3 feet off the ground, so if the column is 13 feet, the answer is 10 feet. If the column is 16 feet, then the answer is 13 feet
Lanita12: #3 tipitina's (501 Napoleon)
sjma529: No, the column is 16 feet.
pitleets: roger
Downstairs58: Paul and Sheila BT--need you to go back and take a HARD look at #1
Lanita12: it is a well known cajun music venue
sheila78666: who is sheila BT? ;-)
DauerVato: why that tipitina's for cp#3? Why not another venue?
Lanita12: it's just a suggestion
Lanita12: sorry i forgot to put guess
Downstairs58: #1 is a fibonacci series. Scott told Marcy. :-)
Downstairs58: sorry sheila--bad typing
Lanita12: #3 guesses: Storeyville (125 burbon) , Patout's Cajun Corner, (501 burbon st)
Downstairs58: Paul and Sheila--ignore cp1--marcy has it. Go back to the other ones.
pitleets: how can they be fibonacci....0+2 does not equal 1
Downstairs58: Nice work, lanita
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: There are spacers
Lanita12: oh yikes, there is a french quarter location of tipitina's..they have a second location...233 N. peter's str
anhyzer667: what did i miss :-)
Downstairs58: need someone to help lanita on cp2--sheilatb?
pitleets: #1 doesn't appear to be fibonacci
Lanita12: tam, i'm on 3
Downstairs58: Leave 1 alone. Marcy thinks she's got it. Move on!
mjhartig2000: For CP1, its obvious that we don't have the whole clue (what is the equation, and what is the A in the equation??). Can we get a re-read of the whole clue, if possible?
sheila78666: I'm back to #2
Downstairs58: 1 is best left to racers--you have to see it.
Downstairs58: Please move to clues 2, 3, 4
Downstairs58: Don't get fixated.
ronda1123812: one is done
sjma529: Do we have any idea where they are in New Orleans, or where the CP's are? I am using phone book and don't know where to look
Downstairs58: web search probably best
DauerVato: They are near Metaire Rd. and I-10
Downstairs58: sheilaTB, try to get location fix for 2
sjma529: No, what part of town. I have three listings...should I focus on one near I-10, or is it wide open?
DauerVato: That's north and west of the french quarter
Downstairs58: Rodney, randall? any location on cp2?
sheila78666: Kevein E McCarthy, MD: 1542 Tulane Ave.
pitleets: Kevin McCarthy MD 1542 Tulane Avenue New Orleans
Downstairs58: good work on 2! Paul, pls get location for cp3, with sheilaTB
Downstairs58: SheilaR and crew, pls move to cp5
DauerVato: I'm going to send Kip towards cp#2
pitleets: Hotel on VHS $9.98 With Kevin McCarthyThe luxurious - but debt-plagued - St. Gregory Hotel in New Orleans faces a battle for survival, while its staff, guests and prospective buyers generate behind-the-scenes
Downstairs58: Do we have location for 4 yet?
Downstairs58: anyone idle?
fullfrequency125: idle
Lanita12: did any of my guesses work for #3?
Downstairs58: Work on location for cp3
fullfrequency125: ok
Downstairs58: Check lanita's geusses, randall
Lanita12: random thought...ZZ top also plays one of these things
fullfrequency125: marcy just said they did the cp#1 picture
Rodney8Z: is Kevin McCarthy in NO running the race?
Downstairs58: scott--get them directions to cp2
pitleets: Buckwheat Zydeco played a froitter
Downstairs58: sounds good....
anhyzer667: I'm not sure where "1542" is -- the map doesn't give numbers worth a damn
Downstairs58: rundown buckwheat zydeco
Downstairs58: Could 1542 be a club?
Rodney8Z: it's just the doctor Kevin McCarthy's address
Downstairs58: Maybe you just go there.
srmittman: refresh for #5 the number 2 store of buds broiler
ronda1123812: pics taken at 1,2,&3 going on to 4
Downstairs58: Get location for 4
pitleets: what was 3?
anhyzer667: Is #2 at the medical center of Louisiana?
Downstairs58: Nevermind--they took the pic. Paul and scott, figure out location of 4, also Sheila TB
Lanita12: where to for me next?
ronda1123812: we can get details later
Downstairs58: Lanita---5
pitleets: there are 13 identical houses on Julia Row (aka Julia Street)....was there a banner there?
Downstairs58: STeve, call kip and ask if banner on Julia row
anhyzer667: We solved the number part of cp4, but there is nothing in the clue that tells us what to do with it
DauerVato: Ronda, they've already done 1-3?
srmittman: 5 should be answered - see web page
anhyzer667: answer to 4 is 13
anhyzer667: whatever that means
Lanita12: cp5 - the area for location that shiela r listed is the right area
ronda1123812: thats what MJ said
Downstairs58: Should they look for a column with a banner for 4?
anhyzer667: I bet 1-4 are all at the cemetery
Downstairs58: Probably!
Downstairs58: I'll bet they see it
anhyzer667: Where is "BUD"?
Lanita12: bud's broiler....see the web site
ronda1123812: after cp4 they will be out of the cemetary
Downstairs58: Scott, verify bud's broiler
anhyzer667: what web site?
Lanita12: the race web site
ronda1123812: they are ready for 5 andy directions?
anhyzer667: gotcha
Downstairs58: give it to them
pitleets: they get CP4?
sjma529: Don't overlook Bud n Skis
sjma529: 2025 Gravier St
anhyzer667: city park is just east of those cemeteries
Downstairs58: Paul, work on cp 6, with Sheila TB
Downstairs58: Scott, verify this bud thing
Lanita12: no, gravier street is way away from where they are....near the hotel
mjhartig2000: TAM: for CP6 (from -- if you take the test, you find in the answers that the first witch is Suzanne. Someone please verify.
DauerVato: Kip is still heading towards the cemetary, I think. Any future clues he could head towards would be great.
Downstairs58: Darin--please verify what mike just asked about 6
anhyzer667: metairie avenue becomes city park road, so just go east on it
Downstairs58: Kip needs to start coming back
DauerVato: back where?
Downstairs58: SheilaR---please take the test mike said for cp6
Lanita12: do you need me to still work on 5? i think we're set there. send me to another one, i guess
Downstairs58: Lanita, go to 7
Lanita12: can
Lanita12: can't
Lanita12: it's at the hotel
Downstairs58: need an address for 6
anhyzer667: lanita, what's at the hotel?
DauerVato: Tam, should I have Kip go towards 500 city park?
Downstairs58: STeve, yes
Downstairs58: are we real sure about city park road for the Bud thing?
Lanita12: cp 7 clue says races to solve at hotel
Downstairs58: Ronda, when they get a chance, more clues, pleases
Lanita12: NOMA address is 1 Collins Divoll Circle in City Park
Downstairs58: noma?
srmittman: cp5 -that is the address on the website and i called the store to confirm that they are number2
Lanita12: New orleans museum of art
Downstairs58: Way to go!
Lanita12: run forest run
Downstairs58: Scotta and Paul, get #6 location
sheila78666: #6: NOMA is in City Park
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Downstairs58: OK, then.
srmittman: whew
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: We gotta wait on more clues...
pitleets: all it says is located in City part for NOMA
Downstairs58: Ronda ask them to read more clues!
ronda1123812: directions to museum of art NOW
Downstairs58: Scott, get them to the museum of art.
srmittman: might not be more clues if 7 is to be solved at fairmont
Downstairs58: Ronda, you live at the museum of ART
Lanita12: New Orleans Museum of ARt...1 Collins DIBOLL Circle in City Park
Downstairs58: I think 7 will be something very sneaky...
pitleets: NOMA from Downtown - take Canal St to Carrolton ve
Downstairs58: I smell it...
ronda1123812: we will get to more clues in a minute
pitleets: Turn right on Carrolton Ave adn follow sings to NOMA
srmittman: NOMA in south east corner of park
Downstairs58: Sit tight...
pitleets: At the traffic circle with statue of of General P.G.T. Beauregard in the middle, turn left
anhyzer667: directions posted
pitleets: Kewl
Downstairs58: Exxxxcelllent...
pitleets: I gotta bail of luck to all!
srmittman: take esplande entrance se corner
DauerVato: I'm sending Kip back to the Fairmont to wait for the lead team to come in.
Downstairs58: thanks, Paul@@!!!
pitleets: Send me an email with results: xxx@xxx
Downstairs58: You got it
ronda1123812: fastest way to fairmont after museum
geetytx has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Jason M coming on line
sjma529: Just noticed "can do no. 2" in CP5 clue...I wonder if City Pk location is their second? Their number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX..
anhyzer667: get them on bus #48 at esplanade at the edge of the park
geetytx: hi this is jason mittman...i can help, but might have to leave ot help mom if it ocmes up
Downstairs58: Marcy and John around cp7...
sjma529: Sorry - just say srmittman's post
Downstairs58: Jason, we don't know if we have more clues...see web page...waiting for more clues...
geetytx: pls send web page address
geetytx: have any teams finsihed?
Lanita12: re bud #2...sheilar confirmed it
DauerVato: http://xxxxx
Downstairs58: don't know if anyone finisihed yet
Downstairs58: dont think so
srmittman: cp5 - the can do no 2 refers to store 2 of the rest. chain
Downstairs58: ronda did they see the skip person?
anhyzer667: bus directions to CP7 posted
ronda1123812: how sure are we about wave for cp6?
Downstairs58: Did we verify 6?
Downstairs58: We did verify 6. We think it's good.
srmittman: bus route 48 down esplanade to 68, 68 to canal street and get off
anhyzer667: SheilaM posted, any verifiers?
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Downstairs58: Jason--some phones we can call for info:
Downstairs58: Debbie XXX-XXX-XXXX Dale XXX-XXX-XXXX Marybeth and Cecil XXX-XXX-XXXX
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Scott pls verify cp6
anhyzer667: Only need 1 bus to get from city park to fairmont, #48
srmittman: cp6 chris went to a website that showed the family tree of the whitches and I verified suzanne
geetytx: do i understand correct that we still need the answer to #5?
Downstairs58: No, I think we have 5.
Downstairs58: SheilaR called them
fullfrequency125: #5 is posted "needed" on the web page
Downstairs58: It needs to be updated
sjma529: Is 4 done?
mjhartig2000: So we're in a waiting pattern now?
Downstairs58: Yes--waiting for more clues
anhyzer667: I verify #6, it is suzanne
Downstairs58: Good.
ronda1123812: got pic at wave
Downstairs58: Sheila, didn't you call the place about 5?
sjma529: She posted that she did
ronda1123812: schedule on bus from park/
geetytx: sorry, one more questio than if we are in hold mode...they don't get the remainder of their cluse until they hit cp 7?
Downstairs58: NOt sure if they don't have or haven't read in...
srmittman: yes i called the city park store and they said they were store #2.
Downstairs58: Sheila--pls update web page to verify 5
geetytx: has anyone called them to see if we need to get them to read in more clues for us to get to work on?
ronda1123812: does anyone have a schedule for the bus from the park?
DauerVato: Kip is about 6 blocks away from the hotel now.
srmittman: 5 already updated...
Downstairs58: 7 seems to be a special cp--maybe they get more clues there
Downstairs58: Ronda, call and see about more clues...
geetytx: ok, great
srmittman: lanita do you have the bus schedules!
Lanita12: yes so does scott
Downstairs58: Scott put bus directions to 7 on site
sjma529: Anyone oknw what CP4 was?
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Downstairs58: Probably something marcy saw.
DauerVato: directions are on there
Lanita12: sheilr do yu need another schedule?
Downstairs58: cp4 was probably a "miyabiya."
sjma529: A what?
Downstairs58: 'splain later.
srmittman: lanita ronda was asking for the schedule
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: directions to 7 are on The SITE!
Lanita12: there are seven bazillion schedules.
anhyzer667: city park at 4:53 & then at 5:21
Downstairs58: There you go. :-)
anhyzer667: If they're not on it already, they'll have to wait for 5:21
geetytx: how far is the distance they would run vs wait for the bus??
Downstairs58: Good question! Scott?
anhyzer667: it's a 25 minute bus ride in, and about 30 blocks
Downstairs58: So 3 miles...
Lanita12: 5 or 6 miles
anhyzer667: if they missed the bus, they need to run that distance in 40 minutes to beat the next bus in
Downstairs58: Whaddaya think, Jason? 5 or 6 mile run, or bus?
Downstairs58: 7-8 minute miles...
sjma529: Can they run and catch up to the other bus?
sjma529: How's traffic?
Downstairs58: Jason, need your opinion.
srmittman: what about a bus down stream? it is 5 or 6 miles
anhyzer667: It would have at least a 10 minute head start
ronda1123812: cp8 is up
Downstairs58: downstream?
geetytx: 6 miles, depending on hwo tired they are, and how long hte break b4 they started...
DauerVato: can they run and catch something along the way?
geetytx: maybe.... mid 8's
geetytx: MAYBE
geetytx: but you have to deduct where they get off the bus and would have to run anyways.
Rodney8Z: mistake - ache...
Downstairs58: Marcy on bus 48 asking scott where to get off....
geetytx: Ok, so they do NOT have ot run 6 miles? or is that later?
DauerVato: sweet
Downstairs58: they're working it...
Downstairs58: No run..on bus...
geetytx: thx
anhyzer667: bus must be running behind -- good for us!
Downstairs58: But thanks for the good feedback! :-)
geetytx: have you confirmed that no additional clues in hand with marcy/john?
sheila78666: good one Rodney; sixth note of scale would be A
Downstairs58: Need SheilaTB, SheilaR, and chris adn Dj on clue 8 now
sheila78666: sulpher is S
Downstairs58: Jason, pls look at clue 8
geetytx: any teams who have gotten those 2nd set of lcuse have a huge advantage
Downstairs58: Lanita, clue 8
anhyzer667: period of time = era?
geetytx: got it, thx
Downstairs58: sounds good
Lanita12: if clue 8 is FORMERLY in the marriott, it is GODCHAUX
sheila78666: era, agreed
geetytx: can you position dave and kip at hotel to follow teams out? who already have enxt set?
Downstairs58: isn't sounds like a homonym?
Downstairs58: Good idea, J---Steve, if you would...
anhyzer667 has left the room.
DauerVato: kip is at hotel waiting now
Downstairs58: Everyone on 8, it's all we've got right now
DauerVato: jason, dave is not helping this afternoon
geetytx: sheila, each one of htese words seem to be mini cross word puzzles..could oyur folks help?
Lanita12: constant dull pain.= throb
Lanita12: maybe
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Lanita12: not godchaux
Lanita12: sorry...
Downstairs58: 9 is here. SheilaTB, john, mike, darin--go onto 9.
Downstairs58: Jason--call her folks if you think it will help
anhyzer667: anyone have Dr Waters' stalker?
srmittman: cp8 formally or formerly
Rodney8Z: Mister(stalker)s
sjma529: C minor scale would have "Ab" as 6th that A sharp?
anhyzer667: what's the logic behind "formerly"?
Rodney8Z: it says c major
Downstairs58: sounds like" could be "seems"
sjma529: Ooops.. we mis read
anhyzer667: miserables?
Downstairs58: Scott--go to 10!!!!
Rodney8Z: mistake-ake+era-a+(stalker)+s
mjhartig2000: Mapquest yellow pages gives two places under "mister": mister b's bistro and mister alex the fourth. Mr B's is supposed to be pretty popular.
Downstairs58: Randall, take a look at 10
anhyzer667 has left the room.
fullfrequency125: ok
DauerVato: cp#9 - Dancing wu li
srmittman: please confirm first word of cp8!!!
Downstairs58: that godchaux thing---SheilaTb, pls verify
DauerVato: kip has spotted the first team -google. He will follow to 8
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
ronda1123812: the finish is at the fairmont
mjhartig2000: Guess at CP9: whirling dervish??
Downstairs58: STeve--call Kip, read him 10, and ask him to unscramble it
DauerVato: kip working on it now
Lanita12: another store on canal that was replaced by a hotel was WERLEINS for MUSIC
ronda1123812: directions for cp8 yet? they are at 7
Downstairs58: Give them what we have for 8 and tell them its unverified
geetytx: unwise decision = mistake
Downstairs58: Do we have something
geetytx: i hope
sheila78666: SteveB thinks stalker could be Jack? anyone else get that?
srmittman: ronda please please confirm the first word of cp8
Downstairs58: OK, hold off on 8....
Downstairs58: Jack the ripper?
Downstairs58: Was jack the ripper a stalker?
Rodney8Z: Jack of all Trades
Downstairs58: Is there a store called that?
sheila78666: Jack may be alias... more info coming
fullfrequency125: #10 is NOT an anagram...not enough vowels
DauerVato: Kip just said that Google thinks all the rest of the pictures will be different for each team. Anything he calls in will have to be verified very carefully.
Rodney8Z: i have no idea what this is from about jack, but came upon it a couple times
Downstairs58: check for shops, stores "jack of all trades"
Rodney8Z: no, that would just be the name of the stalker
Rodney8Z: so "misterjacks"
anhyzer667: not an anagram, a cryptogram
Rodney8Z: mistake-ache+era-a+jack+s
Rodney8Z: sounds like "misterjacks"?
Downstairs58: check out misterjacks
sheila78666: not so sure about jack now... anyone else?
ronda1123812: found skip guy
Downstairs58: Wann call skipon cp8?
Lanita12: there are 3 more parts before the mistake section on that clue
mjhartig2000: Diane says, regarding CP9, the shriners group out of NO that is pretty famous, and wear fez's, are from the Jerusalem Temple.
Downstairs58: Sabine's back
bine4mundi has entered the room.
Downstairs58: Sabine, look at 10
anhyzer667: Jack makes perfect sense for that part of the clue
bine4mundi: ok
Rodney8Z: Jack maybe stalker in profiler?
DauerVato: kip says cp#10 is not a letter rotation. He's stumped. Google is taking a breather.
DonRoseJn: Ronda, Clue 8 is the first word Formally or Formerly
ronda1123812: formerly--used to be
anhyzer667: web page says formally
Downstairs58: please update!!!
DauerVato: google split up to lose kip, and now they can't find each other. Been lost for 5 min.
anhyzer667: cp8 says "sounds like" -- so doesn't have to be exactly "Mister jacks"
srmittman: refresh web pages, new data
Downstairs58: nevermind, I did it
Downstairs58: "sounds like" = seems?
Downstairs58: Funny google!
Rodney8Z: jack from Profiler seems to fit well
geetytx: mister jacks?
ronda1123812: something that sounds like mister jacks--MJ says definately mister
Downstairs58: run down profiler and jacks
Downstairs58: mister jack's profile? A silhoutte of a guy?
sheila78666: profiler was steves source for jack
ronda1123812: someone go to yellow pages
Rodney8Z: mystery..?
Downstairs58: Mr Jacks seems = Mr. Jackson?
Downstairs58: what did we do with the formerly of marriot? was that godchaux?
Lanita12: no, the godchaux was the wrong place
Lanita12: i have a lead on 11
srmittman: still working on formerly at marriott'
Downstairs58: pursue it, lanita
mjhartig2000: Guess for CP9: Whirling Dervish 1135 Decatur, NO (see website
Lanita12: it is a hole in the wall place near Ruby Red's on esplanade about 3 -4 blocks from the river
Downstairs58: SheilaBT, help other sheila
Lanita12: we're working on the name
Downstairs58: scott, work with the sheilas
geetytx: i agree....just looked at amkes sense to me
srmittman: where did godchaux hint come from
Downstairs58: Jason, pls check mjh's guess
ronda1123812: got anything else for sp8--they are waiting for me
anhyzer667: The marriott was "formerly" called Le meridien Hotel
Downstairs58: EVERYONE--work on 8
ronda1123812: verify mr. waters stalker?
Downstairs58: Ohhh, I thought Jason was telling ME unwise decision = mistake...
DauerVato: Google just took a picture at Serendipitous masks at the intersection of decator and dumain (sp)
Downstairs58: Rodney--check and see if that makes sense
Downstairs58: the Serendipitous thing....
Downstairs58: they could have a different clue
Downstairs58: Do we think 8 could be mr. waters stalker near the marriot???
DauerVato: cp 9 - kip confirmed - 1135 decator - whirling dirvish
srmittman: again - where did godchaux hint come from
Downstairs58: scott, get a location for red fish grill
Downstairs58: and put it in 12
Lanita12: #11 confimed with Fodors.
Downstairs58: Do we want to skip 8?
Downstairs58: Ronda--suggest they skip 8. Jason, you think?
geetytx: what dooes mister jack sound like if combined in to one word?
anhyzer667 has left the room.
geetytx: not sure.... we're we have the answer for 9?
DauerVato: yes - it's on the site
geetytx: missed? your? check?
ronda1123812: they are on the way to cp9--if we get anything on 8 let them know or they will try to skip it
geetytx: mom needs back
Lanita12: sorry guys, i have to go.....this has been a lot of fun. someone please let me know how it ended up
Downstairs58: mizzajak?
Downstairs58: Thanks, Lanita!
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
Downstairs58: OK--work on location of 9 now
Lanita12 has left the room.
Downstairs58: nvevermind-scott get them directions to 9
Downstairs58: Work on 10
Downstairs58: everyone
geetytx: mystery... jack
Rodney8Z: tried to rotate the letters for 10...don't see anything
ronda1123812: going to Mr. Jacks Louisiana Haircutters on 111 Decatur for cp8--please confirm?
Downstairs58: Cannot confirm, but sounds good
ronda1123812: Mj asked me to look up Mr. Jacks in yellow pages
geetytx: it is an ITEM formally at the marriot that has been moved to a different location. need to call the hair salon or the marriot...
Downstairs58: They can skip it if they think, but 10's a bear
Downstairs58: Jason--call them!
anhyzer667: that far on decatur may be out east
geetytx: maybe a shoe shine chair or somethign ?
Rodney8Z: doesn't seem to use the "sounds like"
ronda1123812: took pic at hair salon and are moving to 9
geetytx: oh boy...
srmittman: i have called the marriott concerage and operator - no help
srmittman: why the hair salon?
ronda1123812: anyone got cp10?
Downstairs58: everyone work on 10 now.
geetytx: what is the status of kip and team google?
Downstairs58: ronda--we're having trouble with 10
anhyzer667: whirling dervish is above another shop. Don't know where on Decatur is it
DauerVato: he's now following oozing monkey - they seem to know where they are
geetytx: kip can likely solve #10...
geetytx: but don't know if it is worth it.
DauerVato: both oozing and google are now walking - stuck on checkpoints
DauerVato: kip said he couldn't figure 10
geetytx: or those teams are trying to loose kip
Downstairs58: Try putting in vowels.
DauerVato: not trying to lose him
Downstairs58: numbers something?
Downstairs58: uc for urban challenge?
sheila78666: code somehow related to the movie or is magnificent 7 the first 7 teams?
Downstairs58: I think 10 has something to do with urban challenge OR magnificent 7
sjma529: Whre is urban challenge next year? How about "n...M... SHould Be The Greatest Urban Challenge?"
Downstairs58: They probably haven't decided, but check...
Downstairs58: what could n m be?
sjma529: Next Month!
sjma529: How often is this?
anhyzer667: corner of decatur & gov. nichols (cp 9)
Downstairs58: What's in FQ that's related to urban challenge? New moon?
Downstairs58: Is there a new moon club?
geetytx: i like it!
ronda1123812: confirmed on cp11??
ronda1123812: need directions to cp12
Downstairs58: Scott, get on those directions!
Downstairs58: ronda--did they go and get 9-11???
ronda1123812: nevermind on directions to 12
sheila78666: no N.M. in UC 2004 season
Downstairs58: New Orleans' Music for N.M.???
bine4mundi: New Mexico in 2002
anhyzer667: what directions are needed? Don't know where cp10 is yet, do we?
geetytx: uc will not begin again until 06/05
ronda1123812: done 9 need 10, working on 11 & 12
Downstairs58: OR, something related to N.M. inthe french quarter??
Downstairs58: No! Scott, help on 10
geetytx: no UC race in NM
bine4mundi: in 2002 in New Mexico
Downstairs58: So what is nm?
srmittman: sheila, dj, chris working on 10
anhyzer667: did they skip #8?
Downstairs58: What city was it in nm?
bine4mundi: Las Vegas
Downstairs58: Look for a las vegas something in FQ
geetytx: no, they went a barber shop..and Ihave a bad feeling about the phone# doesn't work
sjma529: Las Vegas New Mexico? The little town outside of Abq? Or LV, NV?
ronda1123812: they are going to 12 now--need 10
Downstairs58: EVERYONE work on 10, pls
sheila78666: no las vegas in yellow pgs for NO
bine4mundi: John and Marcy Beard were the winners last year
Downstairs58: we know
bine4mundi: i didn't
Downstairs58: Could it be N for last letter JOhn, M for marcy, SB last and first letter of beard?
geetytx: steve, where is kip with teams? have they been someehwere amrcy and john have not gone and we do not have a clue for?
srmittman: verify the last 2 letters of cp10 clue
DauerVato: kip is following oozing monkey, who are wandering around aimlessly
DauerVato: apparently each team has a different number of letters in their code to crack - oozing has 11
DonRoseJn: nmsbtgUg - only one vowel??
anhyzer667: I think John was right about N M "should be" etc
DauerVato: if there is somewhere I can send him, let me know
Downstairs58: it's got to be an acronym
Downstairs58: New orleans Mardi gras?
anhyzer667 has left the room.
sheila78666: map folks: could code be 1st letters of streets in french quarter?
Downstairs58: excellent idea!!!!
geetytx: sb often means "state bank"
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
geetytx: i.e. "New Mexico State Bank"
Downstairs58: Scott---check if it's new mexico state bank and where a branch is in FQ!!!
geetytx: can kip see the code of hte other team and see which letters match?
Downstairs58: EXCELLENT, Jason! You're a genius.
Downstairs58: Uh-oh...did I just say...
geetytx: no...look up all state banks in new orleans...i'm on it....but it is a bad long shot...
geetytx: can they skip 10?
geetytx: what are the rest of hte teams doing? can they get moving around the frnech qtr looking for teams> FQ is not htat big!
Downstairs58: search FQ atm's
geetytx: i mean our teams tht did not make finals
ronda1123812: STOP--they are at the end and are skipping no. 10--waiting to verify pics--2nd team in.
geetytx: ok, i think skip 10 is good decision
DauerVato: oozing monkey are now at an internet cafe looking things up
geetytx: althoug i wonder about 8...gulp
Downstairs58: Go to 11 now!
sjma529: No bank in New Orleans beginning with N
Downstairs58: Everyone, get location for 12.
Downstairs58: THIS IS NOT OVER!!!
sjma529: We found script saying Jerry M said "Hello" at Dorothy's house
anhyzer667: apparently they got to do the last few clues in any order they wanted
sjma529: See web
Downstairs58: Talk 'em to it, ronda & randall
DauerVato: kip is headed to 11
srmittman: do we have a skip person?
Downstairs58: yes
Rodney8Z: ronda, they are done?
ronda1123812: okay--MJ said they are done and are getting pics verified--they were 2nd team in behind google(?)
Downstairs58: They're done?
sheila78666: are they skipping or postponing 10?
Downstairs58: Yes!!!! What Jason said!!!!
ronda1123812: skipping--they are finished!
anhyzer667: CAn I breathe?
srmittman: while we wait - someone explain the hair salone
Downstairs58: Come on, google...%#$% up....
anhyzer667: someone explain all of them
bine4mundi: 115 Bourbon St.New Orleans, LA 70130-2301 for Clue 12
geetytx: their is a hair salon called MR JACKS
srmittman: did it used to be at the marriott?
Downstairs58: so maybe that's the right picture? :-\
geetytx: but i called and the phone# was no good that the yellow pages had. i think it is more complex...something that mister jack really sounds like...but too late now to worry baout it
geetytx: focus on finsih
Downstairs58: It was a judgment call, and we do those.
geetytx: and a good call...the best one it seems ya'll had
Downstairs58: You helped.
geetytx: sare cp 11 and 12 verified?
DauerVato: when will we know about the results?
Downstairs58: They'll call.
Downstairs58: When they call, we'll say it on this chat
geetytx: is cp 12 verified? it seems from the writing the script reads 2 different ways? anyone?
anhyzer667: Beats last year, when it was 11 pm before we knew
geetytx: where is kip?
DauerVato: kip is headed back to the hotel now
mjhartig2000: For some of us, its 1am now.
Downstairs58: I think 12 is pretty clear cut...
Downstairs58: Mike, if you need to go, thanks a million and we'll e-mail you and John.
bine4mundi: Yes cp 12 is verified
sjma529: OK, we're off. I was just mentioning to Mike how I haven't been up past midnight this many nights in a row since college...
geetytx: it reads like ya'' did awesome...great job!
geetytx: i got to run....someone please call me when we know where j & m unofficially finished
sjma529 has left the room.
Downstairs58: john says it will be awhile. I'll call you, j
geetytx has left the room.
mjhartig2000: Ok. Thanks for the fun. I'll be looking at my email tomorrow. Au revoir!
Downstairs58: Thanks, Mike!!!
mjhartig2000 has left the room.
Rodney8Z: 1, 2 and 8 scare me
DauerVato: I'm going to take off. Great job everyone.
Downstairs58: John Beard says they're deliberately holding off until more teams finish, planning to make a big, suspenseful announcement. They're playing it up.
Downstairs58: Thanks, Steve! :-)
DauerVato has left the room.
anhyzer667: What was the answer to 2, anyway?
Downstairs58: Oh, NOW you don't get kicked off!
Downstairs58: I think it was some kind of zydeco club
anhyzer667: But weren't they doing the first 4 int he cemetery?
sheila78666: #2 was a doctor who had the same name as uc race director\
Downstairs58: Oh yeah...then I don't know. I think Marcy must've found it. You know how she makes connections
anhyzer667: I guess so. It looked like they were all supposed to be numbers, but 2 & 3 don't fit
Downstairs58: I'll bet the Google team's support is just as worried, if not more so.
bine4mundi: Would you please include us on the email about the results? Thank you and good night
bine4mundi has left the room.
Rodney8Z: can we watch the finish on espn?
Downstairs58: Damn, I wish...
Downstairs58: I feel like I felt this morning--I think we're looking at a 50% DQ rate. Only question is, is it MJ or Google? MJ almost never messes up...
srmittman: where was the hair salon?
Rodney8Z: Mr. Jacks Louisiana Haircutters on 111 Decatur
Downstairs58: Be pretty funny of none of the 7 had all the right pics, then it had to go to whoever was firstest with the mostest...
Downstairs58: "if none"
sheila78666: don't even...
Downstairs58: we'd still win
Rodney8Z: I wonder what Google's Serendipitous masks picture was
Downstairs58: I wonder if all the 7 teams cps were the same....
Rodney8Z: yes, probably a little different like in the early race
srmittman: what is the Serendipitous masks about?
Rodney8Z: no idea
Rodney8Z: they took a picture there
fullfrequency125: I'm going away from the computer but will check back from time to time until I hear MJ won!
anhyzer667 has left the room.
Downstairs58: Damn, now I don't know whether to drink a margarita or open a bottle of vintage port....
srmittman: i'm thinking eaither a good burger or sushi
DonRoseJn: signing off! email me with results!! xxx@xxx
DonRoseJn has left the room.
sheila78666: mmmmm.... port
srmittman has left the room.
Downstairs58: I usually open me a bottle of vintage port each winter. Just one bottle per winter, 'cause port's expensive. Have a lot of '94's in my wine cellar. :-)
sheila78666: only if you buy the fancy stuff...
sheila78666: me not fussy....
sheila78666: SO, any word re: the finish???
srmittman has entered the room.
Downstairs58: The story so far: MJ came running into the hotel, and the Fluffy bunines were waiting to cross the finish line, very paranoid, checking pix. They told their suport person who was right there to go chekc and see
Downstairs58: if the competition was coming.
Downstairs58: right then MJ ran in, John ran headling into the support person, knocked him down, and the Bunnies ran across the finnish
Downstairs58: two secnds ahead of mj. Still waitin on picutres, it will be ahwile.
Downstairs58: Folks, we HAD a hossrace, and it's still ongoing! :-)
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
sheila78666: dang... hope there's no personal foul for roughing the support person!
anhyzer667: I'm all goosebumpy
anhyzer667: penalty 15 minutes and loss of 1 picture
sheila78666: anyone seen any good movies on dvd lately? we're headed to Blockbuster.
Rodney8Z: support person should get a 3 second penalty for blocking MJ
sheila78666: ther ya go!
srmittman: go eat, wait, go eat, wait
Downstairs58: more funny JB stories...NONE Of the teams got 10
Rodney8Z: that's good news
anhyzer667: They all skipped 10, then
Downstairs58: 7 was a cocktail party at the hotel, cp7 was a person, skip person also there, different persons for each team, and the people didn't KNOW if they were a cp or a skip person, or for whom
Downstairs58: All skipped 10
Downstairs58: They've said it could be a tie, and then it'll be sudden death trivia challenge. I told John B to start buying the competiion drinks--very stiff ones!
Downstairs58: John says the Fluffy Bunnies are very nice.
Downstairs58: It is still not known what 10 was supposed to be, AND the Google team had a bunch of MIT grads writing computer programs to figure it out and they DIDNT so don't feel bad. :-)
Rodney8Z: I think that's the team Kip made friends with in the morning round
Downstairs58: They will call me when they know, and I'll tell everyone.
Downstairs58: I think one of them's a track coach and the other is his former runner.
anhyzer667 has left the room.
anhyzer667 has entered the room.
anhyzer667: It amazes me that our low-tech outfit continues to confound the support machines the other top teams bring
srmittman: what kind of things do the other teams do?
Downstairs58: we ain't low tech, and we ARE a support machine
sheila78666: hear hear
anhyzer667: I was referring to the MIT computer geeks working for Google
Downstairs58: Ahem. Many of us went to Engineering school, just at UT, not MIT.
Downstairs58: We cut our teeth in high-tech AUstin
anhyzer667: Were you number-crunching clue 10?
Downstairs58: No, I was word-wrangling it, pardner. ;-)
anhyzer667: Last year it was the roaming satellites they used for a ground support crew
Downstairs58: Same difference--nobody got 10
srmittman: some of us are just cleaver and know that burger joints name their locations 1,2,3...
Downstairs58: Roaming satellites?
Downstairs58: What SheilaR said!
anhyzer667: You know -- they drop off their clue baton to a team in a decked-out van to do all the problem solving, and the ground team just runs wherever they're told
Downstairs58: Confidence, Scott. We is the defendin' national champs! :-)
srmittman: can they do that?
Downstairs58: I thought they had to carry the baton--rule # 1 of any track relay
anhyzer667: Confidence has nothing to do with it. I was just pointing out that we seem to do better than the best technology money can buy.
srmittman: i do agree
Rodney8Z: I think the baton has to be in each picture
anhyzer667: They did this year -- precisely because of that tactic from last year
Downstairs58: If we win again, we ARE The best!
Downstairs58: And confidence is VERY important.
Downstairs58: Listen--I hear John buying triple shots for competitors...?
Downstairs58: John called. They're 2nd place. Fluffy Bunnies won by 5 seconds. All our pictures were good. :-)
srmittman: very good work everyone!
anhyzer667: Can't complain about 2nd out of 200 that came in
Downstairs58: Yes! It was a nail-biter to the very end. Understandable the Bunnies were paranoid about pics, give what happened last year. Were probably taking all the time they could to check pix until MJ appeared. I'd do that.
Downstairs58: Thank you all, everyone, for an EXCELLENT race! :-)
Rodney8Z: Great work everyone!
Downstairs58: Bunnies lost to us last year in a controverial finish, it's only fair, really...
Downstairs58: Signing off...very tired...

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