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Pictures from Primal Quest 2003

Why yes, we're from Texas... how'd ya guess?

Steve and Kathy preparing for the rope skills testing

At the medical check station

Gear check... yep, our tent works

An actual, undoctored screenshot... if only we could have kept the "lead" once the race started!

The race start is near, and everyone is excited

Steve and Kip paddle out, to wait for Jason and Kathy to swim over from the start line

Kathy swims out strong

Made it!

Kathy and Jason climbing into the boat

And we're off!

At least we finished without our kayak sinking

It's always hard to get those legs moving after a long paddle

Quick transition!

Midway through our kick-ass scooting leg

One of the more unbikeable sections

Purifying some stream water

Finishing the 130 mile bike, still in an amazing 16th place...
...before we fell to the back of the pack, and finally had to withdraw.
Can't win 'em all!

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