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Urban Challenge Dallas 2002 Clues

Our teams were randomly designated to start at the following Checkpoints:
Becky and Jim:Checkpoint 1
Richard and Gayla:Checkpoint 3
Marcy and John:Checkpoint 3
Kip and Rob:Checkpoint 4

Each team then had to progress upwards through the Checkpoints, wrapping around at the end, and then finally hitting the "LAST ONE FOR EVERYONE" clue at the end.
For example, Kip and Rob had to find the Checkpoints in this order:
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 1, 2, 3, LAST ONE FOR EVERYONE

I Never Liked That Vase, Anyway! Checkpoint 1 is printed below next to the name of the person who broke the vase. To find Checkpoint 1, figure out who broke the vase. To help you, we have given you a statement from each of the suspects.

None of the suspects' statements are true!
Mike: Sally broke the vase.
Tom: Mike will tell you who broke the vase.
April: Tom, Chris, & I could not have broken the vase.
Chris: I didn't break the vase.
Sally: Mike broke the vase, so Tom & April couldn't have.

Mike = Hercules the Archer near the Trammell Crow Center.
Tom = Sacrifice III near Symphony Center.
April = Les Ondines near Symphony Center.
Chris = The Right Light in the Trammell Crow Center.
Sally = The Majestic Theater.

It's What's for Dinner! Find a tribute to blues great who jammed with "Call It Stormy Monday" in the West End.

Nick Brimble? This Farmer's Market establishment shares its name with a member of what may have been Robert Fitzooth's (the Earl of Huntington) merry band. Any signage will suffice for Checkpoint 3.

Don't Fence Me In... This particular Pegasus is located south of City Hall and is painted with a lively and colorful pattern that originated in a city in Scotland.

Is it flat head or Phillips? At least once a day (if it's working), this rusty harrow points to a red gateway that serves as Checkpoint 5. Get your photo at the gateway in downtown Dallas.

It's Across the Street... Find the large green Loxodonta Africana within one-half of a mile of the street where the Munsters lived. It is Checkpoint 6.

Smurf Off! Brainy Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty Smurf, and Vanity Smurf buy a baker's dozen donuts. Brainy buys Gargamelle and his cat, Azriel, each a donut. Smurfette buys one less than twice the number that Brainy bought. Hefty bought one more than everyone else combined.

Checkpoint 7 is located on Drexel in the Highland Park area. To determine the address, put the Smurf's donut purchases in the following order: Smurfette, Brainy, Vanity, Hefty.

Where's Tinkerbell? Get your photo with a "frolicking pixie" near turtle creek who has a lobster on his back and a fish under his little belt rope. This pixie is Checkpoint 8.

Doe a deer, a femule deer... Find a couple of deer near the Dallas Theater Center; it's Checkpoint 9.

A Tweener! Checkpoint 10 is a multitude of bronze violin pieces located somewhere between these two establishments:

Establishment #1: Shares its name with another city in Scotland

Establishment #2: Shares its name with shortened form of first name of actor who played Rollin Hand in 60's television series.

Patented Wacky Equation! Solve the equation below to discover Checkpoint 11:

New York, NY, for example
Equals Checkpoint 11

Find this establishment east of Checkpoint 10.

Forever Eagles, Isaiah, 40:31 within one-third of a mile of Race Headquarters

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