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Urban Challenge Austin 2003 Clues

Our teams were randomly designated to start at the following Checkpoints:
Kip and Jason:Checkpoint 1
Richard and Gayla:Checkpoint 2
Robert and Spencer:Checkpoint 2
Becky and Jim:Checkpoint 3
Chris and Jamie:Checkpoint 3

Each team then had to progress upwards through the Checkpoints, wrapping around at the end.
For example, Becky and Jim had to find the Checkpoints in this order:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2

A three-hour tour: Solve this patented wacky equation and run as fast as you can to find this establishment within a mile of race headquarters.

One of the castaways of the charter boat Minnow
The first name of the only American photographer/painter to play a major role in both the Dada and Surrealist movements
Checkpoint 1

Ooh what a little can do: Seventeen 165-foot structures are located throughout Austin, and it would be really easy to find one of them if it was after sundown. While any of these structures will do, it'd be best to find the one in downtown that's closest to your next checkpoint. Hold your camera low and pointing up, so we can see your cute faces as well as the plaque located about 15 feet up these structures.

A shady deal: Legend has it that the Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, signed a pact with local Indians at this site (even though no proof exists that he ever visited Austin). Vandalized in 1989, it's within a half-mile of the Amtrak station.

Rock on: A member of Uncle Walt's Bank, music great Walter Hyatt died tragically in a 1996 plane crash. Find the engraved rock memorializing him within a mile of Stevie Ray Vaughn's Town Lake statue (which y'all thought we were going to use as a checkpoint).

Holy guano! Unscramble the letters below to find the name of a sculpture honoring Congress Avenue bridge's famous residents. It's within a half-mile of the bridge.


Looking for Mr. Goodbar: This local writer founded a periodical called "The Rolling Stone" 73 years before Jann Wenner founded his. Get your picture at the writer's home, located within a half-mile of the Driskill.

Saint Impossible: On the University of Texas campus, find a mechanical device which would have enabled Jed Clampett to make his millions.

Exactly who is Till Gabriel? True or false: The Texas capitol is taller than the national capital in Washington, DC.

If true, find the University of Texas Longhorn Band 100th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture.
If false, find A. Phimister Proctor's Mustangs.

Both are within a half-mile of the stadium.

A fistful of acorns: Find Merlin the Magical Sage, carved from oak, hiding in a park that could very well belong to one of the kings of the Spaghetti Western. Go no further than a mile from U.T.

PBR! This funky store shares its name with a David Lynch movie. Find in on U.T.'s Drag.

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free! Crack the code below to find the name of this rad store within 3/4 mile of the Capitol.

NYEAHUL, where A=G

Kidnapping the world's treasures: Which of the following are NOT in the Harry Ransom Center?

If the world's first photograph, then Spanish War Veteran is Checkpoint 12
If Chuck Berry's Gibson guitar, then Texas Pioneer Woman is Checkpoint 12
If Frida Kahlo's self-portrait, then Goddess of Liberty is Checkpoint 12
If a complete Gutenberg Bible, then 10 Commandments is Checkpoint 12

Find all these sculptures and monuments on the Capitol Grounds.

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