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Pictures from Rock, Roll, and Rattlesnake 3-day race 2005

The majority of the photos on this page are copyright, and courtesy of, Guy Davis.

Jason wore a chicken suit to the pre-race briefing. Just because he could.

At the pre-race briefing

Our team, all ready to begin the race

Jason and Sheila say goodbye before the start, as they'll be racing on different teams

Looking for the checkpoints on the initial skate/scooter leg

Kip thinks: This is the first race where we've rode our kickbikes through water!

Leslie on the kickbike

Dave and Jason, recording the information from a checkpoint

Biking from the town of Haskell down to Lake Stamford

The road is beginning to get a bit muddy...

...and now it's a bit muddier...

...and finally, the clinging mud forces us to walk the bikes

Kip trudging along with his bike

Jason pushing his bike

Leslie expressing her joy at the situation

Dave's bike managed to pick up a little mud, as well

Jason modeling the latest in racing fashion: Mud Brown

Leslie getting ready to go again

Dave removing his shoes, along with a pound of mud

In the RV, discussing strategy

Kip confirming the points for the next leg

Leslie getting ready for the paddle

Jason getting ready for the paddle

Checking the map one last time...

...and confirming our intended route

Dave launching his boat

Our fabulous support crew diving in to clean the mud off our bikes

After the night paddle, and a bike ride, and a trek around a ranch...

...we return to collect our bikes and prepare to bike back to the lake

We've once again thwarted our support crew's efforts to keep our bikes clean

Fortunately the muddy roads are at least ridable at this point

We gratefully leave the muddiest section of road behind

Pavement! Now we're cooking!

At least the flowers are pretty

Dave glad to be back in transition

Airing out the shoes...

...not to mention the feet

Jason taking a load off

Leslie apologizing to her bike for everything she's put it through

Time for the second paddle leg

At least we'll have daylight for this one

Our crew wishes us luck

Jason happy that we'll soon be sitting down in the boats again

Must remember to bring the map

And we're off again!

Leslie demonstrates how she keeps up with her carbs during a race

Beer and boating... it doesn't get any more Texas than this

The maze of plants in the water is certainly easier to navigate during the day

In the daylight, you can actually SEE the plants coming before your boat runs into them

Meanwhile, our awesome support crew is continuing to fight against the mud we bringing back

Let's dry those toesies

Before this transition, we did a bike, a hike, and then another bike and a hike...

...but we don't seem to have any pictures of those legs, so you'll just have to take our word for it

The final transition is a nice, organized-chaos type of affair

Starting off on the final biking leg

After two full days of racing, the roads are finally pretty much dried out

Kip always tries to take his naps while maintaining forward motion

A nice view of the ranch spread out below us

Negotiating our bikes over an obstacle

Punching a checkpoint

Of course, it wouldn't be any fun if the roads were completely dry

We begin to sense the map isn't quite correct... again

Yep, definitely need to double-check our route, here

There should be another road RIGHT HERE!

Confusion reigns

We're professional navigators... don't try this at home, kids

It's a good thing that Guy was here to take pictures of us at our best

Leslie wishing us guys were better at admitting we were lost

Our team contemplating mutiny

We finally decide that the road on the map just isn't here, and start planning an alternate route

At least we have a new plan

It's somewhat daunting that the night, and this leg, are both just beginning

One very long night (and a few more mistakes) later, we manage to finish the race, somehow still in first place. Yay!

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