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Urban Challenge Dallas 2007 Pictures

Marcy and John at checkpoint 1 - the "frame" sculpture

Checkpoint 2 - the metronome

Checkpoint 3 - Theatre Three (this was actually the first checkpoint for Marcy and John to visit)

Checkpoint 4 - The Mondrian... oops! This was the photo that got them disqualified (right location, but wrong photo)

Richard and Spencer with the correct photo for checkpoint 4 - the "F" in the blue circle

Checkpoint 5 - Trece

Checkpoint 6 - Teddy bear statue

Checkpoint 7 - The elusive sundial

Checkpoint 8 - Steel

Checkpoint 9 - Thomsen Overlook

Kip and Jason at checkpoint 9

Checkpoint 10 - Big ball of yarn

Garrett and Robyn at checkpoint 10

Checkpoint 11 - Hooters statues

Checkpoint 12 - The Walrus

Group shot of all of us at the finish line, Campisi's

Kip and Jason's race report

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