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Pictures from Eco-Challenge 2000

Some of these pictures we took ourselves (John brought along a camera during the race).
Others, we swiped from Eco Challenge's and quokka's sites.
They're arranged here in (roughly) chronological order:

We were advised to travel light for the race....

Our pre-race team photo

Our pre-race team photo, take 2

All the teams' gear boxes on the tennis courts

Mark Burnett giving the pre-race briefing

Marcy and John meeting another famous racing couple, Keith and Andrea Murray, and Neil Jones
(They race with John Howard, and are the "winningest team ever in the sport")

The "winningest team ever in the sport" patiently waits for us to finish our swim test

Climbing rattan ladders at the rope skills testing

Our team's legendary navigation skills are put to a pre-race test

At the pre-race tree planting with our new honorary team member, Alexandra

Our "adopted" team member says a few words to the crowd

Marcy lines up with all the other team captains in a pre-race dinner ceremony

We get familiar with our new favorite mode of transport, the Perahu sailboat

On the island PC 1, after the sailing there for the race prologue

Marcy having a snack while waiting for the race to officially start

PC 2, after Marcy and John swam there from the boat

At PC 2, John checks to see how wet everything got when our boat swamped

Marcy and John, heading toward PC 5

Kip spys on some of the lead teams while waiting for Marcy and John during the first team split-up

Our reunited team, coming into an island Passport Control

Walking by the leaderboard after finishing the first ocean leg
At this point in the race, we were 48th place

Our first chance to access our gear boxes
Our usual "transition Nazi" seems uncharacteristically content with having a leisurely transition!

Starting off on our brand-new shiny bikes

On the bike leg, which varied from paved roads to muddy trails

After successfully completely the bike leg, before the time cutoff that knocked out so many teams

Washing some jungle mud off of our no-longer-brand-new bikes

Repacking the bikes

After sliding our way along muddy jungle trails for days, we finally reach the top of Danum Peak

We got fed up with the muddy jungle trails, so we decided to follow the Danum River instead

More wading through the river

Sometimes the river banks got rocky, but it still beat that muddy trail!

We catch a glimpse of some of the locals near the end of the jungle trek

Our one and only chance to access our food boxes halfway through the race
We spread out all of our gear in hopes it would dry... but it didn't

Sampan canoeing down the mighty Segama River; in between sections of rapids

They were doing a river rescue downstream, so we had to stop (and sleep!) for an hour

After completing the Madai caves/mountains/ropes circuit (we did all of it during the night)
(Marcy's falling asleep as John tries to find the perfect angle for this picture)

Sailing/paddling on the open ocean once again, heading towards scuba, then the finish line
(Note the repaired outrigger!)

Shortly after the finish, after showering and changing
(Kip didn't feel like standing up for this picture - bad blisters on feet)

Our passport, like us, got wet, battered, and bruised, but it survived the race!

At the post-race celebration dinner, along with our alternates Jason and Claire

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