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Austin Found 2005 Pictures

Jason, our invaluable ground support guy, calls in another checkpoint find

Kip looking both ways while crossing the street

Sarah and Coby

Elaine checking in at CP 5, Austin Java

Sarah, Richard, and Gayla checking in at CP 5

Kip and Chris

Richard and Gayla

Tom and Richard and Gayla

Our group receives the next clue

Kip and Elaine heading in to CP 9, Threadgill's

Sarah and Coby entering Threadgill's

Checking in

Just give us the next clue please

No, really, we're kind of in a hurry, here!

Coby, Tom, and Rob

Kip starts working on the clue for CP 10

He soon gets lots of help

With all this brainpower, it shouldn't take us too long

The secret to our success... many brains all working together

It really didn't take us that long to solve this one...

...there was just an over-eager camera guy nearby

Chris and Kip arrive at CP 11, the O'Henry House

Sarah at CP 11

We debate where CP 12 might be

Richard heading to victory

Gayla all smiles

Art crosses the finish line

Sarah, Coby, Tom, and Elaine finish

The first thing to do after finishing is call our support crew and let them know the good news

We can finally stop running!

Sarah takes first place in the High School division

Team Werewolves of Austin take second place in the Open division


Team Too Cool Racing takes first place in the Open division

And Team Dynamic Health Racing takes first place overall

Hey... is he post-dating that check?

Hope this thing doesn't bounce!

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