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Pictures from Steel Sports Pain in the Pines 2005

Our first quick transition

Launching onto the mist-covered lake

Notice our paddles made out of a 3-ring binder cover zip-tied to some sticks

Returning after fetching our real paddles...

...which Misty and Dave are quite happy to have

Transitioning to the first big bike leg

Almost ready to go

And we're off

At the start of the second paddle leg

What a beautiful day to be on the lake

Misty and Dave finishing the paddle

Jeff and Kip right behind

Starting out on the second long trekking leg

The water balloon toss-and-catch special test

Every dropped balloon meant 10 pushups

We wound up doing 30 pushups before we were through

Next special test: Find the matching pairs of patterns

Misty's excellent memory helped us through this one

Done with the final bike leg

Happy that it's all over

Showing off some of our other hurridly-contructed paddles

It's always a nice bonus to win

Thanks to Team Backpacker for letting me sub in for Darius for this race

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