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Challenge Nation Austin 2010

November 14, 2010

This was our first time doing a Challenge Nation race. Dave, Jason, and Kip all entered as solo teams, and we swept the top three spots. We probably won't get around to writing a full report for this one, but here's some pictures from the event, in the order that we visited the checkpoints:

The clue sheet

#12, Dave and Jason with someone with a driver's license from a state that begins with M, N, O, or P. (Ohio)

#6, Dave with Donald Lipsky's metal spheres on the UT Campus

#7, Kip, Jason, and Dave making a pyramid in front of the UT tower at 2:15pm

#1, Kip with the longhorn on the "little campus"

#9, Dave and Kip with a moonlight tower (on top of the hill, we probably should have gotten closer for this picture)

#5, Dave with the star on the floor of the capital building

#10, Dave in front of a building that stood prior to the outbreak of the Civil War

#8, Dave with a firefighter

#11, Dave at the place where the Real World was filmed (the business has changed since then)

#2, Dave and Jason at the Buford fire tower

#3, Jason, Dave, and Kip spelling out "ATX" on the City Hall stairs

#4, Dave with the Duck Tour boat (pamphlet). We couldn't find the actual boat (as the clue specified), so this picture likely wouldn't have counted, but we already had 11 of the 12 clues anyways (you're allowed to skip one), so we didn't actually need this one.

Kip, Jason, and Dave relaxing at Scholz Garten after the race.

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