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Urban Challenge Dallas 2002 Chat Transcript

What follows is the transcript of the chat session where our support crew solved the clues, in all of its unedited glory! It's amazing that they not only managed to solve all the clues so quickly for us, but they somehow found the time to be frickin' hilarious!

Our support crew was:
anhyzer667 - Scott Appleton
austntiger - Shane Bordeau
Darin Camp - Darin Camp
Rodney8Z - Rodney Jacobson
pitleets - Paul Sabol

You have just entered room "Chat 26349134283596593825."
pitleets: OK, so I guess Jim & Becky will call me with their clue from CP 1.
anhyzer667: I'll be on CP3 from Kip/Rob, and Shane will get CP 4 for both Marcy & Richard's team
AustnTiger: so they will call us right?
anhyzer667: Yes, they should call us individually with their clues, then we enter the clues into the chat
AustnTiger: so the same locations or clues will apply to all teams.. so teams that have hit a site that another team has already been to should be easy... right
pitleets: Scott, were you going to keep a spreadsheet of the questions?
anhyzer667: Yes, I'm keeping a table of the questions, possible answers, locations, who's working on what point, and who's been to what point
pitleets: Kewl. I don't think you can send files via AIM Chat, so you may have to email it when you update it.
anhyzer667: I'll need Rodney and/or Darin to work on clue 3 as soon as I give it out, since I'll have less time for research than some of you
AustnTiger: Darin will not be here until about 9:45
anhyzer667: OK, I'll have Rodney work on #3 then.
AustnTiger: here is a good link
anhyzer667: As soon as someone finds a possible solution and we agree that it is the correct answer, I'll immediately begin working on how to get the team to that point
pitleets: I have Google, Dogpound, and altavista on hot standby....
anhyzer667: I've got DART and a couple of the Dallas sites Marcy suggested on standby as well
AustnTiger: do we know where each team is starting out?
pitleets: Becky & Jim on CP1
pitleets: Marcy & John on CP3
pitleets: Richard and Gayla on CP3 also
pitleets: Kip and Rob on CP4
AustnTiger: right, but not the actual location yet
pitleets: Oh, sorry. No, I don't know physical locations yet.
anhyzer667: Richard/Gayla are on point 4, according to John
anhyzer667: I have the physical location
pitleets: When Jim & Becky check in, I'll get their 10-20
pitleets: Who has the maps of the Dallas area?
anhyzer667: They're starting on a stone road between Ervay & Akard, and between Main & Elm
AustnTiger: looking at expedia now... that should be good
anhyzer667: I have the 'official' map that the teams are using so that we can coordinate common grid references
anhyzer667: Also, I have a Sculpture brochure, so if we get a sculpture clue I can work on that one, at least initially
anhyzer667: Paul, I just sent you the base cluesheet table (Word format).
anhyzer667: Let me know as soon as you get it so that we know the email thing is working
anhyzer667: Is this still working? No one else has made a comment in 5 minutes. Please respond if you're on so that I know I'm not disconnected
AustnTiger: yes
anhyzer667: Thanks. Sometimes on Sametime you can be disconnected and not know it
AustnTiger: we should use a special color or stupid smiley face thing to indicate a solved clue... thoughts
pitleets: Got the cluesheet...thanx.
AustnTiger: my email
anhyzer667: The smiley face would work, since I'm very unlikely to use it in normal conversation
pitleets: How about for a solved clue :-D
pitleets: For a tough one :-(
anhyzer667: That's a good one, Paul
anhyzer667: :-XThis one means "we punt"
anhyzer667: I guess we'll need to be sure of a solve -- If we give them the wrong answer and figure it out later, they'll be DQd if they got the picture of the wrong place
pitleets: I think the best we can do is to get all 4 of us in concurrence, then issue the answer.
AustnTiger: agreed
pitleets: Sink or swim as a team.
anhyzer667: A consensus of 4 should do it
pitleets: Jim just emailed me....Jim & Becky are starting at the corner of Ervay and Elm...that is the start and finish point of the race.
anhyzer667: Does anyone else have a Dallas street map of any kind?
pitleets: I'm just using Mapquest.
AustnTiger: just the internet expedia one
pitleets: Not always 100% accurate, but it's good down to the city block level. That's where the official Dallas maps come in.
pitleets: Mapquest, that is...never used expedia.
pitleets: Shane, any idea where Kip & Rob are physically starting from?
AustnTiger: havent heard anything yet
pitleets: 10-4
anhyzer667: I think John said everyone is physically starting at the same place
pitleets: Almost showtime...
anhyzer667: Has anyone looked at clues from earlier races? I've looked at a couple
pitleets: Negative. On occassion I may need to step away, but I'll leave the chat window up...I've been nursing a sick dog the last couple days. I shouldn't be gone for more than 10 minutes at a time.
AustnTiger: what are they like
anhyzer667: some of them can be pretty obscure
AustnTiger: i think they are going...
anhyzer667: One of them started something like "Restaurant whose name resembles the following excerpt from the IRS tax code", and then had this huge impossible legalese section. Answer: Mumbo Jumbo
AustnTiger: very obscure
pitleets: wow...
pitleets: This could be real tough..
Rodney8Z likely we'll have to work together on most clues, but one person can research things like getting list of restaurant names
anhyzer667: Damn, my phone rang and I picked up and got a dial tone. Hope I'm not experiencing technical issues
AustnTiger: I think john just called me for 2 seconds and then said I will call you back
anhyzer667: I do have a partial list of restaurant names I printed from an online directory
anhyzer667: Maybe the race directors just issued a new rule: no outside assistance
pitleets: Doh!
pitleets: haven't heard from Jim & Becky yet...
pitleets: Gentlemen.....start your engines.....rrrm rrmmm rrrrrmmmmm
pitleets: cp 4: don't fence me in...this particular pegasus is located south of city hall and is painted with a lively and colorful pattern that originated in a city in Scotland
AustnTiger: clue from John... cp 3 : Farmers market establishment that shares it's name with a member that may have been Robert Fitzooth "earl of huntington" 's merry band
AustnTiger: cp 6 It's across the street ...... Find large green loxodonta Africana with in 1/2 mile of street where the munsters lived
pitleets: i have cp 8 coming soon...
AustnTiger: anyone know what street the munsters lived on
pitleets: CP8: Where's Tinkerbell? Get your photo with a "frolicking pixie" near Turtle Creek who has a lobster on his back and a fish under his little rope belt. This pixie is Checkpoint 8.
pitleets: 1313 Mockingbird Lane
AustnTiger: for the munsters?
pitleets: Yes...1313 Mockingbird Lane is where Herman and Lily lived.
Rodney8Z anyone have a list of dallas farmer's markets?
AustnTiger has left the room.
pitleets: For CP1, the answer is Chris
pitleets: Jim & Becky are heading over to the Trammel center.
AustnTiger has entered the room.
AustnTiger: thanxs
anhyzer667: for cp7, the answer is 3217 Drexel
pitleets: For the farmers market question:
anhyzer667: answer to CP4: South of city hall, across the road, behind the fence. (If only we knew where city hall was)
anhyzer667: I found it. Who's going to CP4?
Rodney8Z kip and rob
AustnTiger has left the room.
anhyzer667: Kip/Rob have 4, on the way to 5, need to know where 6 is
AustnTiger has entered the room.
AustnTiger: back
Rodney8Z for 3, need a farmer's market with a robin hood character name?
AustnTiger: cp 3 is a little stand called Little john's plants and products... Reference is to Robin hood... and fitzooth
pitleets: Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."
pitleets: It's a part of the "Last one for everyone clue" Jim gave me
pitleets: "Last one for everyone" Forever eagles, Isaih, 40:31 within 1/3 of a mile of race Headquarters."
AustnTiger: cp3 solved Little John's plant stand in farmers market part #1 :-D agree?
AustnTiger: CP5? anyone
Rodney8Z agree on 3
pitleets: Not yet, but Becky & Jim has solved CP1. At the corner of Flora and Olive is a man painting a picture called "THE RIGHT LIGHT"
pitleets: Paul concurrs.
pitleets: on 3
Rodney8Z ok, what are we working on?
AustnTiger: update on cp3 ... for details... 1 block east of harwood... 1 block south of MArilla.... open air market...
AustnTiger: cp6
AustnTiger: cp5? what is the clue
AustnTiger: cp6 ... 1313 mocking bird lane... is that on the street maps for dallas?
pitleets: CP2 Clue: It's what's for dinner. Find a tribute to blues great who jammed with (call it stormy monday) in the west end.
AustnTiger: cp 5 = sculpture #27, scott has the brochure, 'harrow' at wood/market streets
AustnTiger: marcy says CP5 is at Ervay and Pacific? is this correct
AustnTiger: whats the clue for #2
pitleets: CP2 Clue: It's what's for dinner. Find a tribute to blues great who jammed with (call it stormy monday) in the west end.
pitleets: Beef is what's for dinner according to the ad campaign. Call it Stormy Monday was performed by T-Bone Walker.
anhyzer667: I need CP8 for Rob/Kip
pitleets: Still working on CP8...tough one. I'll resend the clue.
pitleets: Where's Tinkerbell? Get your photo with a "frolicking pixie" near Turtle Creek who has a lobster on his back and a fish under his little rope belt. This pixie is Checkpoint 8
pitleets: Tinkerbell is never never land....can't figure out the 'frolicking pixie'. Turtle Creek is a Mansion/Hotel.
AustnTiger: cp6
AustnTiger: ?\
anhyzer667: what's teh clue for #5? I don't have that one yet
pitleets: Nor do I.
anhyzer667: cp9: Doe a deer, a femule deer. Find a couple of deer near the Dallas Theatre Center
pitleets: For CP5, Marcy sent a skytell email that said, "cp 5 = sculpture #27, scott has the brochure, 'harrow' at wood/market streets"
pitleets: Don't know if that was the answer or the clue.
AustnTiger: the skip person is located at wood and market street in the sculptures
anhyzer667: does someone need cp5 right now?
pitleets: For CP2, it's in the west end.
anhyzer667: market & wood is the answer to cp5
anhyzer667: same as the skip man?
AustnTiger: that is what gayla called and said
pitleets: What runners are needing answers to immediate checkpoints?
pitleets: Jim & Becky need the answer to #2
AustnTiger: map person... where is mocking bird? reference is to elephants or plants up on mocking bird?
AustnTiger: mocking bird lane
anhyzer667: mocking bird lane, a couple miles north of downtown, runs e/w, can get there by light rail
AustnTiger: any details on what train or rail #
AustnTiger: this is for cp6
anhyzer667: cp2 -- blue flame cafe?
pitleets: Anyone know the location of Little John's Plants and Products
anhyzer667: red light rail will get you to mocking bird station
pitleets: Scott, were you maintaining the question database?
anhyzer667: yes
anhyzer667: it's kind of chaotic
pitleets: Can you resend via email what you have so far...same here.
AustnTiger: me too
anhyzer667: sent to paul
pitleets: Answer to CP2: Statue/plaque of T-Bone Walker in an alley called "Dallas Alley" on the corner of McKinney and North Lamar.
AustnTiger: any clues as on large green elapant near mockingbird lane
anhyzer667: little JOhn's...has a stall in dallas farmer's market
AustnTiger: yes that is the correct place
pitleets: Kip still need CP8 answer??? I'm struggling on that one.
anhyzer667: yes, I haven't heard from them since they set out for mockingbird #7
AustnTiger: cp 6 green elephant brew pub? is it near mocking bird lane
pitleets: So, everyone knows...a bird just pooped on Jim's head.
pitleets: He's heading to the farmers market now..
AustnTiger: cp6 is the green elephant 5612 Yale, Dallas Texas -- Telephone 214-750-6625 one block off of mockingbird lane access by light rail:-D agree?
anhyzer667: sounds good
Rodney8Z yes
pitleets: sounds like it's right on the money.:-D
pitleets: Did a google search for Dallas + Never Never Land and got a porn site hit.
pitleets: All I can come up with so far on #8 is that there is a fancy hotel called The Mansion on Turtle Creek.
anhyzer667: let's send them to the porn site
pitleets: hehehe...
anhyzer667: Me too (about the mansion) wonder if there are sculptures there?
pitleets: Possibly, but the clue is 'frolicking pixie NEAR turtle creek'...could be anywhere in that area.
pitleets: Perhaps a seafood restaurant?
pitleets: Tinkerbell lived in Neverneverland.
anhyzer667: there's like a half dozen turtle creek streets, drives, blvds., etc
pitleets: On to #9..."Doe a Deer a female deer" is a verse in the song entitled "Do-re-mi'.
AustnTiger: who needs help
anhyzer667: #10:bronze violin pieces located somewhere between these 2 establishments:#1: shares its name with another city in Scotland#2: Shares its name with shortened form of the first name of actor who played Roland Hand in 60's TV series
anhyzer667: We're desperate on #8 right now
anhyzer667: Rob/Kip are stuck until we get it
AustnTiger: what is clue
anhyzer667: Where's Tinkerbell? Get your photo with a "frolicking pixie" near Turtle Creek who has a lobster on his back and a fish under his little rope belt. This pixie is Checkpoint 8.
pitleets: Anyone familiar with Dallas area, specifically Turtle Creek Mansion?
AustnTiger: nope
anhyzer667: located at 2821 turtle creek blvd
AustnTiger: is there a ferry rd
AustnTiger: search ferry and turtle creek
AustnTiger: dallas also
anhyzer667: turtle creek has a lot of greenbelt along it...may just be a statue in the park along the creek
AustnTiger: working on anything else?
AustnTiger: john headed to cp7 on drexel rd 3217
AustnTiger: is that correct
anhyzer667: #8: Turtle Creek West on Beverly
Rodney8Z Brownie's Barber Shop 4317 Lemmon Ave # A, Dallas, TX 75219
anhyzer667: need address of dallas theater center
anhyzer667: #8 above a confirmed answer:-D
AustnTiger: repeat 8 ?
pitleets: CP8: Where's Tinkerbell? Get your photo with a "frolicking pixie" near Turtle Creek who has a lobster on his back and a fish under his little rope belt. This pixie is Checkpoint 8.
AustnTiger: the answer?
AustnTiger: what cp is the brownie barber shop?
anhyzer667: Turtle Creek West on Beverly
anhyzer667: That's what Rob told me
AustnTiger: got it about 8 thxs
pitleets: Rob & Kip found the answer!!! Whoo hoooo...that was killing me!
anhyzer667: any word on dallas theatre center address? Their site sucks
Rodney8Z 3636 Turtle Creek Blvd
anhyzer667: thanks
AustnTiger: got it #8 solved
pitleets: Scott...want to resend the spreadsheet once you get it updated.
Rodney8Z what are we missing?
pitleets: Once we get the spreadsheet we can focus. Jim & Becky are heading to 5 but they know the answer when they get there.
anhyzer667: spreadsheet sent
anhyzer667: need #10
anhyzer667: bronze violin pieces located somewhere between these 2 establishments:#1: shares its name with another city in Scotland#2: Shares its name with shortened form of the first name of actor who played Roland Hand in 60's TV series
AustnTiger: drexel to trutle creek? what is the best means of travel
anhyzer667: just go west 2 blocks
anhyzer667: maybe 3 or 4 blocks actually
anhyzer667: then south 2 or 3 blocks to beverly, then "west" to the sculpture
Darin Camp has entered the room.
AustnTiger: at beverly and trutle creek right?
AustnTiger: hey darin this is absolutely insane
anhyzer667: yes, get to beverly & turtle creek, then go west on beverly
Darin Camp: hey gang, whats up with the race?
AustnTiger: cp 10 and 11? anyone
AustnTiger: darin call me 512.751.6759
anhyzer667: I'm trying to get the scottish city for 10. Somebody find Roland Hand?
Rodney8Z not finding roland hand on imdb
AustnTiger: what is the clues for 10 and 11 or any know info?
Rodney8Z bronze violin pieces located somewhere between these 2 establishments:#1: shares its name with another city in Scotland#2: Shares its name with shortened form of the first name of actor who played Roland Hand in 60's TV series
pitleets: Was Martin Landau Roland Hand?...Could item 2 of #10 be Marty?
anhyzer667: marty's bistro, marty's fine food & wines
Rodney8Z yes on marty
pitleets: They spelled it wong on #10: For three years, Landau portrayed Rollin Hand, a master of disguise with the acute ability to impersonate virtually every villain who came down the pike
Rodney8Z Rollin Hand in Mission Impossible
anhyzer667: maybe WE spelled it wrong
anhyzer667: yes, Marty's bistro is on Oak Lawn, not far from cp #9
Darin Camp: what are the addresses for cp 8?
anhyzer667: cp 8 3636 Turtle creek (that's the theatre -- it's "near" there)
Darin Camp: thanks
AustnTiger: hey john is at drexel and beverly at turtle creek? looking for directions
anhyzer667: update on cp#8: North end of Euclid & Drexel , prather park
Darin Camp: beauty
anhyzer667: sounds like rob/kip got a little bad info
anhyzer667: but now corrected it
anhyzer667: have to go back north from beverly
AustnTiger: update on cp#8: North end of Euclid & Drexel , prather park
AustnTiger: is that accurate.. john headed there now
AustnTiger: ???
anhyzer667: I can't find Euclid on the map...
anhyzer667: also st. johns & euclid
pitleets: Is 10 & 11 all that's left.
Darin Camp: addy for cp9?
anhyzer667: I still can't find euclid
anhyzer667: #9 3636 Turtle creek
Darin Camp: thought that was cp8
pitleets: Got a list of 301 cities/towns in Scotland...anyone want them via email?
anhyzer667: no, #8 is north end of prather part, at drexel/euclid/fairfield/stjohns
AustnTiger: what is CP 9?
anhyzer667: dallas theatre center, 3636 turtle creek
pitleets: So, 10, 11, 12 remain...correct?
Darin Camp: whats the addy for cp 8 then?
AustnTiger: what are the directions for euclid st. to cp9? at dallas theatre center... 3636 turtle creek
anhyzer667: yes, 10-12.. Part of 10 is Marty's bistro, 3316 Oak Lawn
anhyzer667: From cp8, take turtle creek south to 3636.
Darin Camp: so again, what is the address for cp8?
anhyzer667: it's not an address, just a statue in the north of Prather park
Darin Camp: ahhh, thanks
Darin Camp: so what, statues dont have addresses?? :-)
pitleets: Thoughts on 11: Kidneys (2) + i (just me; 1) + New York, NY (twice, or 2) = 2 + 1 + 2 =5.
pitleets: Anything east of #10 (once we solve it) that could have a 5 in the name?
anhyzer667: cp8 to cp9: st john's south (slight jog at armstrong) to Turtle creek, turtle creek south to 3636
AustnTiger: got it thxs
AustnTiger: darin did you get the info
Darin Camp: anyone have good dirs for cp 6 tp cp 7?
AustnTiger: cp6 is the green elephant 5612 Yale, Dallas Texas -- Telephone 214-750-6625 one block off of mockingbird lane access by light rail
Darin Camp: thanks AT
pitleets: All I know is 7 is 3217 Drexel...appears to be just south of Gerald Ford Stadium. Is that correct?
anhyzer667: that's the correct answer for #7
pitleets: Most of the hits I'm finding for searcing on "Dallas + Marty's" is coming up with 3316 Oak Lawn Ave
AustnTiger: 3217 Drexel is correcyt
AustnTiger: have we solved 10 and 11?
anhyzer667: yes, Marty's bistro. Once they have that, they may be able to see the "scottish" place
AustnTiger: for 10?
pitleets: Yes....Oak Lawn intersects with Blackburn St!
pitleets: Blackburn is a city in Scotland!
pitleets: any takers?
pitleets: It's about 5 or 6 blocks from Marty's to Blackburn
AustnTiger: sounds ok
pitleets: Starting at Marty's, head NorthEast on Oak Lawn.
AustnTiger: Marty's 3316 Oak Lawn AvenueDallas, TX 75219
pitleets: It's right at the point that Oak Lawn turns due north.
pitleets: somewhere between there I guess look for bronze violins.
anhyzer667: is blackburn street an "establishment"
pitleets: No, it's a road.
pitleets: I don't see any parks or 'important' buildings on my map though....but after all it is only
AustnTiger: so marty's bistow on Oak lawn (which way should they go North,south, east west) to backburn?
pitleets: Blackburn is in the county of Lothian in case anyone cares.
anhyzer667: from cp9, go just a tad south on turtle creek to blackburn, then nw on blackburn to Oak lawn, then south towards the bistro. should be between these 2 points
pitleets: Once at Marty's, they should follow Oak Lawn Northeast
pitleets: When Oak Lawn turns and heads due north, that is Blackburn street. I don't think they should go past that point because of the clue.
pitleets: I can't attest to if it is possibly a block or two off that somewhere though.
anhyzer667: actually, blackburn may be a tad NORTH of cp9, so they may need to head that way a bit
pitleets: Does everyone seem to concurr. I'm only going off don't know the Dallas area at all.
Darin Camp: AT - have you guys figured out walking dirs from cp 6 to cp 7?
pitleets: Scott, on the final the beginning of that clue "Forever =, or forever eagles" ? I may have misunderstood Jim.
anhyzer667: cp6 south on greenville to mockingbird, west on mockinbird (across 75) to seewannee, south 1 block to drexel, west less than a block on drexel
Darin Camp: thanks
AustnTiger: cp 11?
pitleets: Which team is heading towards 10
anhyzer667: I thought it was =, but the quote says "eagles", so not certain
AustnTiger: did kip and rob find cp 10
pitleets: I have no clue on 11 yet.
AustnTiger: john's and Gayla's
anhyzer667: kip/rob & john/marcy all going to cp10
AustnTiger: got it
AustnTiger: what is cp 11 clue'
anhyzer667: Patented wacky equation. Solve the equation below:Kidneys+ i+ New York, NY (for example)= CP 11Find this establishment east of CP 10
AustnTiger: any info on it yet?
AustnTiger: big apple?
pitleets: We need to get a firm confirmation on 10 so we can use that as a basis for solving 11.
AustnTiger: waiting to hear from john
pitleets: 10-4
Darin Camp: anyone with firm dirs for cp 7 to cp8?
AustnTiger: john is there now
pitleets: Did he find it, or is he in the general area?
pitleets: Could the last clue be some church or cathedral?
anhyzer667: #12 -- word is "eagles", not "equals"
AustnTiger: yes... corner of Cedar springs and oak lawn... confirmed...
AustnTiger: thats #10
Darin Camp: thanks
Darin Camp: ohh, looking for 7 to 8
AustnTiger: john is skipping 11
AustnTiger: what is the clue for 12?
anhyzer667: #10 answer: Corner of oaklawn & cedar springs, side of the Centrum building:-D
anhyzer667: #12: Forever eagles , Isaiah, 40:31 within 1/3 of a mile of race HQ (Elm & Ervay)
pitleets: "Forever Eagles" by Gerald Balciar is a sculpture. It's like a flying eagle within an enclosed circle (or ring)
AustnTiger: cp 8 corners of euclid/ drewel and st. johns... park area...
AustnTiger: drexel sorryt
anhyzer667: #12, forever eagles statue, corner of ervay & pacific
anhyzer667: :-D
pitleets: Got that just now myself! :-D
anhyzer667: #8 correct shane
pitleets: Not sure about the Isaih 40:31 quote though....
anhyzer667: think it's just inspiration
AustnTiger: cp1?
pitleets: Sculpture, religious artifacts
pitleets: hmmm.
anhyzer667: cp1: At the corner of Flora and Olive is a man painting a picture called "THE RIGHT LIGHT"
anhyzer667: rob/kip skipped #11...anyone still going to need that one?
pitleets: Jim & Becky know the location of #12....they noticed it before the race started.
AustnTiger: cp2?
Darin Camp: will need 11
anhyzer667: cp2: Statue/plaque of T-Bone Walker in an alley called "Dallas Alley" on the corner of McKinney and North Lamar.
pitleets: #2 corner of McKinney and North Lamar
AustnTiger: john headed to #1... now...
anhyzer667: anyone need directions to get somewhere?
pitleets: #11 is a mother @$#@#%
AustnTiger: they skipped 11
Darin Camp: ok
pitleets: Kidneys could also be a bean and not a human organ....
pitleets: how do they get from 7 to 8?
Darin Camp: anhyzer667, have you got walking dirs from 7 to 8?
anhyzer667: yes, I'll take a look ehre
anhyzer667: 7 to 8: follow Drexel quite a ways (a dozen blocks?) west. It will turn south and start to weave. Stick with it until you get to Prather park, near st. johns & euclid
AustnTiger: 4-5 blocks i think
Darin Camp: nice, thanks
anhyzer667: The dozen blocks includes the entire walk to cp 8
AustnTiger: oh
pitleets: Jim & Becky are heading to 8...they know how to get there now. Thanks.
anhyzer667: sorry shane, I see where that sounded confusing
AustnTiger: is their a missing cp clue besides 11?
pitleets: I don't have a firm address on CP12, but Jim & Becky know where it's at.
anhyzer667: I don't have an exact address on #5, but I think everyone has it
AustnTiger: #12, forever eagles statue, corner of ervay & pacific?
anhyzer667: #12 is corner of Pacific & Ervay
anhyzer667: SW corner of that intersection
AustnTiger: anything else?
pitleets: Looks like 11 is the bastard child of a 1000 trivia questions.
AustnTiger: right
AustnTiger: whooooo hooo.. that was madness
pitleets: OK, brainstorming here....kidneys = beans or human organs or urban legend with a tub full of ice....
anhyzer667: what is the address for #3?
pitleets: Far back corner of the farmers market.
pitleets: Don't think there was a physical address, but answer was Little John's Plants and Products
anhyzer667: where is the farmer's market?
AustnTiger: Thoughts on 11: Kidneys (2) + i (just me; 1) + New York, NY (twice, or 2) = 2 + 1 + 2 =5.? what did this mean?
pitleets: Brainstorming # 11: i = me; or the imaginary number square root of -1; or the first letter of Illinois Central Gulf railroad
pitleets: i was just seeing if the number 5 appeared anywhere if that was a possible solution to the 'patented wacky equation'
AustnTiger: organ i big apple?
Darin Camp: has 11 been figured out?
AustnTiger: beans me (lots of people)
pitleets: not a clue on 11...I'm just throwing ideas.New York, NY = big apple;
pitleets: New York, NY is redundant....
AustnTiger: that is what i am thinking
pitleets: or NY squared....or NY^2
AustnTiger: 2 kidneys , one me, 2 ny = 212?
pitleets: 212...boiling point of water in Fahrenheit
pitleets: What's the conversion formula for centigrade/fahrenheit
AustnTiger: a squared + b squared = c squared
AustnTiger: no... sounded good
AustnTiger: what is the fastest land animal?
anhyzer667: fahrenheit - centigrade = f -32 * 5/9
pitleets: cheetah...60 mph
AustnTiger: nicxe
pitleets: only for brief periods though
AustnTiger: glad im not an antelope
pitleets: how about the temperature formula the other way around.
anhyzer667: f = c * 9 / 5 + 32
Darin Camp: I thought there was a large bird that could outrun the cheetah
pitleets: there an Air Conditioning factory or furnace factory near there?
AustnTiger: me
pitleets: Hmmm...dunno...
anhyzer667: we oughta get a transcript of us trying to figure out #11
AustnTiger: saved the transcript
pitleets: Any factorys on Lemmon Ave?
Darin Camp: kidney pie? pizza pie maybe?
Darin Camp: a pizza joint?
pitleets: is there a water works in that area, or a fountain or something?
AustnTiger: ny york pizza joint? gayla is looking for it.. and is east of 10
AustnTiger: she said their is a pizza hut, eatzies, and einsteins bagels
AustnTiger: anyone?
AustnTiger: Kidneys+ i+ New York, NY (for example)= CP 11Find this establishment east of CP 10
pitleets: Don't think I agree with the pizza theme....seems to be too many possibilities in that little area.
pitleets: So far the clues take you to something you KNOW is it, not obfuscated by similar places/objects
anhyzer667: where did the fountain clue come in?
pitleets: 2 kidnesy, 1 me (i), 2 New Yorks....212...boiling point of water
pitleets: hot springs?
pitleets: heating/ac place?
pitleets: fountain?
pitleets: dunno...just regurgitating ideas
anhyzer667: there is a building called the Fountain Place on Ross avenue, that's why I asked
anhyzer667: but it's not east of CP10, so can't be it
pitleets: Anyone? Anyone? Worth a shot maybe?
Darin Camp: organ+i = organize?
pitleets: maybe...
AustnTiger: that's what i though darin... buy what is ny ny
pitleets: Wonder what the 'patented wacky equation' means....
AustnTiger: the patented name of a store?
anhyzer667: maybe a clue they give for every city
pitleets: wacky equation....what could be considered a wacky equation
Rodney8Z i = one = ein, kidney stone = stein, NY bagels? ???
pitleets: new york, ny = brothers???? Einstein Brothers Bagels?
AustnTiger: that sounds the closest yet
pitleets: do they have those in dallas?
pitleets: they're all over here in Vegas
AustnTiger: yes.. gayla says their is one right near her
AustnTiger: ?
pitleets: Fire phasers....if she's close, it's worth a shot.
AustnTiger: how will she know?
anhyzer667: 3827 lemmon?
pitleets: do they have a person or flyer or something that tells you?
AustnTiger: right
AustnTiger: calling gayla now
AustnTiger: Kidneys+ i+ New York, NY (for example)= CP 11Find this establishment east of CP 10
Darin Camp: where does "kidneys" fit into the bagel solution?
pitleets: stein in german = stone; ie kidney stones
Darin Camp: ahhhh, best one yet
AustnTiger: gayla is walking over to einsteins to look
AustnTiger: wow I feal defeated
pitleets: Tell her to eat a bagel with strawberry cream cheese for me while she's there.
Darin Camp: mmmmm, strawberry cream cheese (in the voice of Homer Simpson)
AustnTiger: John just finished... they might be first... he says get kip and rob their quick
pitleets: How did John finish if we haven't finished 11 yet?
Darin Camp: skipped it?
pitleets: Can you do that?
pitleets: I thought you had to answer all the checkpoints.
AustnTiger: they found the skip person
pitleets: what is the skip person?
AustnTiger: anyone know where kip and rob are?
anhyzer667: I know exactly where they are
anhyzer667: I'm getting them to the farmers market
AustnTiger: how many more?
pitleets: They're in Dallas, but that's not important right now (in the voice of Leslie Nielson in Airplane)
Darin Camp: lol
AustnTiger: it's a big city with lots of people.. but
pitleets: Over Macho Grande
AustnTiger: darin how is jim doing
Darin Camp: on their way to cp 9
pitleets: I haven't heard from Jim in a while...he was headed to CP8 last time I heard
AustnTiger: cool
Darin Camp: should be there any minute
pitleets: So, we don't have to solve 11?
Darin Camp: Jim is not convinced that 11 is the one they want to skip
AustnTiger: any eye centers of dialysis centers around for cp11
pitleets: So, they are allowed to skip one checkpoint during the race then?
AustnTiger: we know all the rest of them
Darin Camp: yes, just one
AustnTiger: only if they find the skip person, i think
Darin Camp: they found him
anhyzer667: "far back corner of Farmer's market" -- which direction is that?
pitleets: Dunno...that's what Jim had relayed to me.
AustnTiger: in section #1 in the market
anhyzer667: If #11 really is Einstein's bagels, that was a kick-ass solve
pitleets: How will we know?
anhyzer667: When someone gets DQd
pitleets: I mean, if that isn't it and we skip will we know what it really was.
AustnTiger: not sure... gayla does know either.. they are wandering
Darin Camp: 9 to 10 - the bistro? any more details?
pitleets: Corner of Oaklawn and Cedar Springs, side of Centrum Building
pitleets: that's #10 solve'
Darin Camp: they are skipping 11 :-)
Darin Camp: I know but what is the Bistro?
anhyzer667: Marty's bistro
pitleets: Marty's
Darin Camp: oh, didnt read ahead
pitleets: So, John & Marcy may be done; Kip & Rob heading that way? How about Jim/Becky and Richard/Gayla.
anhyzer667: Kip/Rob heading to Farmer's market
anhyzer667: Then #12 & then done
pitleets: is it a team concensus then to skip #11?
Darin Camp: anyone sent their team from cp10 to cp12? best way?
AustnTiger: yes
AustnTiger: I hear they have to do 12 last?
pitleets: My team (Jim/Becky) said they knew where #12 was before the race began, so thye didn't report a specific way.
AustnTiger: rodney?
Darin Camp: they are asking for the fastest specific way now
pitleets: they recalled seeing the sculpture before the race started and remembered it.
anhyzer667: cedar springs south all the way to moody or pearl (I think it changes names there)
anhyzer667: south might be east to them right now
anhyzer667: then moody/pearl east/south past woodall rogers to flora, then west to olive
pitleets: Isn't that a geographical oddity....south is east of them.
pitleets: :-P
Darin Camp: only in Texas
anhyzer667: the road starts east, then turns south at turtle creek...but irony noted
AustnTiger: nice... it must be the equinox or tide change
pitleets: Hey guys, I may have to bail within the next 30 minutes...I have visitors this weekend from out of town and everyone is starting to rise out of bed here.
pitleets: If I do, I'll notify Jim & Becky in plenty of time to make contact with one of your.
Darin Camp: I am in contact with them now
AustnTiger: what about bennihana for cp11? gayla asks
anhyzer667: I don't see a benihana anywhere in the area
pitleets: not sure how she got benihana out of kidney+i+new york, NY
Darin Camp: lol, i was just trying to figure that one out myself
pitleets: Anything that begins with stoni or stony in that area?
Rodney8Z ben=bean, i, ...?
AustnTiger: ben's kidneys that i found near hana in ny
AustnTiger: huh
anhyzer667: good god
pitleets: Must have been in Queens.
Rodney8Z benihana grill, 3848 oak lawn ave #193
pitleets: Been there many times myself.
Darin Camp: wow
pitleets: I'm just totally stumped on 11.
AustnTiger: snookies or apple jack's liquor . gayla says
AustnTiger: Kidneys+ i+ New York, NY
AustnTiger: hmmmm
anhyzer667: how are they getting "snookies" out of that clue?
AustnTiger: snookies is a store they are at
pitleets: Did you guys know there is a Proctor and Gamble office in Uzbekistan?
AustnTiger: cool next time i am there
anhyzer667: I'm sorry, my bus map doesn't extend to Uzbekistan
anhyzer667: maybe it's a "dart on call" area
AustnTiger: i saw that.. do they come to austin
pitleets: I've got that dang 212 boiling point of water stuck in my head and it's not leaving....I need a tangent to get off on.
AustnTiger: organ i city... some kinda of container store or something
AustnTiger: university
Darin Camp: i thought of that as well but could not tie NY, NY to it
Darin Camp: Frank Sinatra recorded NY, NY
Rodney8Z it's "New York, NY (for example)", right?
Darin Camp: yep
AustnTiger: which is a city..
Darin Camp: metropolitan area maybe
AustnTiger: organ city
Rodney8Z it shouldn't be too specific to NY
AustnTiger: organ donor clinic?
Darin Camp: is there another major city that has the same state/city name?
AustnTiger: Kidneys+ i+ New York, NY
Darin Camp: (for example)
AustnTiger: yup
Darin Camp: something about an island city
AustnTiger: beani city
Darin Camp: stoney?
AustnTiger: doh
AustnTiger: what happened to rodney?
Darin Camp: why?
AustnTiger: we need help
Rodney8Z still here
Rodney8Z ....but no help
anhyzer667: I'm racking my brain, but haven't come up with anything intelligent to say
AustnTiger: send over the complete clue again
Darin Camp: that hasnt stopped us :-)
Rodney8Z maybe the "for example" is not connected to NY or the rest, but is a separate part
anhyzer667: Patented wacky equation. Solve the equation below:Kidneys+ i+ New York, NY (for example)= CP 11Find this establishment east of CP 10
Rodney8Z eg
Darin Camp: its just plain mean is what it is
pitleets: What's the status of the teams.
AustnTiger: how abpout 7 - 11
Darin Camp: ?
Darin Camp: are you thirsty?
AustnTiger: gayla sees it
AustnTiger: they are still looking spouting out stores near them to me
AustnTiger: what about Kid knees.. I and ciryt
AustnTiger: city
AustnTiger: ice house or kid's need ice cream in the city
pitleets: Ooh ooh I got it...Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the conservatory!
anhyzer667: rob/kip just finished in 2nd place
anhyzer667: becky/jim on the way now
Darin Camp: nice
AustnTiger: john finished 1st.. then rob, they went to help jim
AustnTiger: I am not going to sleep tonight with out knowing this answer
AustnTiger: Patented wacky equation. Solve the equation below:Kidneys+ i+ New York, NY (for example)= CP 11Find this establishment east of CP 10
anhyzer667: rob said it began with an "O"
Darin Camp: have the teams ask around
pitleets: organ meapple incorporated?
AustnTiger: founded 1808
pitleets: first bill was $212.00
AustnTiger: organicity
anhyzer667: yes, there's something in Dallas
pitleets: I'm sure there is.
pitleets: Its a big town to have nothing.
AustnTiger: definition: to chat randomly about urban adventure clues
Darin Camp: :O
anhyzer667: orgainicity 3028 N hall street
AustnTiger: are you serious
anhyzer667: yep
pitleets: No frickin way.,
Darin Camp: see, we were there Shane :-)
AustnTiger: are you kiding
pitleets: What, pray tell, do they offer as a service?
Darin Camp: probably like the container store
pitleets: We have Organized Living stores out here.
anhyzer667: "food & high fashion"
AustnTiger: gayla is checking it out
AustnTiger: how did you find that
anhyzer667: gotta be it...very close to cp 10
pitleets: I was about to head off on an organic tangent.
AustnTiger: to funny... :-D
anhyzer667: where is gayla right now?
pitleets: Do we have an ETA from Gayla ?
pitleets: The suspense is killing me
AustnTiger: on hall street headed to 3208
pitleets: 3208 or 3028?
anhyzer667: it's 3028
AustnTiger: sorry typo
pitleets: drumroll please......
anhyzer667: apparently jim/becky had a camera issue and DQd :-(
pitleets: Oh man...any details?
Darin Camp: ahhhhhhh crap
anhyzer667: something to do with cp11 & skipping it or something
AustnTiger: confirmed they are there... organicity... 3028 N hall
anhyzer667: John had to get off the phone to do an interview
anhyzer667: We nailed em all
AustnTiger: we kicked ass
Darin Camp: you guys rock
AustnTiger: I will email you the transcripts of this... I saved it
pitleets: Will this be posted on the web?
AustnTiger: who knows
pitleets: well, just in case....
pitleets: pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great pitleets is great
anhyzer667: we still have to get richard/gayla hoem
pitleets: had to get a plug in.
AustnTiger: nice
pitleets: OK, where are Richard and Gayla
anhyzer667: noted for posterity
AustnTiger: they are headed back to recover a picture / camera issue
AustnTiger: what else do we do.. now
AustnTiger: i am bored
anhyzer667: can they take pictures out of order? How would anyone know?
AustnTiger: good question
pitleets: That would be a Marcy detail I think...
Darin Camp: digital camera stores pictures in order of taking
Darin Camp: do we know what cameras they are using?
anhyzer667: man, I looked WAY back to find Shane mentioning "organicity" first. could have saved some time, though I think that was still after the others passed on #11
Darin Camp: yea, we bounced it around a couple of times but could not tie New York to it
AustnTiger: it wasn't one purpose.. just surfaced from the wackyness
pitleets: Any updates from the finishers?
Darin Camp: Jim and Becky took 3rd place
pitleets: Thought Jim and Becky got DQd?
Darin Camp: where did that info come from in the first place?
AustnTiger: ?
anhyzer667: John told me on the phone
AustnTiger: calling jim now
pitleets: 10-4
pitleets: Eagerly awaiting@!
Darin Camp: on the phone with him now
AustnTiger: and
Darin Camp: they got 3rd
AustnTiger: yeah baby
pitleets: Tell him Proctor and Gamble in Uzbekistan can provide some shampoo to get that bird doodoo out of his hair.
anhyzer667: maybe that's the 3rd prize
pitleets: so...John/Marcy 1st....Jim/Becky 3rd....Kip/Rob ???....Richard/Gayla???
AustnTiger: still working
Darin Camp: kip/rob second I think he said
pitleets: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
pitleets: C'mon Rich...C'mon Gayla!!!
Darin Camp: verifying
pitleets: Run Forest, Run!
Darin Camp: kip/rob second verified!
pitleets: Top I hear top 4!
Rodney8Z were there more than 4 teams competing?
Rodney8Z :-)
anhyzer667: it was richard/gayla that got DQd
Darin Camp: darn
pitleets: Because of the out of order pics?
anhyzer667: something like that. John had to run again so couldn't get details
Darin Camp: difference between 1st and 3rd was around 45 minutes!
anhyzer667: apparently the 5th place team was from Dallas, but none of the top 4 teams were
Darin Camp: smoking
pitleets: Well gang, it's been fun, but I gotta run. Please include me on any post race correspondence.
anhyzer667: Thanks for the great job, Paul
Darin Camp: see ya pit
pitleets: Thank you guys! Great team.
AustnTiger: gotta go too... thanks guys
AustnTiger: later
pitleets: I'm going to leave the chat window open because if I close it, I think it'll shut all you down since I initiated it. I'm just gonna minimize. later gang {poof}

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