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Urban Challenge Austin 2003 Chat Transcript

What follows is the transcript of the chat session where our support crew solved the clues, in all of its unedited glory! As usual, the picture painted by the chat is so chaotic, it amazes me that our teams finished at all, much less in the top ten!

Our support crew was:
anhyzer667 - Scott Appleton
VignetteFrance - Marcy and John Beard
Darin Camp - Darin Camp
DauerVato - Steve Daniel
JamiePatAustin - Maury DeLuca
kbeartxs - Kenny Epstein
uschiruns - Uschi Hammes
a1delite - Helen McCormick
srmittman - Sheila Reiter
pitleets - Paul Sabol
silverlonghorn - Olivia Silver
SamSilver2000 - Samantha Silver
Downstairs58 - Tam Thompson
Tim Harrington (not on AIM)
Bunky Patterson (not on AIM)
and Ben Wright as our mobile Ground Support (Wheel Guy)!

(2:59:20 PM) You have just entered room "Chat 37454159933472745939."
(2:59:27 PM) srmittman has entered the room.
(2:59:28 PM) JamiePatAustin has entered the room.
VignetteFrance (2:59:54 PM): everyone awake?
JamiePatAustin (3:00:05 PM): 3 COKES AND COUNTING...
JamiePatAustin (3:00:10 PM): JUST KIDDING
(3:00:21 PM) kbeartxs has entered the room.
VignetteFrance (3:00:26 PM): woo hoo!
(3:00:29 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
mamacelestecdf (3:00:50 PM): mornin. mama's here...
VignetteFrance (3:01:04 PM): maybe turn off the caps, if you don't mind, so it doesn't look like you are shouting
(3:01:05 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
srmittman (3:01:09 PM): on my first cup of coffee at home!
kbeartxs (3:01:20 PM): mornin! who's got the coffee and donuts?
VignetteFrance (3:01:28 PM): i have chocolate
VignetteFrance (3:01:42 PM): swiss chocolate, french bread...
VignetteFrance (3:01:49 PM): vermont coffee
(3:02:12 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
mamacelestecdf (3:02:29 PM): sorry. aim quit. argh
VignetteFrance (3:02:57 PM): if i hear anyone leave i'll try to catch it and reinvite you
(3:03:09 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
VignetteFrance (3:03:26 PM): technical difficulties it seems
(3:03:47 PM) Darin Camp has entered the room.
Darin Camp (3:03:47 PM): howdy
JamiePatAustin (3:03:48 PM): who are mamacelest and srmittman? Maury
VignetteFrance (3:03:57 PM): hi darin!
VignetteFrance (3:04:18 PM): Celeste and Sheila
(3:04:25 PM) DauerVato has entered the room.
Darin Camp (3:04:32 PM): it's a beautiful morning in CO
DauerVato (3:04:39 PM): howdy
VignetteFrance (3:04:49 PM): very nice in Grenoble too
VignetteFrance (3:06:46 PM): so we have some time to play around and wait to hear from the teams - feel free to do other stuff for another 30-40 minutes instead of watching all this
Darin Camp (3:07:10 PM): way ahead of ya, I'll be away for a few
(3:07:31 PM) anhyzer667 has entered the room.
anhyzer667 (3:07:50 PM): Helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Support Crew!
srmittman (3:07:50 PM): my first saturday home - making bed, still doing laundry, back in a bit
VignetteFrance (3:08:05 PM): hi scott!
(3:08:15 PM) Downstairs58 has entered the room.
Downstairs58 (3:08:23 PM): Bon matin, Marcy!
anhyzer667 (3:08:32 PM): mmm, bonbons
VignetteFrance (3:08:38 PM): bonjour tam
(3:09:02 PM) a1delite has entered the room.
Downstairs58 (3:09:08 PM): (My 25-30-yr-old high school Francais is rusty, although I had 3 years of it.)
VignetteFrance (3:09:14 PM): hi helen!
Downstairs58 (3:09:21 PM): Welcome, Helen!
VignetteFrance (3:09:50 PM): maury, how is the war room coming?
anhyzer667 (3:09:52 PM): I am not rusty
a1delite (3:09:56 PM): Hi all-am anxious to see how this works
Downstairs58 (3:09:56 PM): Scott, lay off those bon-bons, you'll gain 10 lbs.
DauerVato (3:10:10 PM): The teams have got their starting CP's as follows: Jason and Kip - CP 1. Richard/Gayla and Rob/Spencer - CP2, the other two teams start on CP 3
VignetteFrance (3:10:17 PM): hi helen, at this point we're just messing around, oops just a sec
Downstairs58 (3:10:20 PM): It works fine. Once the race starts, we'll stop chit-chatting.
JamiePatAustin (3:10:21 PM): Ay! Ay! Ay! We are already cookin'
(3:10:39 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
anhyzer667 (3:10:42 PM): marcy, you're "suggested pairings" in the note leave out the war room entirely
(3:10:42 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
DauerVato (3:10:46 PM): There is no last CP for everyone. You go through the rest of the numbers in numerical order, then start over
Downstairs58 (3:10:47 PM): Aw, man--they KNEW to isolate Jason and Kip from the rest of our herd...
anhyzer667 (3:10:49 PM): "your", my bad
Downstairs58 (3:11:05 PM): I'll deal with it, scott
Downstairs58 (3:11:36 PM): Marcy--it's 67 degrees. Great running weather.
anhyzer667 (3:12:17 PM): can i do this in my pajamas?
Downstairs58 (3:12:30 PM): You can do it naked a la the latest Survivor.
anhyzer667 (3:12:43 PM): i'm already there
VignetteFrance (3:12:52 PM): please no notes on survivor so I can watch it on tape without any hints!
Downstairs58 (3:13:00 PM): I'm SO glad Jason's not reading this.
Downstairs58 (3:13:36 PM): Marcy, try to get the non-censored version. Things were blurred out on TV here.
VignetteFrance (3:13:56 PM): Leaving it up to Tam whether to pair the War Room people with someone for a particular clue or not
Downstairs58 (3:14:06 PM): I'll make the call when we see the clues.
JamiePatAustin (3:14:13 PM): going out for three minutes
Downstairs58 (3:14:30 PM): I could use some three minutes, bring me back some, OK?
anhyzer667 (3:14:46 PM): that goes double for me
Downstairs58 (3:15:23 PM): Actually, I'll probably put Paul and Steve on the first clue, then Uschi and Scott on then next, but we'll see.
(3:15:27 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
Downstairs58 (3:15:29 PM): Sheila, are you there?
VignetteFrance (3:15:35 PM): hi celeste, what's up with your IM?
(3:15:35 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
kbeartxs (3:15:38 PM): I got several three minutes lying aroiund here somewhere, if I can put my hands on them I'll send em over as an attachment...
Downstairs58 (3:15:57 PM): And one of those 30-hour days, please.
VignetteFrance (3:16:40 PM): Maury, are you in the War Room this morning?
Downstairs58 (3:17:23 PM): Change that--I"ll probably put Scott and the War room on the first clue.
anhyzer667 (3:17:43 PM): Maury is fetching those 3 minutes for everyone
kbeartxs (3:17:53 PM): Sorry, I'm fresh out of thirty-hour days at the monent..
Downstairs58 (3:18:00 PM): A godsend! And please ADD them to our competitors' time.
(3:18:37 PM) JamiePatAustin has left the room.
VignetteFrance (3:18:47 PM): there goes the war room
anhyzer667 (3:18:51 PM): The only person i see online who isn't in the chat (except Paul) is silverlonghorn. Has she been invited?
VignetteFrance (3:19:13 PM): yes, waiting on her. Uschi and Samantha also not avail yet
Downstairs58 (3:19:15 PM): I see Sheila, but haven't heard her.
(3:19:20 PM) Darin Camp has left the room.
anhyzer667 (3:19:27 PM): Talk about cold feet!
VignetteFrance (3:19:35 PM): she's doing some stuff around the house, we have some time
Downstairs58 (3:19:42 PM): Scott, put socks on.
anhyzer667 (3:19:49 PM): Put them on where?
(3:19:53 PM) Darin Camp has entered the room.
Downstairs58 (3:19:58 PM): Hi Darin!
Darin Camp (3:20:19 PM): Hiya. Looks like I got dropped for a second
VignetteFrance (3:20:28 PM): oooh , purple!
anhyzer667 (3:20:35 PM): Looks orange to me
Downstairs58 (3:20:41 PM): Interesting. ORange to me
kbeartxs (3:20:58 PM): Celeste is having probs w/ AIM and I'm helping her troubleshoot OTP.
VignetteFrance (3:21:06 PM): thx
Downstairs58 (3:21:07 PM): That there French has done colorified your viewpoint, Marcy.
VignetteFrance (3:22:03 PM): I'm going to try opening the second window now...
Darin Camp (3:23:07 PM): well done, nice window opening
VignetteFrance (3:23:14 PM): thank you very much
anhyzer667 (3:23:27 PM): It's very pretty
Downstairs58 (3:23:32 PM): Let's let just Marcy type in it so it doesn't get junked up.
Downstairs58 (3:23:42 PM): BTW, nice background, Scott
anhyzer667 (3:23:54 PM): I thought that was just my preferences
VignetteFrance (3:24:05 PM): yer blue to me
Downstairs58 (3:24:08 PM): Ain't touchin' that one.
anhyzer667 (3:24:43 PM): How's this?
Downstairs58 (3:24:46 PM): And I'm red. How fitting.
anhyzer667 (3:24:53 PM): You're yeller to me
anhyzer667 (3:25:02 PM): I'M red
VignetteFrance (3:25:05 PM): Kenny, tell Celeste she can send me clues via email if AIM isn't working and Spencer needs to read some to her
Downstairs58 (3:25:06 PM): How'd you do that? I need a distinctive background. Oh, wait...
(3:27:24 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
mamacelestecdf (3:27:28 PM): shoot me now
Downstairs58 (3:27:54 PM): Why, Celeste? We like you. :-)
VignetteFrance (3:27:54 PM): why?
anhyzer667 (3:28:08 PM): Maybe she means "shoot" her an email
(3:28:09 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
Darin Camp (3:28:10 PM): do what?
Downstairs58 (3:28:24 PM): Is her AIM working OK?
anhyzer667 (3:28:43 PM): Your name ismuch easier to see with the gray background
Downstairs58 (3:28:57 PM): Me?
anhyzer667 (3:29:08 PM): Yes, get it back, quick
VignetteFrance (3:29:08 PM): celeste is having problems with her AIM
Downstairs58 (3:29:24 PM): OK.
anhyzer667 (3:29:37 PM): Whew. That yeller-on-white was an eye-killer
Downstairs58 (3:29:42 PM): I have that problem sometimes, so I practice more. :-)
VignetteFrance (3:29:56 PM): maybe thats why she wanted to be shot?
VignetteFrance (3:30:50 PM): trivia should be starting around now
Downstairs58 (3:31:07 PM): I guess they'll start calling...
Downstairs58 (3:31:13 PM): AFter trivia...
anhyzer667 (3:31:18 PM): Not for 15 minutes at least
Downstairs58 (3:31:35 PM): I think Celeste is frustrated with AIM--understandable.
VignetteFrance (3:31:38 PM): phone folks, have you all heard from your racers?
DauerVato (3:31:47 PM): yep
Darin Camp (3:31:57 PM): si`
Downstairs58 (3:32:53 PM): Tim and Sheila--have you heard from your racers?
VignetteFrance (3:33:11 PM): waiting to hear how the war room is doing; sheila is around, celeste is trying to get on...
Downstairs58 (3:33:32 PM): Calling Celeste to try to walk her through it...
VignetteFrance (3:33:43 PM): Kenny is already helping
anhyzer667 (3:33:56 PM): Marcy, what's the final word on picking up John?
a1delite (3:34:19 PM): got booted twice-don't know why
VignetteFrance (3:34:42 PM): I do not need to leave to get john during the race
(3:34:55 PM) a1delite has left the room.
anhyzer667 (3:35:03 PM): Then we'll definitely win :-!
Downstairs58 (3:35:11 PM): I am SO glad we'll have Marcy the whole time!!!
VignetteFrance (3:35:22 PM): If anyone drops off the second window during the race and needs to get back on, let me know... I can't keep track
Downstairs58 (3:35:32 PM): Just spoke wi/Celeste--Kenny's working with her on AIM, she's reinstalling it.
Downstairs58 (3:35:51 PM): I think Helen may be having trouble with AIM, too.
srmittman (3:36:14 PM): i'm back - have heard from racers
VignetteFrance (3:36:26 PM): thx sheila!
anhyzer667 (3:36:29 PM): Marcy, you're sending me a 3rd chat?
VignetteFrance (3:36:41 PM): no, tam said you didn't want one
anhyzer667 (3:36:52 PM): I just got yet another chat invite from you
VignetteFrance (3:37:01 PM): to the second room - you were gone
(3:37:17 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
anhyzer667 (3:37:26 PM): Funny, I still seem to be there and able to type
VignetteFrance (3:37:41 PM): hi celeste!
srmittman (3:37:55 PM): whoever you are - no aim name shows
anhyzer667 (3:37:55 PM): Oh, I can type but it doesn't register. I didn't even know it
Downstairs58 (3:38:04 PM): War room aim is down, they're working on it. We can e-mail or call Maury.
(3:38:26 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
anhyzer667 (3:38:27 PM): I wonder if there's an inactivity timeout on these chats
Downstairs58 (3:38:28 PM): Sheila--the smart-alecky one is Scott. This is Tam
VignetteFrance (3:38:32 PM): OK - can you tell them to email me the clues that Chris/Jamie read to Tim? thanks!
Downstairs58 (3:38:44 PM): Got it.
VignetteFrance (3:39:13 PM): everyone else has stayed on that window
VignetteFrance (3:39:30 PM): except helen and celeste who seem to be having other problems
(3:39:47 PM) a1delite has entered the room.
anhyzer667 (3:39:53 PM): I'm glad you're monitoring the coming/going, since I couldn't tell that I was gone
Darin Camp (3:40:04 PM): anhyzer667 - what AIM client are you using? The actual AOL client or a derivitive?
anhyzer667 (3:40:22 PM): Latest version of AOL client
anhyzer667 (3:40:40 PM): version 5.2.3292
a1delite (3:41:13 PM): lost service toAIM, not sure why, anyway with you on this chat-guess I lost the original chat. I'm using netscape Aim
VignetteFrance (3:41:32 PM): Hi Helen, nothing going on yet
Downstairs58 (3:41:39 PM): Welcome back, Helen!
a1delite (3:41:41 PM): tks
srmittman (3:41:47 PM): clarify - when my team calls i'll type the clue into this window? if i needd tam do i aim her directly or type in this window?
Downstairs58 (3:42:03 PM): Aim me here--I'm watching. If no respond quick, PM or call.
DauerVato (3:42:14 PM): Trivia just ended. First wave of racers to release in 20 minutes!
Downstairs58 (3:42:20 PM): Woo and HOO!
srmittman (3:42:29 PM): good, need to pee
VignetteFrance (3:42:32 PM): me too
Downstairs58 (3:42:33 PM): Who do we have in first wave?
DauerVato (3:42:43 PM): Not sure. Jason didn't say.
VignetteFrance (3:42:46 PM): usually don't find out for a few minutes
VignetteFrance (3:42:57 PM): they have to tally the scores
Downstairs58 (3:43:18 PM): We'll know when they call. Yes, "let's go tally the votes." ;-)
Downstairs58 (3:43:52 PM): Here come the high-pitched violins--somebody's fixin' to get their torch snuffed!
VignetteFrance (3:44:02 PM): scott, you just left the 2nd window - I tried typing into it just now, can you see the update or is it frozen for you?
anhyzer667 (3:44:43 PM): i don't see an update
anhyzer667 (3:44:59 PM): my typing disappears into the ether
VignetteFrance (3:45:31 PM): helen, no offense, but I'm going to leave you off the second window in case that is what is causing your connection problem. It's not critical for you to see it - I'll send the same info (clue text and answers) in emails
Darin Camp (3:45:39 PM): my server log shows Scott left the 2nd chat window
Downstairs58 (3:45:41 PM): Scott-how is that unique?
anhyzer667 (3:46:18 PM): Looks like I'm having trouble keeping 2 windows open and connected, and I can't even tell when the 2nd one goes down
Darin Camp (3:46:38 PM): your back Scott
VignetteFrance (3:47:30 PM): backup plan is the email updates for the clues - and maybe next time only one window?
anhyzer667 (3:47:47 PM): Doesn't look like anyone else is having trouble with 2 windows, though
Darin Camp (3:48:01 PM): can someone refresh me as to where the race is starting? Where are the racers gathering?
VignetteFrance (3:48:14 PM): austin, tx
anhyzer667 (3:48:18 PM): LOL
(3:48:20 PM) JamiePatAustin has entered the room.
Darin Camp (3:48:26 PM): wow, now that was funny
VignetteFrance (3:48:29 PM): Mother Egans - will get the addy, just a sec
Downstairs58 (3:48:33 PM): Welcome back WAr room!
JamiePatAustin (3:48:44 PM): whew!!!!!!!
anhyzer667 (3:48:44 PM): 6th & Rio Grande, I think
Downstairs58 (3:48:52 PM): Let's all go down to Mother Egans after our racers finish and celebrate!
anhyzer667 (3:49:03 PM): You just want an excuse for a margarita
Downstairs58 (3:49:10 PM): Shamelessly.
VignetteFrance (3:49:19 PM): RACE HEADQUARTERS Mother Egan's Irish Pub 715 W 6th St
Downstairs58 (3:49:21 PM): Actually, it's a pub. An ale would do.
anhyzer667 (3:49:42 PM): An Irish ale, at that
Darin Camp (3:49:48 PM): "an" Ale will never do
Downstairs58 (3:49:51 PM): Marcy can sip some first-growth Bordeaux on the phone with us.
VignetteFrance (3:50:10 PM): how is the war room going, maury?
Downstairs58 (3:50:46 PM): "An" ale will never do, best have two. Three, then four, you're on the floor.
JamiePatAustin (3:51:06 PM): We are alive thanks to Samantha who got our connections back!
Downstairs58 (3:51:15 PM): Way to go, Samantha!
JamiePatAustin (3:51:27 PM): Tim, Maury and Bunky will be in one room together.
VignetteFrance (3:51:31 PM): are Olivia and Samantha going to join us on AIM?
Downstairs58 (3:52:05 PM): I'm going to ask Scott and the WAr room to work the first clue.
Darin Camp (3:52:11 PM): Scott, you just dropped room2
kbeartxs (3:52:14 PM): Is there a reason or a function for the other chat window?
JamiePatAustin (3:52:15 PM): Samantha and Olivia will do reseach in another and will to be invited to join.
VignetteFrance (3:52:50 PM): 2nd window is only for viewing - I'll put clue text and answers there. Please do not type in it. thanks!
anhyzer667 (3:52:51 PM): Probably isn't critical until the clues come in, anyway
VignetteFrance (3:53:23 PM): scott, let me know when you want back on the 2nd window and I'll reinvite you
JamiePatAustin (3:53:36 PM): Samantha and Oliva won't be on AIM for 5 min.
kbeartxs (3:53:42 PM): okek-dokey! Roger wilco! \
VignetteFrance (3:53:50 PM): aim high
anhyzer667 (3:53:58 PM): shoot low
kbeartxs (3:54:03 PM): aim to pleez
Downstairs58 (3:54:04 PM): Aim high
VignetteFrance (3:54:29 PM): boy, aim i ungry
Downstairs58 (3:54:33 PM): But don't "AIM" while high.
anhyzer667 (3:54:41 PM): tuna on French bread not doing you?
Downstairs58 (3:54:55 PM): I think she misses John.
VignetteFrance (3:54:58 PM): ah, someone who reads all of my emails
anhyzer667 (3:55:06 PM): religiously
Downstairs58 (3:56:02 PM): Everyone try to remain calm when we get the clues. Last year it was like someone kicked over an ant bed.
VignetteFrance (3:56:07 PM): any word from uschi?
(3:56:34 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
anhyzer667 (3:56:38 PM): That was my quote
(3:56:39 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
VignetteFrance (3:56:47 PM): tam do you want to call uschi?
Downstairs58 (3:56:51 PM): Got it.
VignetteFrance (3:57:47 PM): John just sent me an email - anyone want to reply to John? He's in San Fran right now
Darin Camp (3:57:58 PM): I hate waiting
anhyzer667 (3:58:07 PM): San-Fran to France in 1.5 hours?
srmittman (3:58:07 PM): john - is it time for my spiz?
anhyzer667 (3:58:32 PM): that sounds like a personal question, sheila
Darin Camp (3:58:43 PM): I dont want to know what a spiz is
VignetteFrance (3:58:45 PM): Scott - long story
Downstairs58 (3:59:04 PM): Marcy--Uschi is around, got AIM up, reinvite her.
anhyzer667 (3:59:08 PM): I'm glad you don't have to pick him up there!
Downstairs58 (3:59:16 PM): Spiz is a high cal drink mix.
DauerVato (3:59:36 PM): It's yummy.
Downstairs58 (3:59:40 PM): John, we miss your speed, humor, and smarts!!!
(4:00:45 PM) pitleets has entered the room.
pitleets (4:00:49 PM): Hi all.
VignetteFrance (4:00:51 PM): PAUL
anhyzer667 (4:00:53 PM): Did John get a chance to visit Frankston whilst here?
Downstairs58 (4:00:54 PM): Hi Paul!!
pitleets (4:01:06 PM): is this the clue chat, or brainstorming chat?
VignetteFrance (4:01:06 PM): John was only in CA, NV, and UT
VignetteFrance (4:01:13 PM): So far just a chat
Downstairs58 (4:01:16 PM): Oh, that's *all?*
pitleets (4:01:25 PM): chat-a-chat chat
Downstairs58 (4:01:36 PM): The brainstorming chat. We're waiting for clues. When clues come, it's all business.
pitleets (4:01:46 PM): dogs say hi.
Downstairs58 (4:01:50 PM): Yes, we need to GET A CLUE.
DauerVato (4:01:56 PM): Hi dogs.
Downstairs58 (4:01:57 PM): My dogs bark back. :-)
anhyzer667 (4:02:03 PM): Any idea how teams did in the trivia?
DauerVato (4:02:13 PM): No word yet.
pitleets (4:02:19 PM): Who is hosting the chat for clue postings?
VignetteFrance (4:02:45 PM): i am - just a sec
Downstairs58 (4:02:50 PM): Marcy. She has a separate window. She's High Priestess Keeeper of the Clues.
anhyzer667 (4:03:05 PM): It's alwaya Marcy, Marcy, Marcy!
Downstairs58 (4:03:41 PM): How do you think things get done at Motorola???
VignetteFrance (4:03:44 PM): Maury, is Tim in contact with Chris and Jamie?
Downstairs58 (4:04:10 PM): Do we know yet who's in first wave?
DauerVato (4:04:21 PM): not yet
JamiePatAustin (4:04:24 PM): He is calling to do a ck right now.
pitleets (4:04:38 PM): Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light? yadda...yadda...yadda....gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines
anhyzer667 (4:04:51 PM): your search engines
Darin Camp (4:04:59 PM): did I mention that I hate waiting
pitleets (4:04:59 PM): :-)
kbeartxs (4:05:02 PM): marcy - cleste is back on AIm for the moment at least - pls re-invite her!
(4:05:03 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
mamacelestecdf (4:05:06 PM): ok
Downstairs58 (4:05:21 PM): hi celeste
(4:05:30 PM) Uschiruns has entered the room.
pitleets (4:05:30 PM): You know, if you just glance over kbeartxs last post, it looks like Mary Celeste just joined in.
srmittman (4:05:39 PM): gaila is in first wave!
(4:05:39 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
VignetteFrance (4:05:57 PM): yayayay!
anhyzer667 (4:06:06 PM): We'll get the clues early, then
Downstairs58 (4:06:15 PM): Celeste is going to plan B--her AIM is unreliable.
Uschiruns (4:06:15 PM): I guess I am finally on.
VignetteFrance (4:06:21 PM): hi uschi!
Downstairs58 (4:06:23 PM): Welcome, Uschi!
pitleets (4:06:35 PM): Must.......have.......clues......
VignetteFrance (4:06:52 PM): darin, are you bored yet?
Darin Camp (4:07:06 PM): what makes you say that :-)
VignetteFrance (4:07:12 PM): oh, nothin
VignetteFrance (4:07:23 PM): I'll look for clues from celeste on email
pitleets (4:07:31 PM): Hey all, let's calculate the exact value of pi while we wait.
srmittman (4:07:37 PM): is plan b email to marcy with clues
anhyzer667 (4:07:41 PM): Now that's good fun
pitleets (4:07:51 PM): I'll do the first 6 digits, you guys handle the rest.
Downstairs58 (4:08:00 PM): Yes. I've told them to do that, shelia.
anhyzer667 (4:08:10 PM): 6 + 7, carry the one....
VignetteFrance (4:08:15 PM): yes, email is backup plan for anyone who has problems aiming
pitleets (4:08:22 PM): That's all men.
DauerVato (4:08:29 PM): good one
anhyzer667 (4:08:39 PM): speak fer yerselves
kbeartxs (4:08:41 PM): I sometimes have proms aiming, too..
a1delite (4:08:48 PM): my e-mail is slow but will try to keep up
Uschiruns (4:08:50 PM): where are the clues????
kbeartxs (4:09:04 PM): we don't have a clue...
VignetteFrance (4:09:19 PM): oh, didn't you hear? the race was called off so we are just sitting around chatting.. JUST KIDDING! We're still waiting
pitleets (4:09:26 PM): OK, I have two chat windows, one brainstorming, one clues. Are there any other chats I need?
VignetteFrance (4:09:31 PM): nope
Downstairs58 (4:09:33 PM): Not here yet. Wait for them. Spencer is PM'ing me, he'll call in clues to Celeste, Celeste e-mails them to Marcy--Watch for them, Marcy.
VignetteFrance (4:09:54 PM): yep
anhyzer667 (4:10:03 PM): Marcy, in that case go ahead and reinvite me to clue city
Downstairs58 (4:10:16 PM): When clues are solved, I'll have to call Celeste or Spencer directly..
VignetteFrance (4:10:25 PM): am assuming we will start getting info from sheila first off, since R/G are in the first wave
Downstairs58 (4:10:37 PM): Good deal, Lucille!
JamiePatAustin (4:10:50 PM): Please invite Oliva to both chats "silverlonghorn"
kbeartxs (4:10:51 PM): who's lucille?
pitleets (4:11:05 PM): Marcy, are you and John across the pond for this race?
anhyzer667 (4:11:12 PM): It never took this long before, and we never even had anyone in the first wave, either
kbeartxs (4:11:17 PM): she's not on MY list?
VignetteFrance (4:11:18 PM): Olivia isn't avail yet, watching for her
Downstairs58 (4:11:30 PM): zoy
anhyzer667 (4:11:34 PM): "Marcy" is short for "Lucille"
Downstairs58 (4:11:39 PM): It's an alliterative expression.
pitleets (4:11:49 PM): Too many syllables for this early.
Downstairs58 (4:11:53 PM): (deal, and Lucille rhyme)
kbeartxs (4:12:05 PM): OIC
Downstairs58 (4:12:05 PM): Yes, Paul.
(4:12:09 PM) silverlonghorn has entered the room.
VignetteFrance (4:12:11 PM): Paul - sort of - I'm in France, JB is in San Fran, but that's not important right now...
pitleets (4:12:13 PM): Hi Sam
DauerVato (4:12:15 PM): Jason and Kip are in the 5th wave or so - they dubbed it the "mostly stupid" group, but not "totally stupid"
pitleets (4:12:31 PM): They took the little yellow bus to school huh?
Downstairs58 (4:12:33 PM): Is Celeste in the war room?
DauerVato (4:12:43 PM): Yes, the Short Bus
VignetteFrance (4:12:51 PM): no, she is at her house
kbeartxs (4:12:52 PM): Celeste is at home
anhyzer667 (4:12:53 PM): Marcy, they needed you for the trivia
Downstairs58 (4:12:54 PM): The Special Ed bus?
DauerVato (4:14:01 PM): The Special Needs Bus
kbeartxs (4:14:31 PM): Is that like the Universal Serial Bus?
DauerVato (4:14:43 PM): kinda, but not so much
pitleets (4:14:51 PM): Exactly, only different.
pitleets (4:15:04 PM): Where's the clues?
pitleets (4:15:08 PM): :-(
kbeartxs (4:15:23 PM): You're just cluless!
pitleets (4:15:29 PM): My google is getting cobwebs.
VignetteFrance (4:15:31 PM): maybe they got lost
pitleets (4:15:40 PM): That's not a promising start!!!
DauerVato (4:15:46 PM): Maybe they didn't make it past the bar.
VignetteFrance (4:15:58 PM): hey, Paul, you almost got to see John at the Vegas airport this morning - missed him by a few hours ;-)
VignetteFrance (4:16:08 PM): i mean :-)
srmittman (4:16:13 PM): #2 is moon tower at wesylyn
srmittman (4:16:19 PM): #3 is treaty oaks
pitleets (4:16:26 PM): Wow, solved 2 already.
Downstairs58 (4:16:27 PM): Marcy--please invite "loqi recluse" to both chats--that's Celeste's daughter's AIM.
anhyzer667 (4:16:31 PM): Well, it looks like I'm not going to be able to rejoin the Clue window
Downstairs58 (4:16:57 PM): Do they know the quickest route or do we need map spt?
anhyzer667 (4:17:12 PM): I don't know where either of those 2 things are
(4:17:16 PM) Loqi Recluse has entered the room.
Loqi Recluse (4:17:36 PM): ok it's me Celeste, using my daughter's account. last ditch before plan b
VignetteFrance (4:17:45 PM): need an address on both
(4:17:45 PM) Loqi Recluse has left the room.
Downstairs58 (4:17:50 PM): War room---look up location Moon tower at weslyn ("West Lynn?), and Treaty Oaks.
DauerVato (4:18:07 PM): CP 4 Rock on. A member of Uncle Walt's band. Music great Walter Hyatt died tragically in a 1996 plane crash. Find the ingraved rock memorializing him within a mile of SRV's Town Lake statue.
Uschiruns (4:18:17 PM): is there another window for the clues?
anhyzer667 (4:18:35 PM): treaty oaks is baylor between 5th/6th
Downstairs58 (4:18:37 PM): Clarify wesylyn or West Lynn-scott check maps for a wesylyn stret.
VignetteFrance (4:18:41 PM): maury, please type here - are you talking about the moonlight tower?
Downstairs58 (4:18:51 PM): Paul and STeve--work on CP 4.
anhyzer667 (4:18:57 PM): there is definitely a west lynn street
DauerVato (4:19:05 PM): CP 5 Night Wing. Check to see if this is the bat sculpture on congress
Darin Camp (4:19:28 PM): #7 - Saint impossible on UT campus
Downstairs58 (4:19:36 PM): Darin and Helen---work on CP 5 clue.
Downstairs58 (4:19:52 PM): Sheila and Celeste--take #7
Uschiruns (4:19:54 PM): sorry I cannot see the clues
pitleets (4:19:55 PM): working...
VignetteFrance (4:20:03 PM): Steve - CP 5, is that the clue wording, or a question?
srmittman (4:20:30 PM): #1 clue A 3 hour tour:solve this patented wacky equasion and run as fast as you can to find this establishment with in a mile of race headquarters. One of the castaways of the charterboat minnow + the first name of the only
Downstairs58 (4:20:31 PM): The old Night Hawk Steak House, which used to be on Congress and Riverside but is now a bank?
DauerVato (4:20:56 PM): CP 6 Looking for Mr. Goodbar. This local writer founded a periodical called The Rolling Stone 73 years before Jann Wenner founded his. Get your picture at the writer's home located within half a mile of the Driskill.
DauerVato (4:21:10 PM): CP7 is the drill rig at MLK and Trinity
Downstairs58 (4:21:11 PM): Scott--work on #1.
srmittman (4:21:16 PM): clue#1 cont. american photographer/painter to play a major role in both the DADA and Surrealiest movement = Checkpoint!
srmittman (4:21:39 PM): aim seems to have a char limit - had to bread #1 in 2 parts
DauerVato (4:21:54 PM): We need answer to CP #1 ASAP
VignetteFrance (4:22:54 PM): clue sheet has been emailed
pitleets (4:22:56 PM): For # 4 Uncle Walt's band members: Walter Hyatt, Champ Hood, and David Ball
DauerVato (4:23:07 PM): CP8 Exactly who is Till Gabriel? THE ANSWER IS the sculpture at 23rd and San Jacinto
Darin Camp (4:23:11 PM): where is the clue for CP5?
srmittman (4:23:32 PM): clue#4 Rock on: A member of Uncle Walts Band, music's great Walter Hyatt diesd tragically in a 1996 plane crash. Find the engraved rock memorializing him with in a mile of Stevy Ray Vahn.
JamiePatAustin (4:23:36 PM): Moon Towerit's on the corner of 8th & west lynn
JamiePatAustin (4:24:12 PM): cp 5 if a statue by dale whistler on corner od congreess and riverside
anhyzer667 (4:24:16 PM): baylor st is 1 block west of lamar (cp #2, treaty oaks)
Uschiruns (4:24:47 PM): Clue 1: Mark Rothko???
Downstairs58 (4:25:04 PM): Map person or moon tower people--pls confirm location of wesylyn--is that West Lynn? What crossstreet?
DauerVato (4:25:13 PM): CP9 a fistful of acorns. Find merlin the magical sage carved from oak hiding in a park that could very well belong to one of the kings of the spaghetti westerns. Go no further than a mile from UT.
anhyzer667 (4:25:23 PM): west lynn is about 8 blocks west of lamar; tower is at 8th street intersection
anhyzer667 (4:25:36 PM): they're going west, not into downtown
DauerVato (4:26:03 PM): CP 10 PBR! this funky store shares it's name with a David Lynch movie. Find it on UT's drag.
Darin Camp (4:26:44 PM): cp4 anyone?
DauerVato (4:26:50 PM): CP 11 ANSWER: tekgnar. WE NEED THE ADDRESS FOR THIS, THOUGH
Uschiruns (4:27:05 PM): Clue TEn: Blue Velvet
(4:27:22 PM) kbeartxs has left the room.
Downstairs58 (4:27:58 PM): Ben has scanned in clues---Marcy check e-mail. Pls update clue 2 soln. to be Moon tower corner 8th & west Lynn.
JamiePatAustin (4:28:06 PM): Aabout cp6: O'henry is th eanswer
a1delite (4:28:39 PM): do not find "night wing" as another name for bat sculp.
Uschiruns (4:28:40 PM): Address for CP10: 2100 Guadelupe
VignetteFrance (4:28:42 PM): clue sheet has been sent
Downstairs58 (4:28:48 PM): Scott--run down Mark Rothko, Rolling Stone mag, Austin statue for CP 1
JamiePatAustin (4:28:53 PM): cp 6: on 409 e 5th at neches o'henry museum.
pitleets (4:28:59 PM): #4 looks like they have to find a statue of a member of Uncle Walt's band within 1 mile of a Stevie ray vaugn statue.
DauerVato (4:29:17 PM): CP 12 Kidnapping the world's treasures. Which of the following are not in the Harry Ransom Center? If the world's first photograph, then Spanish War Veteran. If Chuck Berry's Gibson's guitar, then TExas Pioneer Women. If Frida Ka
Downstairs58 (4:29:36 PM): Frida Kahlo?
Darin Camp (4:29:50 PM): whos working on 4?
DauerVato (4:29:50 PM): Frida Kahlo self portrait, then Goddess of Liberty
DauerVato (4:29:54 PM): I NEED CP 1
Downstairs58 (4:30:05 PM): Can you do it, Darin?
Downstairs58 (4:30:17 PM): Scott--work on CP 1, please
Darin Camp (4:30:27 PM): my racers are waiting on 4 at the moment
Darin Camp (4:30:35 PM): and I have been working on it as well
Downstairs58 (4:30:44 PM): What's the rest of the clue CP1: "first name of the ??"
DauerVato (4:30:48 PM): If a complete Gutenberg bible, then 10 commandments is CP 12. All these sculptures are on the capital grounds
pitleets (4:30:49 PM): Are they just trying to find the engraved rock?
Downstairs58 (4:31:03 PM): There is a gutenberg iin a bld at UT.
pitleets (4:31:24 PM): World's first photograph = Joseph Nicephore Niepce's View from the Window at Le Gras. March 21, 1952
VignetteFrance (4:31:34 PM): rest of 1 = first name of the only american photographer/painter to play a major role in both the DADA and Surrealiest movement = Checkpoint!
pitleets (4:31:37 PM): Uh, sorry, should be 18
Darin Camp (4:31:46 PM): I guess so Paul, any ideas?
Downstairs58 (4:32:20 PM): Kip needs the answer to what Marcy just asked.
Downstairs58 (4:32:28 PM): Marcy, can you look it up?
VignetteFrance (4:32:30 PM): send ben to look for #4?
pitleets (4:32:41 PM): Guessing on #1 - Salvador?
VignetteFrance (4:32:45 PM): dont have one!
Downstairs58 (4:32:46 PM): Kip thinks it may be "Mann", which would make it the Gingerman pub.
srmittman (4:32:50 PM): richard cannot find tower at 8th/weslyn!
VignetteFrance (4:33:02 PM): who's on #1?
Downstairs58 (4:33:10 PM): 8th and West Lynn!
Downstairs58 (4:33:18 PM): You are, Marcy.
DauerVato (4:33:23 PM): I'm looking for #1, but I need help.
Uschiruns (4:33:24 PM): I am trying to find 1: I am not sure about Salvador Dali?
VignetteFrance (4:33:34 PM): Address for the tower: corner of 8th & west lynn (west lynn is about 8 blocks west of lamar; tower is at 8th street intersection)
Uschiruns (4:33:39 PM): how about Mark Rothko?
VignetteFrance (4:33:42 PM): I cannot clue search, no tie
VignetteFrance (4:33:45 PM): no time
anhyzer667 (4:34:04 PM): There is a Ray Mann associated with Dada
VignetteFrance (4:34:17 PM): what about Kip's thought on the gingerman - is there a painter named MANN??
anhyzer667 (4:34:26 PM): see previous post
JamiePatAustin (4:34:29 PM): cp1: answer is ginger man bar at 304 w. 4th
VignetteFrance (4:34:33 PM): go go go!
Darin Camp (4:34:34 PM): #4 - A rock west of SRV on trail near train tressel on North side of trail
Downstairs58 (4:35:00 PM): Is reay man also surrealist?
anhyzer667 (4:35:12 PM): Dada/Surrealist are combined
Uschiruns (4:35:16 PM): CP 1 : I think it is Man RAy - any idea where to go so?
Uschiruns (4:35:51 PM): CP1: Man RAy was a photographer and painter
anhyzer667 (4:35:52 PM): 304 W 4th, Gingerman pub Cp #1
JamiePatAustin (4:35:52 PM): anyone have clue 5?
VignetteFrance (4:36:05 PM): cp 5 answer Answer: a statue by dale whistler on corner od congreess and riverside
anhyzer667 (4:36:10 PM): you're right, it's Mann Ray
Downstairs58 (4:36:11 PM): Clue 1 conveyed to Kip.
anhyzer667 (4:36:21 PM): clue calls for 1st name
Downstairs58 (4:36:23 PM): Need best directions from gingerman to 8th & West Lynn
(4:36:32 PM) kbeartxs has entered the room.
Downstairs58 (4:36:56 PM): AT 8TH STREET
VignetteFrance (4:37:38 PM): Ive got Canterbury/west lynn on the list of moonlight towers that becky sent
kbeartxs (4:37:59 PM): 8th and what?
VignetteFrance (4:38:04 PM): see scouting notes!
Downstairs58 (4:38:04 PM): sending wheel guy to check location moon tower west lynn & 8th. He says he knows there's one there.
Uschiruns (4:38:28 PM): Oh no, I just did a search on Moon tower: it is the Christmas tree at Zilker park. Does that make sense???
Downstairs58 (4:38:29 PM): Somebody please check exact location mooon tower 8th & canterbury/west lynn
Downstairs58 (4:38:51 PM): YES!!! they dressup the one in Zilker for christmas. But there are many other moon towers.
VignetteFrance (4:39:02 PM): there are a bunch of moonlight towers - see bottom of scouting notes that I sent - do not send them to the wrong one!!!
Downstairs58 (4:39:08 PM): What was the exact clue for #2
(4:39:22 PM) kbeartxs has left the room.
VignetteFrance (4:39:25 PM): do not have it - the answer came from the racers
VignetteFrance (4:40:02 PM): updated clue sheet is in your inboxes
pitleets (4:40:28 PM): what clue(s) do you need me working on?
srmittman (4:40:37 PM): richard and robs teams never found tower at 8/weslyn - used 12/blanco
Uschiruns (4:40:58 PM): there is supposed to be another one at 9th and Guadalupe
DauerVato (4:41:20 PM): sheila, did they find it at 12th and blanco?
VignetteFrance (4:41:27 PM): has anyone looked at canterbury/west lynn??? does it fit on the map?
Downstairs58 (4:41:36 PM): Marcy--please check your moon tower e-mail--I can't find it. Spencer called & is running in circles.
Darin Camp (4:41:37 PM): statue for #5 is the Wing Thing
pitleets (4:41:43 PM): Moon tower at Zilker Park?
Downstairs58 (4:41:53 PM): WHAT IS THE EXACT CLUE FOR #2???
pitleets (4:41:58 PM): ditto
VignetteFrance (4:42:36 PM): we DO NOT have the text for #2, only the racers have it, I never got a fax from ben
DauerVato (4:42:50 PM): jim and becky have a map of all the moon towers. who is in contact with them?
JamiePatAustin (4:42:53 PM): cp 11 :tekgnar address: 305 w. mlk street
VignetteFrance (4:43:00 PM): check with spencer on the clue text
srmittman (4:43:56 PM): clue #2 partial - ooh what a little can do: seventeen 165 foot structurs are located throughout austin, .... then they said that moon tower next to cp 3 was the answer
Darin Camp (4:44:01 PM): I am in contact with Jim and Becky
Darin Camp (4:44:06 PM): what do you need?
anhyzer667 (4:44:22 PM): there is no intersection of canterbury & west lynn
DauerVato (4:45:05 PM): I need the answer to cp 3
VignetteFrance (4:45:18 PM): scott, can you work this on the map? I just resent the scouting notes with the list of towers at the bottom
pitleets (4:45:25 PM): 17 165 foot towers are "moonlight towers". Is that the same as moon tower in the park?
Downstairs58 (4:45:26 PM): They found it. It's the one at 12th and Blanco. There's a plaque facing upwards. IT's the only moon tower for blocks around.
VignetteFrance (4:45:27 PM): cp 3 - treaty oaksAddress: baylor between 5th/6th (baylor st is 1 block west of lamar)
Downstairs58 (4:45:40 PM): Marcy--pls update window on clue 2.
VignetteFrance (4:45:44 PM): thank yoU!!
srmittman (4:46:16 PM): map of moon towers
Uschiruns (4:46:17 PM): CP 12 is the world's first guitar - that means Texas Pioneer Women - could that be the Bob Bullock museum on MLK and Congress?
Downstairs58 (4:46:18 PM): calling spenc re cp3 location
pitleets (4:46:47 PM): Finally!!! Ok, Tam, I'm idle. Let me know how you need me.
DauerVato (4:46:49 PM): has anyone found the statue for #4?
VignetteFrance (4:47:03 PM): #4 - Answer: A rock west of SRV on trail near train tressel on North side of trail
Downstairs58 (4:47:08 PM): Did we solve CP4?
pitleets (4:47:18 PM): I think #4 is a matter of finding it.
VignetteFrance (4:47:21 PM): tam, paul is idle
VignetteFrance (4:47:38 PM): yes, as far as I know, 4 has been found, A rock west of SRV on trail near train tressel on North side of trail
JamiePatAustin (4:47:46 PM): cp4: is a rock west of the svr statue.
Uschiruns (4:47:49 PM): anybody there?
VignetteFrance (4:47:54 PM): need #8 answer
Downstairs58 (4:47:57 PM): Oh, that! Paul, hang on or use your judgment. I need to call spenc.
pitleets (4:48:02 PM): 10-4
Downstairs58 (4:48:07 PM): Paul--work on #8!!
Downstairs58 (4:48:14 PM): Hang on ushi
pitleets (4:48:25 PM): 10-4
VignetteFrance (4:48:26 PM): ushci - #9
anhyzer667 (4:48:33 PM): cp4 Walter Hyatt Bench
JamiePatAustin (4:48:45 PM): CP 8: we received someone's guess earlier of the sculpture at SanJacinto and 23rd
VignetteFrance (4:49:09 PM): where exactly is Walter Hyatt Bench
anhyzer667 (4:49:17 PM): I don't even know where the SRV statue is
JamiePatAustin (4:49:24 PM): skip person is at CP4
VignetteFrance (4:49:40 PM): all phone people - tell your teams about the skip guy at CP4!!!!
anhyzer667 (4:49:45 PM): but the bench is just west of the SRV statue
DauerVato (4:49:47 PM): SRV statue is on south side of Town Lake, just west of 1st street?
VignetteFrance (4:49:57 PM): SRV = stevie ray vaughn, but it's on the south side - need more info !
anhyzer667 (4:50:11 PM): that's a long run from Cp3 to cp4
Downstairs58 (4:50:12 PM): Thanks, Marcy
DauerVato (4:50:29 PM): I believe it's west of 1st street
VignetteFrance (4:50:31 PM): yes - not sure about the directions, anyone have a better idea where Walter Hyatt Bench is?
anhyzer667 (4:51:02 PM): town lake hike & bike off riverside -- so defeinitely south of the river
Darin Camp (4:51:13 PM): am i still here
VignetteFrance (4:51:14 PM): Oh - north side of the TRAIL, yes , that works
VignetteFrance (4:51:19 PM): hi darin
Uschiruns (4:51:23 PM): My internet explorer keeps disconnecting...
Darin Camp (4:51:23 PM): bueler?
Uschiruns (4:51:37 PM): Did anybody get clue 12?
VignetteFrance (4:51:47 PM): #8 - was the sculpture at SanJacinto and 23rd a guess or an answer??
Darin Camp (4:51:50 PM): i'm back
VignetteFrance (4:51:56 PM): no answer yet on #12
Downstairs58 (4:52:04 PM): CP 4 location conveyed to Rob
Uschiruns (4:52:31 PM): CP 12: i know it is TX pioneer women. could it be the Bob Bullock museum on Congress and MLK?
VignetteFrance (4:52:41 PM): could use feedback from the teams when they are sure of #4 location.
pitleets (4:52:50 PM): No luck on "Till Gabriel" clue yet.
pitleets (4:53:10 PM): Gabriel blows a trumpet...maybe trumpet clue?
VignetteFrance (4:53:41 PM): try the UT statue list for a BAND MEMBER - see link Kip sent for UT statues
Downstairs58 (4:53:51 PM): "til gabriel blows his horn" is the last phrase in the UT fight song.
VignetteFrance (4:53:59 PM): definitely that then
Downstairs58 (4:54:11 PM): The song is "Texas Fight" and it's played at all football games.
JamiePatAustin (4:54:28 PM): Please email the clue sheet to
pitleets (4:54:42 PM): Author of song is John Lang Sinclair
VignetteFrance (4:55:07 PM): - longhorn band member on the south mall
VignetteFrance (4:55:11 PM): for #8
VignetteFrance (4:55:38 PM): paul agree?
pitleets (4:55:45 PM): Statue of Longhorn band member enscribed "Till Gabriel blows his horn
anhyzer667 (4:55:50 PM): Confirmed with Kip? Somehow I thought that statue was not far from the stadium
pitleets (4:55:56 PM): South mall
Downstairs58 (4:56:01 PM): WAIT--wrong song-it's the EYES of TEXAS song!
JamiePatAustin (4:56:02 PM): which are confirmed answers and which are confirmed?
pitleets (4:56:04 PM): I concurr
Darin Camp (4:56:15 PM): great timing Marcy, thanks
pitleets (4:57:07 PM): sculpture of longhorn is by Cindy Burleson
pitleets (4:57:17 PM): His left hand is raised
pitleets (4:57:28 PM): pinkie and index finger pointed skyward
VignetteFrance (4:57:31 PM): for which clue?
pitleets (4:57:38 PM): right hand on hip (it looks like)
pitleets (4:57:39 PM): #8
pitleets (4:57:48 PM): the longhorn sculpture
Downstairs58 (4:57:54 PM): That's probably it.
pitleets (4:58:04 PM): i got a picture of it on google
pitleets (4:58:10 PM):
VignetteFrance (4:58:17 PM): oh, longhorn band member? not a longhorn cow
pitleets (4:58:25 PM): hahaha...looks like marcy beat me to the picture.
VignetteFrance (4:58:44 PM): #8 is good, who needs what clue now?
pitleets (4:58:48 PM): I'm idle now.
VignetteFrance (4:58:54 PM): #9
srmittman (4:58:57 PM): i am idle
VignetteFrance (4:59:11 PM): 9 and 12 still needed for sure
VignetteFrance (5:00:11 PM): did the teams ever verify #4 is there?
DauerVato (5:00:23 PM): Is #5 right off MLK and 1st street?
Darin Camp (5:00:27 PM): am I here?
DauerVato (5:00:29 PM): Kip and Jason got #4
pitleets (5:00:31 PM): Lo Chiamavano King was in spaghetti westerns, in case the clue is a pun.
VignetteFrance (5:00:47 PM): for #5 I have corner of congreess and riverside, statue for #5 is the Wing Thing
(5:01:08 PM) kbeartxs has entered the room.
kbeartxs (5:01:16 PM): thanks. need list of clues now!
DauerVato (5:01:26 PM): The other chat says 305 mlk
DauerVato (5:02:07 PM): can someone confirm #5
VignetteFrance (5:02:15 PM): oh, sorry - will work on this...
Downstairs58 (5:02:15 PM): SKip lady located: she'd between CP4 and SRV statue, says she won't move. CP4 is east of Lamar, rock with plaque about Walter Hyatt. Please alert racers to location SKIp lady--rob spenc already know.
DauerVato (5:02:30 PM): do I send them to congress and riverside?
anhyzer667 (5:02:34 PM): #9 -- ann chamberlin "merlin of the oak", she went to UT
Downstairs58 (5:02:35 PM): Rob & Spenc racing to Congress and Riverside now.
Downstairs58 (5:02:51 PM): Do we know for sure CP5 is a Dale Whistler statue?
VignetteFrance (5:02:57 PM): do not have the clue text for #5, not sure whether it's mlk or not...
pitleets (5:03:10 PM): Franco Nero was in spaghetti westerns
VignetteFrance (5:03:20 PM): addy on #9?
VignetteFrance (5:03:37 PM): oh, sorry, still brainstorming
Darin Camp (5:03:38 PM): do we have 9 yet?
VignetteFrance (5:03:48 PM): no, need 9 and 12 PLUS verification on 5
DauerVato (5:04:21 PM): skip person was verifyed on the trail between 4 and 5 by Kip
srmittman (5:04:21 PM): skip person 1/8 mile on hike and bike east of cp4!!!
Downstairs58 (5:04:23 PM): Marcy--you sure CP5 is is the wing thing at 305 MLK?
pitleets (5:04:23 PM): A fistfull of acorns...a play on fistfull of dollars?? was Clint Eastwood in spaghetti westerns
VignetteFrance (5:04:30 PM): not sure on #5!
DauerVato (5:04:44 PM): Kip running to congress and riverside now
srmittman (5:04:46 PM): repeat skip person /18 mile on hike and bike east of cp4
VignetteFrance (5:04:49 PM): have 2 possibilities, do not know where they came from
Downstairs58 (5:04:51 PM): Paul---get on clue 5 now, please?
pitleets (5:05:03 PM): 10-4
pitleets (5:05:09 PM): and you said please!
pitleets (5:05:10 PM): :-)
srmittman (5:05:39 PM): skip lady is at SRV statue
VignetteFrance (5:05:47 PM): two possibilities - a statue by dale whistler on corner od congreess and riverside
VignetteFrance (5:05:48 PM): or
anhyzer667 (5:05:48 PM): 5 is located in a very logical location if it's correct
pitleets (5:05:56 PM): The 12 days of christmas by Dale Whistler
(5:06:00 PM) Darin Camp has left the room.
VignetteFrance (5:06:00 PM): statue for #5 is the Wing Thing 305 mlk
Downstairs58 (5:06:10 PM): You sure, marcy?
JamiePatAustin (5:06:12 PM): can anyone help with a bus to MLK and trinity???
VignetteFrance (5:06:13 PM): that was the 2nd possibility
pitleets (5:06:20 PM): Zilker park?
anhyzer667 (5:06:27 PM): marcy, I think you mean Cp 7 is at 305 MLK
pitleets (5:06:40 PM): Is there a 12 days of Christmas scultpure at Zilker Park?
VignetteFrance (5:06:42 PM): ok ! sorry!!!
Downstairs58 (5:07:01 PM): Racers need answer--is it whistler statue at Cong & riverside or wing thing at 305 mlk, or Zilker park?
VignetteFrance (5:07:12 PM): cp 11 :tekgnar address: 305 w. mlk street
VignetteFrance (5:07:22 PM): cp 5 is NOT 305 mlk
anhyzer667 (5:07:29 PM): cp7 is trinity & MLK, my bad
Downstairs58 (5:07:29 PM): All phone contacts--call racers re skip lady
pitleets (5:07:30 PM): Dale Whistler - Winnie the pooh
srmittman (5:07:42 PM): jason just called about #5 - give him both possibilities?
(5:07:44 PM) kbeartxs has left the room.
pitleets (5:07:54 PM): Dale Whistler - the king of winter
anhyzer667 (5:07:58 PM): only congress & riverside makes sense logistically
anhyzer667 (5:08:07 PM): the others are different cps
VignetteFrance (5:08:14 PM): a statue by dale whistler on corner od congreess and riverside, statue for #5 is the Wing Thing - what I have so far
VignetteFrance (5:08:29 PM): is that the clue text? I think I messed that up!
DauerVato (5:08:38 PM): CP 5 is at Congress and Riverside and Barton Springs Road intersection. Confrimed
anhyzer667 (5:08:50 PM): confirmed
anhyzer667 (5:08:55 PM): I just verified
VignetteFrance (5:08:56 PM): what is it?
anhyzer667 (5:09:04 PM): statue of a bat by dale whistler
VignetteFrance (5:09:10 PM): sweet!
pitleets (5:09:10 PM): confirmed
Downstairs58 (5:09:20 PM): how do you get whistler with an anagram with 2 g's?
pitleets (5:09:34 PM): huh?
anhyzer667 (5:09:40 PM): huh?
JamiePatAustin (5:09:48 PM): please give diredtions to CP8 - what do we need to take a picture of?
Downstairs58 (5:09:51 PM): Is it the bat statue??
DauerVato (5:09:54 PM): how are teams getting from cp 7 to cp8? Bus?
DauerVato (5:10:17 PM): Yes, it's the bat statue
VignetteFrance (5:10:40 PM): #8 - statue of longhorn band member on UT campus, south mall
pitleets (5:10:52 PM): I'm idle. nice to meet you.
Downstairs58 (5:11:00 PM): Congress & BArton springs road for CP5--bat statue found!!!
pitleets (5:11:05 PM): Celeste just'es having problems with AIM.
VignetteFrance (5:11:17 PM): cant help right now
pitleets (5:11:19 PM): She's migrating to another computer...says she types and then it locks up.
(5:11:20 PM) kbeartxs has entered the room.
DauerVato (5:11:22 PM): South mall? is this the open area right south of the towers?
VignetteFrance (5:11:33 PM): does she need the clue sheet mailed to her?
anhyzer667 (5:11:35 PM): 7 to 8 isn't that far
VignetteFrance (5:11:43 PM): who has a map of UT?
VignetteFrance (5:11:47 PM): besides the racers!
Downstairs58 (5:11:58 PM): Pls update clue boy: CP5 is bat statue at Congress & Barton Springs road.
anhyzer667 (5:12:00 PM): yes, south mall is just south of the main tower
DauerVato (5:12:06 PM): thanks
pitleets (5:12:08 PM): Did they get #8?
anhyzer667 (5:12:23 PM): i have a ut map
Downstairs58 (5:12:54 PM): Sorry--meant "clue box!"
VignetteFrance (5:12:54 PM): updated clue sheet has been sent on email
VignetteFrance (5:13:06 PM): signed, your clue boy
Downstairs58 (5:13:12 PM): Where is 7 at?
VignetteFrance (5:13:22 PM): Answer:CP7 is the drill rig Address: at MLK and Trinity
DauerVato (5:13:47 PM): need bus from 6 to 7 asap
VignetteFrance (5:13:48 PM): thats all i have for 7
Downstairs58 (5:13:49 PM): Marcy--just a thought--for the next 4 teams, might want to put in a clean version of solutions in the clue box, one right after the other, if you have time.
pitleets (5:13:59 PM): Sorry...did anyone get #9 yet?
VignetteFrance (5:14:05 PM): see you email inbox for the cleanest version
VignetteFrance (5:14:11 PM): and no we don't have 9 - looks hard
Downstairs58 (5:14:16 PM): Thanks, you're a Godsend!
pitleets (5:14:21 PM): Anything wiht Clint or Eastwood?
VignetteFrance (5:14:21 PM): can we get 12 and skip 9?
DauerVato (5:14:32 PM): need bus route from 6 to 7
VignetteFrance (5:14:44 PM): war room on bus routes?
srmittman (5:15:01 PM): also need bus from 6 to 7
kbeartxs (5:15:10 PM): I'm just getting back on now - Celeste has gone to plan C ('internet cafe' nearby) email her yahoo account
(5:15:17 PM) mamacelestecdf has entered the room.
VignetteFrance (5:15:39 PM): who is on the bus routes?
mamacelestecdf (5:15:42 PM): one more time. am i on? if so, please get me list of clues NOW! peace out
JamiePatAustin (5:15:42 PM): Samantha suggests Eastwood Park for CP9
anhyzer667 (5:15:50 PM): where is eastwood park?
VignetteFrance (5:15:54 PM): celeste - sent via email
JamiePatAustin (5:16:07 PM): Anyone have the clue for #8?
pitleets (5:16:18 PM): Eastwoods Park - 3001 Harris Park Ave.
pitleets (5:16:24 PM): Is that anywhere near where we are racing?
kbeartxs (5:16:26 PM): Celeste is having some sort of a 'Bad Tech Day' - I hope it is over now!
VignetteFrance (5:16:28 PM): #8 THE ANSWER IS the sculpture at 23rd and San Jacinto Answer:longhorn band member Address: on the south mall
Downstairs58 (5:16:40 PM): Haven't been to the drilling rig lately (CP7), but they used to continuously play a loudspeaker with history of Texas broadcast. Can hear it nearby.
pitleets (5:17:03 PM): Map to eastwoods park =
VignetteFrance (5:17:17 PM): any street intersections nearby?
srmittman (5:17:25 PM): is #6 o'henry a bar or a schulputre
Downstairs58 (5:17:27 PM): War room--please find a bus route from CP6 (Congress & Barton Springs Road) to CP7 (MLK Blvd. and Trinity (south side UT campus))
VignetteFrance (5:17:29 PM): can we send Ben there?
VignetteFrance (5:17:39 PM): Ben to eastwood park?
anhyzer667 (5:17:40 PM): its in the right area, still need to nail it down (eastwoods park)
kbeartxs (5:17:50 PM): Marcy - can you send Celeste the list of clues in a private chat window instead of email - she's not at home....
VignetteFrance (5:17:54 PM): might be a search within the park
DauerVato (5:18:00 PM): please get me a bus route from 6 to 7
anhyzer667 (5:18:10 PM): thanks paul, that nails the park down, need to find the statue within
mamacelestecdf (5:18:16 PM): looks like I'm on solid. give me an assignment. i can find the bus route
anhyzer667 (5:18:45 PM): north of 26th street, east of san jacinto 1 block
anhyzer667 (5:18:54 PM): along waller creek
Downstairs58 (5:19:02 PM): Sending Ben now--what's he looking for in Eastwoods?
anhyzer667 (5:19:20 PM): if we find cp 12, cp 9 is a good skip -- it's a bit out of the way
anhyzer667 (5:19:27 PM): cp 8 to cp 10 is very short distance
silverlonghorn (5:19:43 PM): merlin carved in sage for BEN
VignetteFrance (5:20:01 PM): scott, is that the park?
Downstairs58 (5:20:19 PM): Need bus route NOW from cp6 to cp7
anhyzer667 (5:20:26 PM): it fits all the clues and is located in a logical location, so I'd say yes
a1delite (5:20:45 PM): cp 5 have found no bars, rest, disco etc with night wing or similar
DauerVato (5:20:46 PM): jason says all bus routes on trinity deferred due to acl festival
VignetteFrance (5:20:55 PM): celeste, i cannot find an easy way to do this without email, is there any email address I can use that you can receive?
anhyzer667 (5:20:55 PM): meanshile they should just run due north on trinity from cp 6
mamacelestecdf (5:21:12 PM): tam, I'm on hold with Cap metro will get bus route asap
kbeartxs (5:21:30 PM): marcy send it to my email, and I'll get it to celeste
anhyzer667 (5:21:32 PM): cp 5 has been located & confirmed, south congress b/w barton springs & riverside
VignetteFrance (5:21:36 PM): scott, was that 26th st address for the park?
anhyzer667 (5:21:40 PM): yes
VignetteFrance (5:21:48 PM): cp 5 - Answer: statue of a bat by dale whistlerAddress: CP 5 is at Congress and Riverside and Barton Springs Road intersection.
anhyzer667 (5:22:07 PM): eastwoods park, north of 26th street 1 block east of san jacinto and just east of harris park
Uschiruns (5:22:10 PM): I am checking out - good luck finding all the stops
anhyzer667 (5:22:18 PM): harris park rd, that is
(5:22:47 PM) Uschiruns has left the room.
Downstairs58 (5:23:00 PM): I know Eastwoods park from my UT days--it's a big park. What are they looking for in it? There's a pavilion and some bathrooms...
VignetteFrance (5:23:29 PM): #9 - Find merlin the magical sage carved from oak hiding in a park that could very well belong to one of the kings of the spaghetti westerns. Go no further than a mile from UT
mamacelestecdf (5:23:31 PM): I have bus route from 6 to 7.
DauerVato (5:23:40 PM): Kip just told me that the south mall is the wrong answer to #8. He scouted it and it's 23rd and San Jacinto. Has any other team hit #8?
(5:23:41 PM) pitleets has left the room.
VignetteFrance (5:23:43 PM): go
Downstairs58 (5:23:47 PM): Harris Park Road is right across 26th st (Dean Keeton now) from the UT Law School, on the north side of 26th.)
(5:23:52 PM) pitleets has entered the room.
anhyzer667 (5:24:07 PM): that's what I thought about the statue and kip's scouting
Downstairs58 (5:24:10 PM): No, no one yet, but rob & spenc will soon. Thanks!!!
anhyzer667 (5:24:13 PM): that's a big advantage for us, woo hoo
mamacelestecdf (5:24:16 PM): go to Riverside and Congress. get #27 Dove Springs. Go directly to Trinity and MLK from there.
pitleets (5:24:40 PM): compooter locked up and had to reboot. What clue are we on?
VignetteFrance (5:24:53 PM): 12 would be great then we can skip 9
anhyzer667 (5:24:55 PM): please tell all teams that CP is 23rd san Jacinto, not south mall
anhyzer667 (5:25:14 PM): did someone say that 12 was definitely the Texas Pioneer Women? If so, that statue is on the capitol grounds
anhyzer667 (5:25:24 PM): cp 8 in reference to above
Downstairs58 (5:25:40 PM): Rob & spenc already at 15 & trinity--just going to run up to mlk and trinity.
VignetteFrance (5:25:44 PM): please tell all teams that CP 8 is 23rd san Jacinto, not south mall
DauerVato (5:25:57 PM): I need either 9 or 12 asap
VignetteFrance (5:26:01 PM): did not hear a definite answer on #12
VignetteFrance (5:26:20 PM): CP 12 Kidnapping the world's treasures. Which of the following are not in the Harry Ransom Center?
VignetteFrance (5:26:26 PM): If the world's first photograph, then Spanish War Veteran. If Chuck Berry's Gibson's guitar, then TExas Pioneer Women. If Frida Kahlo self portrait, then Goddess of Liberty
VignetteFrance (5:26:41 PM): is the harry random center open, and where is it?
VignetteFrance (5:26:51 PM): is ben going to look for #9?
mamacelestecdf (5:27:03 PM): MY EMAIL: XYZ@YAHOO.COM
Downstairs58 (5:27:08 PM): Harry RANSOM. There is a gutenberg bible in it, for sure. I know.
Downstairs58 (5:27:41 PM): Marcy: since we know the skip lady, can we decide yet what to skip? #9?
srmittman (5:28:06 PM): jason and kip @#8 need 9 or 12
(5:28:08 PM) Darin Camp has entered the room.
Downstairs58 (5:28:09 PM): WAR room: please work on the Harry Ransom center stuff.
pitleets (5:28:10 PM): Worlds oldest photo and guttenburg bible is in HRC
DauerVato (5:28:18 PM): do we have an address for 11?
VignetteFrance (5:28:27 PM): CP 11 ANSWER: tekgnarAddress: address: 305 w. mlk street
pitleets (5:28:34 PM):
Downstairs58 (5:28:36 PM): Skip lady is near SRV statue on Town Lake hike & bike trail. I thought they found her already...
VignetteFrance (5:28:37 PM): paul, do you think we can get #12?
Downstairs58 (5:28:40 PM): She's not moving.
JamiePatAustin (5:28:48 PM): War room is working on RAnsom Ctr
DauerVato (5:28:54 PM): 12 has gutenburg and first photo
VignetteFrance (5:29:13 PM): need an estimate of probability of getting it so we can skip #9
VignetteFrance (5:29:32 PM): do we know where the statues are that are listed for #12?
anhyzer667 (5:29:44 PM): hrc definitely has frida kahlo
anhyzer667 (5:29:49 PM): leaves only chuck berry, right?
anhyzer667 (5:29:59 PM): if so, texas pioneer women is on capitol grounds
srmittman (5:30:20 PM): chuck berry at the hardrock?
mamacelestecdf (5:30:24 PM): NEED TO KNOW NOW WHAT TO SKIP. COME BACK
VignetteFrance (5:30:26 PM): Need to make a call about skipping #9
Darin Camp (5:30:32 PM): we already have
anhyzer667 (5:30:37 PM): worlds first photograph?
Darin Camp (5:30:39 PM): so we really need 12
VignetteFrance (5:30:45 PM): yes we need to finalize 12
DauerVato (5:30:45 PM): they have first photo
anhyzer667 (5:30:46 PM): what does gutenburg bible have to do with the clue
DauerVato (5:30:52 PM): they have gutenburg
anhyzer667 (5:31:02 PM): then the answer is texas pioneer women, capitol grounds, skip #9
DauerVato (5:31:04 PM): if they have frieda, then it's chuck berry
VignetteFrance (5:31:07 PM): concur!
DauerVato (5:31:21 PM): Where on capital grounds?
JamiePatAustin (5:31:24 PM): CP12: the only thing NOT in the HRC was chuck's guitar...
VignetteFrance (5:31:34 PM): find TX pioneer women on the grounds - describe location - anyone?
JamiePatAustin (5:31:46 PM): CP12: so, Texas Pioneer women has to be it.
a1delite (5:32:09 PM): signing off-good luck
(5:32:14 PM) a1delite has left the room.
JamiePatAustin (5:32:21 PM): CP12: tx pion women is on the west side of the capitol in front of te supremem ct bldg
DauerVato (5:32:32 PM): Tx. Pioneer women is on the NW side of capital
anhyzer667 (5:33:04 PM): we've got them all, then?
Darin Camp (5:33:09 PM): we have it in sight
anhyzer667 (5:33:12 PM): except exact location of cp9?
JamiePatAustin (5:33:13 PM): cp12: correct. nw side of capitol in front of the supreme court bldg.
VignetteFrance (5:33:50 PM): fingers crossed - can we recheck anything, especially the ones some teams haven't hit yet?
Darin Camp (5:33:52 PM): Jim and Becky just hit 12 and are on there way to 1
VignetteFrance (5:34:05 PM): CP 10- Blue VelvetAddress: Address for CP10: 2100 Guadelupe
pitleets (5:34:09 PM): Maybe #9 isn't Eastwoods....
pitleets (5:34:10 PM): hmmmm
VignetteFrance (5:34:32 PM): doesn't hurt to keep looking for it, you never know...
Downstairs58 (5:34:39 PM): Wheel guy sent to Eastwoods to look...
Downstairs58 (5:35:05 PM): Kip going to skip 9 for now unless wheel guy finds.
pitleets (5:35:13 PM): "Clint Eastwood as the Man With No Name in A Fistful of Dollars"
VignetteFrance (5:35:17 PM): yes skip 9i
anhyzer667 (5:35:19 PM): he should skip #9 anyway -- makes for shorter course
anhyzer667 (5:35:30 PM): we have all the rest virtually certain
Downstairs58 (5:35:31 PM): IF we're real sure about 12--are we?
DauerVato (5:35:35 PM): where exactly is #11 from #10 - east of guadalupe?
anhyzer667 (5:35:45 PM): yes, east of guad by 1 block
VignetteFrance (5:36:04 PM): yes, I like eastwood park for that reason
DauerVato (5:36:41 PM): are there only 12 clues?
anhyzer667 (5:37:12 PM): yes
Downstairs58 (5:37:47 PM): Got to be Eastwoods. Can't recall any carvings, but maybe Ben will find it.
VignetteFrance (5:37:56 PM): just for kicks
anhyzer667 (5:38:05 PM): it's definitely in eastwoods park, but that should be the skip clue for everyone
VignetteFrance (5:38:09 PM): agreed
DauerVato (5:38:16 PM): where do they go after they complete all 12?
Downstairs58 (5:38:18 PM): Again, are we certain of 12?
DauerVato (5:38:30 PM): Kip is running to 12 as we speak to confirm
VignetteFrance (5:39:04 PM): we are as certain as we can be of 12
anhyzer667 (5:39:20 PM): Maury verified that everything is in HRC except Chuck Berry's guitar
Downstairs58 (5:39:22 PM): I'd assume after 12 you run to the finish line. That about right, MArcy?
VignetteFrance (5:39:30 PM): if you started on 1, yes
anhyzer667 (5:39:31 PM): After you finish all 12 clues
VignetteFrance (5:39:42 PM): the other teams have to get 1 and/or 2 still
Darin Camp (5:39:42 PM): anyone with good dirs from #1 to #2??
Downstairs58 (5:39:51 PM): Texas Pioneer women--go for it, Paul.
VignetteFrance (5:40:16 PM): 1 to 2, go north... then I don't know
Downstairs58 (5:40:25 PM): Scott--get on best route from 1 to 2
pitleets (5:40:28 PM): Go for the texas pioneer woman? My wife might get miffed
anhyzer667 (5:40:29 PM): #1 - 2 : north 1 block to 5th street, west to 1 block past lamar (baylor), north through treaty oaks park
Downstairs58 (5:40:40 PM): Tell her I said it's OK.
anhyzer667 (5:40:51 PM): don't know exactly where the oak itself is within the park
Darin Camp (5:41:04 PM): thanks scott I know wherer that it
pitleets (5:41:07 PM): google isn't hitting much on that
Downstairs58 (5:41:11 PM): Eastwoods? Lots of oaks in that park...
JamiePatAustin (5:41:18 PM): is there an update of the clues?
anhyzer667 (5:41:22 PM): no, different cp
VignetteFrance (5:41:26 PM): Just sent an update on email
JamiePatAustin (5:41:35 PM): we only have one
Downstairs58 (5:41:38 PM): Check Texas women settlers.
VignetteFrance (5:41:40 PM): if you dont get it, give me an alternate email address
pitleets (5:42:17 PM):
pitleets (5:42:22 PM): texas pioneer woman
VignetteFrance (5:42:34 PM): very nice
pitleets (5:42:44 PM): holding baby
DauerVato (5:42:44 PM): Kip and Jason just hit 12.
VignetteFrance (5:42:49 PM): is anyone looking for a particular clue?
pitleets (5:42:56 PM): no location on that though
srmittman (5:43:01 PM): richard on way to 12
srmittman (5:43:14 PM): idle
VignetteFrance (5:43:18 PM): location for #12 - west side of the capitol in front of the supreme ct bldg
Downstairs58 (5:43:19 PM): Texas pioneer women statue, NW side of capitol.
DauerVato (5:43:25 PM): idle
JamiePatAustin (5:43:27 PM): on 12..we are not sure of the texas pioneer women
VignetteFrance (5:43:36 PM): why not
JamiePatAustin (5:43:39 PM): when we called harry hansom the ONLY one they had was the first picture
JamiePatAustin (5:43:48 PM): they do not have the others
pitleets (5:43:55 PM): baby is in left arm
anhyzer667 (5:43:56 PM): the web site says they have frida kahlo
DauerVato (5:44:00 PM): the gutenburg is on their web site
pitleets (5:44:01 PM): and guttenburg
JamiePatAustin (5:44:11 PM): okay we did not see frida
pitleets (5:44:26 PM): what about chuck berry gibson guitar....didn't see that on the web site.
VignetteFrance (5:44:27 PM): so is everyone OK with #12?
srmittman (5:44:31 PM): are we good on pioneer woman - richard on way!
Downstairs58 (5:44:33 PM): EAstwoods Merlin located by wheel: SE corner tennis courts, right on trail, down by creek, south of foot bridge. Please convey to racers.
pitleets (5:44:40 PM): Whoo hOooo!
JamiePatAustin (5:44:45 PM): so then is it goddess of liberty and texas pioneer woman
Downstairs58 (5:44:55 PM): They're the same. :-)
JamiePatAustin (5:44:58 PM): cool
anhyzer667 (5:45:01 PM): "what do scarlett o'hara...and frida kahlo have in common? They're all at the Harry ransom center"...from the web site
VignetteFrance (5:45:10 PM): nice!! let the teams know that we have #9 IF they need it to skip a different clue for whatever reason, but they should skip #9 otherwise
Downstairs58 (5:45:16 PM): It's the chuck berry things--we nailed it.
Downstairs58 (5:45:26 PM): Definitely skip 9---too out of the way.
pitleets (5:45:32 PM): "goddess of liberty" - After a brief stay in the State Aircraft Pooling Board hangar, she was finally brought to the Texas Memorial Museum at The University of Texas at Austin, where she has rested for twelve years.
JamiePatAustin (5:45:35 PM): so we will send the runners to 12
pitleets (5:45:46 PM):
Downstairs58 (5:45:48 PM): RUN, Kip and Jason, run!
JamiePatAustin (5:46:03 PM): let us know when those guys get there for sure
DauerVato (5:46:19 PM): When they get to finish or to 12?
Downstairs58 (5:46:20 PM): Someone post when racers finish.
JamiePatAustin (5:46:24 PM): get to 12
DauerVato (5:46:32 PM): They already hit 12.
anhyzer667 (5:46:34 PM): we DON'T want them going to Goddess of Liberty
VignetteFrance (5:46:41 PM): all teams except 1 still need CP1 and possibly 2
Downstairs58 (5:46:43 PM): 12 is Texas women pioneer statue, NW side of Tx capitol gronds.
VignetteFrance (5:46:48 PM): not the answer, just the picture
DauerVato (5:46:54 PM): They hit Tx. Pioneer
Downstairs58 (5:47:12 PM): CP 1 is Gingerman pub, 304 w 4th st.
Downstairs58 (5:47:30 PM): CP 2 is moon tower, 12th and Blanco
anhyzer667 (5:47:42 PM): 12 to 1: west 1 block to lavaca, south about 12 blocks to 4th street
Downstairs58 (5:47:42 PM): Oh, sorry, Marcy--the picture
DauerVato (5:47:59 PM): kip and jason finished 4th
pitleets (5:48:03 PM): :-(
srmittman (5:48:03 PM): richard/gayla on way to gingerman
mamacelestecdf (5:48:06 PM): Tam are you talking to spencer?
Downstairs58 (5:48:09 PM): @#@%%
Downstairs58 (5:48:14 PM): Yes, talkin to spencer
Downstairs58 (5:48:27 PM): Maybe 1-3 pictures were wrong. :-)
JamiePatAustin (5:48:27 PM): jamie and chris on the way to 12
DauerVato (5:48:34 PM): Kip says to call him if anyone has a question on any of the checkpoints
JamiePatAustin (5:48:36 PM): still need 1 and will skip 2
JamiePatAustin (5:48:38 PM): and be done
VignetteFrance (5:48:45 PM): who is skipping 2?
JamiePatAustin (5:49:03 PM): jamie and chris
VignetteFrance (5:49:06 PM): not 9>
VignetteFrance (5:49:08 PM): ?
JamiePatAustin (5:49:12 PM): nope they already got 9
VignetteFrance (5:49:16 PM): cool
Downstairs58 (5:49:18 PM): Skip the one that is furthest from a direct line from where they're at and the finish.
VignetteFrance (5:49:26 PM): scott?
mamacelestecdf (5:49:28 PM): what can I do?
mamacelestecdf (5:49:33 PM): idle
VignetteFrance (5:49:39 PM): hang out, we're almost done
anhyzer667 (5:49:40 PM): skipping 2 is the best optino
JamiePatAustin (5:49:48 PM): and since they have a skip they will skip 2
pitleets (5:49:52 PM): I'm standing by to stand by.
Darin Camp (5:49:58 PM): #2 seems to be the tower on Nueces and 4th.... it is closer than 12th and Blacno
VignetteFrance (5:50:00 PM): roger, stand by on that
VignetteFrance (5:50:09 PM): closer to what?
anhyzer667 (5:50:14 PM): that's cp3, not 2
Downstairs58 (5:50:24 PM): Someone please check the moon tower list and be sure.
VignetteFrance (5:50:31 PM): it should be the closest tower to CP3
Downstairs58 (5:50:43 PM): Actually, if Jason and Kip started in last pack, they did AWESOME.
srmittman (5:50:50 PM): do not try moon on weslyn - do blanco if you need tower
pitleets (5:50:55 PM): Answer: moon tower next to cp 3 Address: 12th and Blanco
Downstairs58 (5:51:01 PM): YES1
pitleets (5:51:06 PM): cut n pasted from clue sheet
Darin Camp (5:51:11 PM): Jim and Becky just did a visual and Nueces looks closer
VignetteFrance (5:51:14 PM): this is based on feedback that it is the only tower near CP3 - do not know for sure
Darin Camp (5:51:30 PM): they are going to the Nueces and 4th location
pitleets (5:51:35 PM): If Kip is done, ask him for sure which one.
Downstairs58 (5:51:40 PM): Everyone else found it at 12th & Blanco, and there's a plaque facing upwards.
Downstairs58 (5:51:47 PM): Calling kip...
Darin Camp (5:51:48 PM): yes, please ask Kip
VignetteFrance (5:51:49 PM): scott, is this something you can map?
pitleets (5:52:05 PM): Kip would have been DQ if it wasn't right, and he wasn't DQ'd was he?
anhyzer667 (5:52:09 PM): not much difference if the clue is based on proximity to cp3
DauerVato (5:52:21 PM): not sure about any dq's yet
VignetteFrance (5:52:22 PM): CP 3 vs Nueces and 4th vs 12th & Blanco - for Scott if possible
anhyzer667 (5:52:23 PM): much easier to get to 4th & nueces from cp1, though
anhyzer667 (5:52:52 PM): I still don't see the actual clue for #2
Downstairs58 (5:52:53 PM): Jason says go to moon tower at 12th and Blanco, west of Lamar.
Darin Camp (5:53:37 PM): has that been verified and are they finished with the race
VignetteFrance (5:53:51 PM): "clue #2 partial - ooh what a little can do: seventeen 165 foot structurs are located throughout austin, .... then they said that moon tower next to cp 3 was the answer" from a previous post
Downstairs58 (5:53:57 PM): Concur that like to see clue for #2.
Downstairs58 (5:54:04 PM): Yes--Jason and Kip are done.
anhyzer667 (5:54:07 PM): I'd like to see the rest of the clue for #2
VignetteFrance (5:54:16 PM): call kip for CP2 text
Darin Camp (5:54:55 PM): the cluse snippet says "while anyone will do, it would be best to get the one closest to clue 3"
JamiePatAustin (5:54:57 PM): so how do we know that all of the pictures are right?when jamie finishes they tell her?
anhyzer667 (5:55:09 PM): ok, so it doesn't matter.
VignetteFrance (5:55:11 PM): OHH!! Then any of the towers would work!!
Darin Camp (5:55:13 PM): sounds like it does not matter exactly which one it is
anhyzer667 (5:55:17 PM): Does anyone still need cp2?
Darin Camp (5:55:39 PM): jim and becky just got their picture with the 4th and nueces and are heading in so we will know soonenough
Downstairs58 (5:55:41 PM): Becky and Jim just now finishing--this from Kip.
srmittman (5:55:55 PM): Thoughts on #2; not all of the towers are actually still standing. List most likely has where they used to be. May be plaques in the place where one was, hence "Ooh what a little can do:
Downstairs58 (5:56:09 PM): Kip says ANY moon tower will do, must take picture of plaque 15 feet up, just point camera up, get selves in pic, and click.
mamacelestecdf (5:56:10 PM): good thoughts
VignetteFrance (5:57:00 PM): could have used that info earlier :-)
Downstairs58 (5:57:03 PM): Please confirm when Spenc & Rob, Chris & Jamie, and Richard & Gayla finish. Me got date w/ale.
DauerVato (5:57:08 PM): how many teams other than kip and jason have finished now?
srmittman (5:57:18 PM): richard/gayla done 8th i think
mamacelestecdf (5:57:21 PM): is spenc and rob dead yet?
Downstairs58 (5:57:21 PM): Kip didn't know all the clues weren't scanned in.
VignetteFrance (5:57:25 PM): I'm closing the 2nd window, fyi
Darin Camp (5:57:33 PM): Jim and Bec just finished
VignetteFrance (5:57:35 PM): never got an email with the clues
VignetteFrance (5:58:00 PM): Kip could have used that info!
anhyzer667 (5:58:12 PM): sounds like at least 1 team may not make it this time around
DauerVato (5:58:19 PM): what info?
Downstairs58 (5:58:21 PM): Kip says all teams in except Chris and Jamie. :-)
mamacelestecdf (5:58:27 PM): spencer's in!
VignetteFrance (5:58:44 PM): Need to wait on final verdict for UC folks to look at everyone's photos
mamacelestecdf (5:58:48 PM): Rob and Spencer are 8th!
Downstairs58 (5:59:01 PM): All four so far in top 10? :-)
mamacelestecdf (5:59:05 PM): getting their pictures checked now!
Downstairs58 (5:59:12 PM): God, I hate this part...
VignetteFrance (5:59:17 PM): you cannot imagine
srmittman (5:59:24 PM): good, need to pee again
pitleets (5:59:25 PM): yeah, one wrong pic and BAM!!
Downstairs58 (5:59:34 PM): A $50,000 mistake.
mamacelestecdf (5:59:35 PM): SPENCER: ALL FIVE TEAMS IN
pitleets (5:59:36 PM): Hope everything comes out OK sheila
pitleets (5:59:37 PM): :-)
VignetteFrance (5:59:42 PM): lol!
Downstairs58 (5:59:44 PM): Kip will call when all teams in.
DauerVato (5:59:55 PM): Good job everyone
mamacelestecdf (5:59:57 PM): wait. Chris and Jamie? are they in?
srmittman (6:00:02 PM): jason called all in
pitleets (6:00:13 PM): Who is the phone person for Jamie and Chris?
pitleets (6:00:17 PM): Let them confirm also
JamiePatAustin (6:00:22 PM): chris and jamie are not in they are running hard to gingerman
JamiePatAustin (6:00:33 PM): tim is the phone guy
VignetteFrance (6:00:34 PM): RUN!!!!
VignetteFrance (6:00:41 PM): never give up
mamacelestecdf (6:00:54 PM): GOGOGOGOGOGOGOG
anhyzer667 (6:00:54 PM): I think we need a dq or 2 to get chris/jamie into top 10
JamiePatAustin (6:00:55 PM): they are not giving up..they are truckin it
pitleets (6:01:17 PM): Austin was a prequal right? Where is the big finally for UC this year?
DauerVato (6:01:27 PM): new orleans?
VignetteFrance (6:01:34 PM): just say NO
pitleets (6:01:41 PM): no
VignetteFrance (6:01:42 PM): John and I are racing! :-)
Downstairs58 (6:01:44 PM): Chris and Jamie not in yet, Kip does not see them.
pitleets (6:01:44 PM): there, i said it.
JamiePatAustin (6:02:00 PM): no they arent in yet
VignetteFrance (6:02:02 PM): hope to have some company
pitleets (6:02:07 PM): Some email me a beer please.
Downstairs58 (6:02:10 PM): I hope so, marcy!
Downstairs58 (6:02:18 PM): Paul, this suds for YOU! :-)
DauerVato (6:02:22 PM): here, a guiness for you
pitleets (6:02:29 PM): gulp gulp gulp gulp ......ahhhhh
VignetteFrance (6:02:31 PM): Some wine, sir?
Downstairs58 (6:02:40 PM): Yes, please, ma'am! :-)
pitleets (6:02:47 PM): I'm still waiting on my filet mignon from Friday night.
anhyzer667 (6:02:48 PM): paul, it's 9 in the morning!
mamacelestecdf (6:02:49 PM): Spencer's got your Doritos
VignetteFrance (6:02:50 PM): I think John is serving SPIZ
Downstairs58 (6:03:07 PM): Spiz wouldn't be bad spike with Kahlua.
srmittman (6:03:07 PM): where!
mamacelestecdf (6:03:12 PM): chris and jaime just came in!
DauerVato (6:03:13 PM): it's never too early for wine, beer, filet, or SPIZ
VignetteFrance (6:03:15 PM): So has anyone eaten anything in the past hour?
mamacelestecdf (6:03:21 PM): theyre 11th
VignetteFrance (6:03:22 PM): YEAH!! Good finish!
pitleets (6:03:23 PM): Have all our pictures from the 3 teams that are in been verified?
Downstairs58 (6:03:29 PM): Yes--macadamia nuts, raisins, water, coffee.
srmittman (6:03:29 PM): just ate a brownie from last night
Downstairs58 (6:03:36 PM): You and those brownies.
mamacelestecdf (6:03:52 PM): noting to eat, coffee and donuts at 7
Darin Camp (6:04:09 PM): jim and bec 7th place
Darin Camp (6:04:09 PM): Jim and Bec got 7th
mamacelestecdf (6:04:13 PM): Spencer's got his metal!
DauerVato (6:04:13 PM): Kip just wanted me to tell everyone that HE had to solve CP 11, since it's been so hard to do in the past.
kbeartxs (6:04:16 PM): Macry, methinks you have Food on the Brain - are you dieting or Pregnant?
pitleets (6:04:27 PM): Ok gang, 1 orange keyboard for sale to highest bidder....
VignetteFrance (6:04:34 PM): 1 Euro
DauerVato (6:04:36 PM): I'll give you $1
VignetteFrance (6:04:43 PM): mines worth more
Downstairs58 (6:04:49 PM): Blowtorch it to burn it orange and sell it to a UT fan.
DauerVato (6:04:51 PM): then it's yours
mamacelestecdf (6:04:53 PM): has anybody been verified yet???
Downstairs58 (6:05:07 PM): It takes awhile on the pictures, Celeste. Right, Marcy?
pitleets (6:05:10 PM): Good thing Kip solved 11 since there was no clue text posted!!!
mamacelestecdf (6:05:16 PM): so that's why we'
VignetteFrance (6:05:19 PM): yep, especially when a bunch finish at the same time
mamacelestecdf (6:05:22 PM): re talking about food right?
Downstairs58 (6:05:27 PM): Kip is smaaart, like his sister.
mamacelestecdf (6:05:45 PM): are you his sister?
DauerVato (6:05:51 PM): But Kip is also a smaaart-ass. I'm not sure that Marcy is.
kbeartxs (6:05:53 PM): Whoops! Marcy, I'm SO sorry I typed your name as 'Macry' - my bad!
VignetteFrance (6:05:53 PM): Is it always this insane on the computer during a UC race? This is NUTS!
Downstairs58 (6:05:58 PM): Kip is going to call me when Chris and Jamie finish. Wheel guy sees no sign of them.
pitleets (6:06:02 PM): yes Marcy
VignetteFrance (6:06:14 PM): How does it compare to previous races?
DauerVato (6:06:24 PM): Kip already told me that he saw Chris and Jamie finish 11th
Downstairs58 (6:06:24 PM): It was worse last year. We're more organized now. Seriously.
pitleets (6:06:31 PM): Fewer sarcasm entries this time during the race.
Downstairs58 (6:06:34 PM): That's not what Kip told me.
VignetteFrance (6:06:37 PM): have to work on that
DauerVato (6:06:48 PM): Hmm...
anhyzer667 (6:06:58 PM): we'll be more sarcastic next time
pitleets (6:07:03 PM): I would expect nothing less.
pitleets (6:07:04 PM): :-)
VignetteFrance (6:07:08 PM): Steve, is Kip on the line? Can you ask him what he thought about our org?
DauerVato (6:07:24 PM): He did call me and said that he did see them finish. This was 3 minutes ago.
kbeartxs (6:07:26 PM): Does everyone know that Celeste is Spencer's sister?
VignetteFrance (6:07:27 PM): but ask in a sarcastic voice
anhyzer667 (6:07:36 PM): specifically, where/how long did he have to wait for directions?
pitleets (6:07:51 PM): I did not know that.
kbeartxs (6:08:20 PM): Well, now you do...
JamiePatAustin (6:08:32 PM): do they know if people are disqualified
Downstairs58 (6:08:35 PM): Just called Jamie on her cell---she and Chris are, indeed done--in 11th place! GREAT WORK, EVERYONE! Let's all head to Mother Egans, if only in spirit! :-)
anhyzer667 (6:08:36 PM): my great grandfather was a moonshiner...did everyone know that?
DauerVato (6:08:37 PM): Kip isn't on the line, but I will call him. He seemed to be pleased with how everything went, though.
(6:08:45 PM) silverlonghorn has left the room.
VignetteFrance (6:08:52 PM): tough competition this time!
Downstairs58 (6:08:56 PM): Your wife is a moonshiner, too. We used to homebrew.
Darin Camp (6:08:58 PM): when is NO?
Darin Camp (6:08:58 PM): where is NO?
Darin Camp (6:08:58 PM): wait...when is NO finals?
srmittman (6:09:06 PM): Ah, second pot of coffee brewing. Time to relax.
pitleets (6:09:08 PM): Did you know that the majority of right handed people will wash their left underarm first when taking a shower.
anhyzer667 (6:09:11 PM): how about Richard/Gayla & Spencer/Rob?
Downstairs58 (6:09:12 PM): When you graduate college, Darin. :-)
Downstairs58 (6:09:17 PM): All done!!!
VignetteFrance (6:09:43 PM): Looking up NO now
kbeartxs (6:09:58 PM): Did your greatgrandfather have anything to to do w/ the moontowers?
Downstairs58 (6:10:01 PM): OK, then, Tam out, down to Mother Egans!!! Marcy and Paul and Steve, we'll send you the lowdown via e-mail.
Downstairs58 (6:10:16 PM): Thanks to all for a great show!
pitleets (6:10:20 PM): Is Kip going to call in when they verify all pictures?
VignetteFrance (6:10:33 PM): NO: Nov 15 in New Orleans
pitleets (6:10:44 PM): Scott, did you save the AIM chat? My computer crapped out and I lost the first 75%.
anhyzer667 (6:11:19 PM): I just saved it
pitleets (6:11:26 PM): Marcy, is John signed in?Answer: moon tower next to cp 3 Address: 12th and BlancoThanx
pitleets (6:11:40 PM): Oops...forgot to clear my clipboard
pitleets (6:11:46 PM): Thanx Scott.
DauerVato (6:11:53 PM): all pictures verified
VignetteFrance (6:11:55 PM): John is on a plane heading for Houston
VignetteFrance (6:12:06 PM): yay!! - can you give us a rundown on placing?
pitleets (6:12:08 PM): Could have used the airphone and laptop modem!!!
DauerVato (6:12:20 PM): not sure about placing
mamacelestecdf (6:12:40 PM): Can't reach spencer or tam. Theyre haveing a private conversation it seems.
pitleets (6:12:48 PM): hopefully some other team got a wrong pic and we can get Jamie & Chris in top 10
VignetteFrance (6:12:55 PM): my guess - 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th - any other wagers?
mamacelestecdf (6:13:25 PM): 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th
DauerVato (6:13:30 PM): Kip said the only problems were: 1) clue #1 wasn't read in completely at first, which caused some delay. 2) the confusion over the moon towers and the fact that you could have gotten to any of them. Other than that he said:
pitleets (6:13:38 PM): 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
Downstairs58 (6:13:41 PM): No, Celeste. We are fixing to go down there to celebrate.
DauerVato (6:13:44 PM): it was a lot smoother than ones they had done before
VignetteFrance (6:13:52 PM): thanks Steve!
mamacelestecdf (6:13:57 PM): fixing to go where?
Downstairs58 (6:14:01 PM): Please join us if you can.
mamacelestecdf (6:14:12 PM): I'm on my way. where am I going?
kbeartxs (6:14:20 PM): To Mother Egan's
Downstairs58 (6:14:21 PM): To Mother Egan's Pub, on 6th street, just east of Lamar.
DauerVato (6:14:27 PM): well Marcy, I guess we'll just have to celebrate telepathically.
VignetteFrance (6:14:42 PM): we could stay on and chat for a couple more hours... not!
pitleets (6:14:50 PM): Praise be too google.
Downstairs58 (6:14:50 PM): Steve, Paul, and Marcy---we'll drink one for you, and I'll e-mail you later with the scoop.
mamacelestecdf (6:14:53 PM): Marcy I'll have a couple or six for you...
Downstairs58 (6:14:56 PM): Signing off.
(6:14:57 PM) Downstairs58 has left the room.
pitleets (6:14:57 PM): 10-4
DauerVato (6:15:01 PM): thanks guys. great work
mamacelestecdf (6:15:08 PM): I'll be on my cell 512-689-9917.
DauerVato (6:15:10 PM): signing off.
mamacelestecdf (6:15:14 PM): too much fun!
VignetteFrance (6:15:14 PM): Thanks! Y'all are awesome!
(6:15:18 PM) mamacelestecdf has left the room.
pitleets (6:15:19 PM): Did Kip give an ETA on a final verification of placement?
(6:15:27 PM) DauerVato has left the room.
VignetteFrance (6:15:42 PM): no, steve didn't say... may have to send it on email unless anyone can anyone on the phone
kbeartxs (6:15:44 PM): singing dee dah...
(6:15:59 PM) kbeartxs has left the room.
pitleets (6:16:11 PM): I'll hang in the chat for a while in case they call in.
VignetteFrance (6:16:11 PM): will try to contact spencer's PDA
pitleets (6:16:25 PM): Potty break...gotta go get a grip on the situation. BRB
VignetteFrance (6:16:30 PM): Sheila, have you heard from Richard or Jason on final placings?
VignetteFrance (6:16:43 PM): Or Maury?
srmittman (6:18:56 PM): just got off the phone with gayla, all standings are final, no incorrect pictures
VignetteFrance (6:19:30 PM): what are the standings?
JamiePatAustin (6:19:33 PM): Who is still on?
pitleets (6:19:48 PM): So is it 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th?
VignetteFrance (6:19:48 PM): I'm here - trying to find out how everyone did
VignetteFrance (6:19:54 PM): that was just a guess
pitleets (6:20:22 PM): 10-4
VignetteFrance (6:20:58 PM): may have an answer from Spencer in a sec
pitleets (6:21:14 PM): eagerly awaiting
VignetteFrance (6:22:59 PM): all I can get out of him is that 4 teams qualified and Chris/Jamie came in 11th
pitleets (6:23:26 PM): hmmm
VignetteFrance (6:23:39 PM): kip online now on the pda
pitleets (6:24:16 PM): ok
VignetteFrance (6:24:27 PM): Kip/Jason 4th
pitleets (6:25:23 PM): 10 qualify for finals right?
VignetteFrance (6:25:41 PM): yes :-)
VignetteFrance (6:26:31 PM): ok, he doesn't know either, will have to wait and see!
VignetteFrance (6:26:44 PM): Kip says the clues were too easy this time
Darin Camp (6:26:56 PM): Jim and Bec were 7th
pitleets (6:27:08 PM): OK, well, I'm gonna sign off and get some vittles. Please email me with final standings.
VignetteFrance (6:27:22 PM): thank you all!! See ya in email-land!
Darin Camp (6:27:24 PM): Kip and Jason 4th
srmittman (6:28:05 PM): richard/gayla 8th?
srmittman (6:28:25 PM): going to hang laundry now, see all in email land. well done all!
(6:28:33 PM) srmittman has left the room.
VignetteFrance (6:28:37 PM): bye!
pitleets (6:28:47 PM): bye all. See you on next UC race!
(6:28:53 PM) pitleets has left the room.
Darin Camp (6:28:54 PM): bye

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