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Pictures from Desert Winds Expedition Race 2010

The Hacienda Casino was the start line, nestled in the desert mountains

Bringing in the gear a day before the race start, with team Too Cool Racing

Awaiting our turn at the early morning prologue race

Analyzing the prologue race map

And we're off!

Arriving back after the cancelled (!) prologue

Packing the bikes in John's wonderful hand-crafted bike boxes

Awaiting the start of the main race

And we're off (again) on the main race course, as the first team released out of the casino

At the end of the first monster trek leg. We were one of only four teams that managed to complete this entire leg.

Putting the bikes away after the bike leg

Dave studying the map for the second trek leg

Marcy not worn down at all by this race

Finishing up the final paddle

We made it!

Group shot after Bob drove us back to the casino

Now this team knows how to climb up rock faces

Packing everything up for the trip back home

With the race director

Watching the awards ceremony

We earned 3rd place overall out of 11 teams

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