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Fryman Canyon Loop

July 2, 2020
2.5 miles
20 minutes, 47 seconds
Studio City, California


This route existed for six months, without anyone ever logging a "Fastest Known Time" for it. It was such a short, simple FKT, and it was free for the taking to anyone who wanted it. Why did it remain unclaimed? Was everyone too proud to snag such a pathetic, easy trophy?

Fortunately for me, I have no shame, so I decided to grab it before anyone else (faster than me) could. Since I was driving by the area anyway (on my way to another, more substantial FKT!), I decided to break it in.

The first mile is literally all uphill. I was breathing hard and barely managed to hold a jog up most of it.

Then parts of the downhills were so steep that I had to put on the brakes to keep my legs under me.

So, the time I set is very beatable... I'm sure it can be improved by several minutes.

Come and get it, local LA speedsters!


Pictures from the run:

Just before starting the loop.

Just after finishing the loop.