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Pictures from Steel Sports Twin Oaks Sprint 2003

Waiting for the starting gun

And we're off!

We sprint to grab the lead

Kathy leading the way on the bikes

Jason biking

Kip bringing up the rear

We have to walk forward in step on these boards

And then we turn around to walk them back again

Kip and Jason tackle the swinging tires

This is fun stuff!

Scott and Kathy follow suit

In the swing of things

Next we have to cross over each other on a balance beam

We change plans mid-stream, and do it this way instead

Jason successfully crosses over Scott...

...but it was not without its dramatic moments!

View from the top of a 12 foot wall, as we help Scott up it

Next comes Kathy

Then comes Kip... how we got Jason up we'll leave as a mystery!

The last obstacle: traversing between platforms using short planks

Almost there

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