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Super Quest - Trivia

The Mega-Crown is worth 10,000 gold denars. However, once you pick up the Mega-Crown, the game is over, so you never have a chance to spend this money.

  • If you're starting from the second hospice (on level 3, room 558), and want to travel back to the bazaar on level 1 (where the prices are cheaper), there's a shortcut. Head up into level 4, and then at room 774 cut back down to room 758 through the one-way exit. This is a much shorter route than traversing all the way through the twisted path that winds through level 3.

  • For some reason (a bug?) rooms 450 and 451 are inaccessible... there is no way to reach them (short of a very lucky use of the Magic Lamp).

  • The bazaar and two hospices have room data associated with them, but you never get to actually see the rooms (or fight their monsters or get their treasures).
  • Here's what these rooms would look like if you could actually enter them.

The random number generator isn't truly random, so finding the Magic Lamp is easier than it should be. The first time you start up the emulator and load up a game, the Magic Lamp will always be in room 276. (This is not true if you save the game and then start a new gaming session by typing "RUN" in the emulator... the Magic Lamp is only guaranteed to be in room 276 when you open a new browser session and first visit the emulator site). I'm not sure if this is only true when running Super Quest on the emulator site, or if it was this way as well when playing the game on the original Apple II computer.

When you rub the Magic Lamp, it will never teleport you directly into the bazaar, the hospices, the current puzzle room, or the crown room.

When you rub the Magic Lamp, any monsters that were present in the destination room are removed when you teleport in. However, there's a bit of a bug in this process, as if you then press "I" to switch to the Status Information screen, and then return to the regular room view, those monsters will reappear (and likely right on top of you, as when you teleport you arrive in the center of the room). Or, you can also make the missing monsters appear by leaving the room and then reentering it.