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Pictures from Primal Quest 2002

Waiting for the race to start, we get a chance to catch up with former teammate Darran Wells (lower right)

The mass start! We're way in the back, somewhere

There we are! We just don't feel the need to start the race by running uphill

Up the ski-resort mountain we go

There were occasional patches of snow on the mountains

Taking a quick break on the side of a hill

Kip can't resist the chance to throw a snowball at the camera-man

At Imogene Pass, the last high point on the first trekking leg

We get a chance to see our support crew and refuel for the first time

Checking out of the transition area to start the first biking leg

And away we go!

Crossing a stream on the first mountain bike leg

Jason rides up the hill...

...while the rest of us wimp out

Jason Mittman, mountain-biking man

Back in our hectic (yet organized!) transition area

We can't pass up the chance to take a quick nap, off the ground for a change

Even the unstoppable John Beard needs the occasional two minutes of sleep

Jason isn't very thrilled that he has to leave his Sheila again so soon

Back on our feet again, still feeling strong

Heading up into the major mountaineering section

Taking a breather partway up Mount Teakettle

Atop one of the passes through the mountains

When the slopes are sandy instead of rocky, you can actually run down them!

Our team is kind of pushing the 100-yard rule here...

Atop our last ridge (finally!) of the mountaineering section
You can just barely see CP 15 on the grassy plateau behind us

We await our turn for the first ropes section

John, about to start his rappel

When the sun comes up, it's time to shed those extra clothes

At the end of the second bike section

In our transition area again

Ready for the river section

We begin the kayak, in one of the few places that the water is deep enough to actually paddle

Rest stop by a mountain lake, which is quite shallow due to the drought

Kip stops to take a drink halfway down the second rappel

Marcy stops just long enough for her picture to be taken

Jason stops to exclaim how much fun this rappel is

John manages to take his own picture on the rappel

At the base of the amazing rappel, with Bridal Veil Falls behind us

Nearing the top of the very, very last uphill

Coming around the final bend towards the finish line

A little closer...

Closer still...

I think we're going to make it! And we're still able to run!

Hugs all around at the finish

Hugs from our support crew

The gratuitous finish line posing shot

At the finish line with our awesome crew

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