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Pictures from Too Cool "Big Chill" 2005

All photos on this page are copyright, and courtesy of, Guy Davis.

Running towards the first CP

Checking in with Robyn and Art after the first leg... with a rubber chicken in the pack

Brad getting his kayak ready

Kip launching the canoe

Denver and Leslie ready to paddle

Launching the kayak

Brad leads the way

Finally across the lake, and sheltered from the wind and waves

Brad makes the paddling look easy

Punching a checkpoint hanging from the bridge

And then we're off again

Putting on harnesses for the ropes section

Leslie's kids showed up to give us a surprise cheerleading squad

Leslie tackling the tyrolean traverse

Brad goes next

Then comes Kip

And finally Denver

That was fun!

Getting ready for the ride & tie section

Leslie's husband Noel is on hand to wish us luck

Leslie, Noel, and their future adventure-racing-champion kids

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