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Fryman Canyon Loop

July 2, 2020
2.5 miles
20 minutes, 47 seconds
Studio City, California


This route existed for six months, without anyone ever logging an FKT for it. It was such a short, simple FKT, and it was free for the taking to anyone who wanted it. Why did it remain unclaimed? Was everyone too proud to snag such a pathetic, easy trophy?

Fortunately for me, I have no shame, so I decided to grab it before anyone else (faster than me) could. Since I was driving by the area anyway (on my way to another, more substantial FKT!), I decided to break it in.

The first mile is literally all uphill. I was breathing hard and barely managed to hold a jog up most of it.

Then parts of the downhills were so steep that I had to put on the brakes to keep my legs under me.

So, the time I set is very beatable... I'm sure it can be improved by several minutes.

Come and get it, local LA speedsters!


Pictures from the run:

Just before starting the loop.

Just after finishing the loop.